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  1. bies


    Pretty well covered when it comes to allied side. Japanese planes are the problem of Pacific game - not allied. Check what Jason said about postponing Pacific.
  2. bies

    Thrustmaster TPR

    I was just wondering how easy (or how hard) it would be to DIY change centering mechanism to have cam centering. And how their centering mechanism will work in practice.
  3. It may be intentional, note you don't need to have 180 degrees movement to look at your 6 o'clock because the field of view is ~90 degrees. So theoretically you need only about 180-45=135 degrees to see what is behind. Practically you should add ~20 degrees to see other side. About 160 degrees seems to be enough. That's why some people prefer dead zones before 180.
  4. 1) Check if you are still being tracked by the camera (2 green lights are on) when looking at your 180. If lights blinks it means you have to increase X axis value (i.e. from 4 to 5) 2) Check this topic and his universal TIR profile 3) You can also try linear profile (some people like it, including me)
  5. bies

    Turning Tank Turret in Commander View?

    Tank commander is work in progress at this moment. BTW. All periscopes looks awesome and very real allowing you to see different angle.
  6. bies

    Armament and equipment

    Brief description: Damage inflicted by pistols/revolvers on the ground Detailed description, conditions: When you are on the ground and you shoot a pistol you are going to destroy a big part of the plane with one shoot (like you'll take your whole tail off with one pistol bullet) What is more if you shoot through the tail there is a bug - game will calculate some very strange serie of collisions or something with bugged sound.
  7. I have tried both Tank Crew and Flying Circus - fantastic work! There is big amount of content with last patch so it was obvious there will be some small bugs. They are not gamebreaking so just wait for a fix. Tanks reminds me Steel Fury or Panzer Elite in the best sense. Interiors and ground/caterpillar physics, gunsights etc. are great. You can feel the mass. Many people were waiting for such game for years.
  8. bies

    Engine sounds got quieter.

    I also noticed that, it have to be some bug. Let the developers manage things after this big, content rich update.
  9. bies

    A few important questions about tank crew.

    When you want to look outside the hatch you stand on your seat. It has 4 special positions: seating, standing with the head barely sticks outside the hatch during combat and normal standing outside the combat.
  10. bies

    P39 Head movement bug

    Yes, it is an universal bug, everyone experience it to bigger or lesser degree. I think it have something to do with Cobra's right doors;
  11. bies


    Planes are not the hardest task. We have received 3 planes out of 10 in just 2-3 months. Fuel system overhaul, high speed flight physics, turbochargers, jet engines etc. are the most important things which takes time. I would expect pacific early access in early 2020. I have listened 3 hours Q&A with Jason and he is determined to go to Pacific - but quality Pacific.
  12. bies


    One day you will laugh at it. From Zeke or Wildcat cockpit
  13. bies

    Spad vs 109e7

    Haha i knew it will happen right after the patch with WWI kites.
  14. bies

    A8 vs. Pe2

    FW190A-8 or Tempest will tear everything to pieces. Try to imagine Me262.