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  1. Great. I was waiting for continuation. WW I is something special.
  2. Especially Tank Crew improvements looks great. I have a feeling there is a bright future ahead of this side step of the serie.
  3. Great work. Developing the core of the sim is the best choice. (BTW. Is the new DM going to be implemented for Flying Circus?) cheers
  4. Depends what particular headset you want. HP Reverb seems to have the best opinion right now, this one is being sold with controllers anyway and uses internal tracking cameras so you need only one HP Reverb factory set in one box, nothing more. And strong PC obviously. I've been using Pimax 5k+ before and i needed to buy separate laser station, but the image clarity in Reverb i'm using now is simply great, far better than Pimax 5k+.
  5. Most definitely. Image in Reverb is so sharp and crisp, i can tell the difference at the first glance.
  6. Pacific Lightings fighting with A6M3 didn't have aileron boosters and dive flaps - only late 1944 last J variants and L variants had - it means very easy evading his dive attacks, easy evasion with roll and easy win in rolling scissors - it would be like evading Me-262 with Spitfire IX. In late 1944 they were some last Zeros in some Japanese units but they were totally hopelesly outdated at this period of the war replaced by other, far more modern fighters. First i would outturn Lighting but without losing the whole energy: if he follow Zero win; if he separete in vertical i k
  7. Looks like it's the most supported suggestion in the whole history of this forum. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37905-using-cockpit-gauges-vs-technochat-adding-an-option-to-turn-off-the-“technochat”-in-realism-menu-by-server-administrator/
  8. Can i already multicrew a tank in Tank Crew MP?
  9. Sounds like a great idea. This could be a gap closer for the Pacific in the future. Carrier operations without need of modeling Japanese planes with scarce data. Actually it sounds brilliant.
  10. For me both are smooth and looks great.
  11. I hate to be this discouraging guy, but when it comes to german side all planes you mentioned, except Bf-109G-10 and maybe FW-190A-9, are low serie, some close to prototype fighters. Good luck obtaining precise data, cockpits, test flight parameters documentation, manuals and other stuff. And He-219 was a night fighter and we don't have any night bombers. Not to mention the concept of domnating in some 750km/h Ta-152 or Do-335 when there were between 44 - 67 Ta-152H-1 and about 40, partially unfinished Do-335 prototypes of all variants and no evidence of a singe use of Do-335 in any
  12. From: Center of Strategic and Budgetary Assessments TRENDS IN AIR-TO-AIR COMBAT IMPLICATIONS FOR FUTURE AIR SUPERIORITY https://csbaonline.org/uploads/documents/Air-to-Air-Report-.pdf 13. See S. Schallhorn et al., Visual Search in Air Combat (Pensacola, FL: Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, 1990), particularly 5–11, for the discussion on visual search and the practical use of the human eye as an air-to-air sensor. FIGURE 5. VISUAL SEARCH LIMITS 15. When not focused on a distant object, the eye m
  13. Unfortunately one main core optimisation is the problem of nearly all current flight simulators, nothing specific to IL-2 serie, all it's competittion suffers the very same issue. I guess all this simulators will evolve to use many cores/threads in following years - this will add huge jump in performace and ability to simulate many more things like advanced weather, big amount of AI planes, even more detailed flight physics, high intensity ground combat below etc.
  14. IRL visibility was good. VR and having two offset eyes makes the bars to look far thinner and overall visibility lot better than i.e. TrackIr. When it comes to Soviets; most original Soviet made planes suffered from poor manufacturing quality (i.e. being made in furniture factories by unqualified children and women - this was really hard time for the Soviet Union) and had performance lower than official specifications or specially prepared prototypes which won government contracts. Every plane was different. P-39s made in save US with all quality control had reliable preformance clos
  15. 1) Clickable cockpits have no disadvantages compared to non-clickable ones from the point of veiew of a player, because you can assign controls and still use them 100% exactly as we do it in IL-2: GB if you prefer. The only disadvantage is from the point of view of development: clickable cockpits have to include more corelations and systems and modeling them is far more time consuming so you can make less planes in the same amount of time and this is important for company like 777. So i understand their choice. 2) For planes more modern than Korean War period clickable cockpit
  16. Gonna be good anyway. People want Pacific, me also, but it's hard. After all the most important thing is quality of the sim. As long as the devs maintain current level every air campaign they model will be successfull, Pacific, Normandy, Spain, France, Italy, Africa you name it.
  17. It's a D-Day. So we are landing, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe not on a carrier deck yet. But still.👍
  19. Yes, joystick or other not 0/1 controler (i.e. encoder) would be better but mouse could be possibly the worst to directly control the turret, as it is right now, because it's hard to stop the rotation finding idle position. Maybe after the rework this is going to work a lot better, they know what they are doing, they will test some ideas and find some solution i believe.
  20. When i saw the fire in the cockpit in VR for the first time i jumped from the seat.
  21. Solution can be a lot simpler - to allow moving the turret using keys instead of mouse.
  22. Today i've tried the migty Tempest. I have one question, how to use radiator? I saw only two positions: fully open, but this adds drag and fully closed, but this overheats the engine fast.
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