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  1. Bies

    P-40 4 vs 6 guns performance

    Yes it is, P-40 don't have performence of Bf 109 and most people fly with less than half fuel and 4x 0.5' to compensate.
  2. Bies

    P-40 4 vs 6 guns performance

    Japanese planes had lightweight delicate airframes so 4x 0.5 had enough firepower - if you hit with 4 or 6 it was enough anyway and additional ammo was more beneficial. Non carrier based fighters fighting with heavier bombers and more armored planes benefit with 6.
  3. Bies

    Kurfürst fans?

    1v1 honorable duel? Yes, K4 will be very strong in that situation, P/W ratio is the most important factor for 1v1 duel, situational awareness is not important - you can keep one guy on sight even having greenhouse canopy, high speed stiff elevator is not a problem - during 1v1 you will be flying on the edge of stall all the time not being afraid of being shoot by some third guy etc. On TAW like servers? Not so much, it will be G14 just faster and slightly less nimble. On more realistic servers there is discipline, group flying, K4 - like all other 109s - will suffer from weak elevator authority, poor high speed manouveability poor visibility/awareness, delicate airframe and many other factors which decide the outcom. WWII DCS multi in most cases is just 1v1 honorable duel - that's why K4 seems so scarry. (Not so much for the Spitfire though.)
  4. I have bought one 2-3 months ago - great piece of equipment. Very precise and sturdy. And much cheaper than similar counterparts.
  5. You can tell the same about every single modification of every single airplane which was not included in the game. Many FW190A-8 was produced with flat canopy. Most F-8 - strike variant - had bubble canopy, but even in this case many F-8 had also flat one. Maybe devs will find some time to code bubble canopy for F-8/A-9, maybe not. We have receive many modification of A-8 which wasn't mention befere. Everything is a matter of time developers have. Bubble canopy for Dora have been announced by Jason, in case of A-8 - no developer mentioned that. cheers and have a nice day
  6. Just wow, Dora looks awesome!
  7. Looks awesome. Good job!
  8. Bies

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    Make sure if you are not landing with the wind, it's simulated really good in the game, wind can make your approach far longer in every plane, one time i had three failed attempts on Bf110, idle, full flaps and gear down. But for sure La-5fn always kept his speed more than other fighters.
  9. Bies

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    When it comes to my experience La-5FN kept his speed since the beginning more than other fighters. I have to admit i didn't check if something has changed even more after last update.
  10. And some will probably make an ace in a flight with mighty Po-2
  11. Bies

    More difficulty options (SP and MP)

    Because the technochat in all servers you don't need to know your manifold or RPM at all. You need to know percent only, technochat will even tell you about mode/regime. I often met the guys which didn't have any idea what RPM their WWII fighter has; 100 RPM? 1000? 5000? maybe 20000? Because technochat they don't need to know that not even where manifold, RPM, temperature or any other gauge/indicator is
  12. Bies

    Spitfire Mk.V Visual issue

    D:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\defaults Here you will find them all with default positions.
  13. Bies

    More difficulty options (SP and MP)

    Big amount of players fly without technochat artificially restricting themselves, because they prefer immersion even at cost of decreasing their chances to win.