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  1. The Panther Ausf. D and Tiger I Ausf. H featured a hydraulic turret traverse system that could perform a 360-degree rotation in 60 seconds (6°/sec.), independent of engine speed, or a 360-degree rotation in 19 seconds (19°/sec.) with the engine at 2,000 rpm. That was the reason why Tiger's drivers were always ready to increase engine RPM even standing still to increase turret traverse speed for the gunner. (Remember all manual, electric and hydraulic treverse mechanisms depended on tank's tilt angle on uneven terrain; i.e. KV-2 tank tilted more than ~20° was not able to rotate it's turret at all from the lowest position to the tilted side of the tank due to the mass ot the turret in relation to the force of mechanism.)
  2. T-34 suffered far bigger losses in all: absolute numbers, as percentage and as chance of crew member to survive the encounter. T-34 were true death traps. In average man mind it's opposite because American crew could complain about everything and it became established in the social consciousness. In USSR there were decades of Soviet propaganda of success, everything had to be the best T-34, PPSch, Katyusha, IL-2 etc - even if they were true death traps. Nearly no complains could did not have a chance to reach public opinion. Sherman being death trap bigger than i.e. T-34 was a myth of the past. cheers
  3. In less realistic servers people fly low because they want to find the action ASAP. In more realistic servers people fly high because they want to win and stay alive.
  4. So good to see such constant development. Mary christmas!
  5. Very welcomed improvements. Great job! Can't wait to test new damage model.
  6. You are thinking about Uhu or Storch?
  7. For honorable 1v1 duel the plane with better P/W and smaller wing loading will be better (namely Spitfire, Bf109). Nearly always. As it was in real life. In more realistic scenario with many planes involved K-4 will be somewhat crippled with small high speed manuverability and restricted visibility.
  8. What will counter the K4 up high? It depends what you mean by high altitude. If above 7km then Spitfire HF IX with Merlin 70. It is the only plane which can really manuver above ~8km, it can abuse it's big wings and high alt tuned engine. K-4 still can disengage, dive and run. After all pilot skill will decide as always.
  9. Community of the game is expnding. There is a need to have more options for different realism settings to please both sim and more casual players. It just because the product grows. The "middle" we have right now becomes too tight to fit everyone: on the one hand we have realistic modeling of many systems and cockpits, on the other hand we have tips more expanded than in some far less realism oriented flight games, rendering cockpits and gauges not practically useful, and this tips are available on every realism level servers. This reduces the experience for more sim oriented players. We just need an option to choose. Considering the support for this idea, could you @Jason_Williams express your opinion whether adding such an option for server administrators will be possible? cheers and have a nice day!
  10. Using brakes during the first phase (before you have rudder authority) is a key. It's due to opposite engines rotation.
  11. Bies


    Posted Tuesday at 03:47 PM Update 3.007
  12. Bies

    P-47 Throttle

    Gyro gunsight's target range is set using throttle handle, similar to Spitfire IX. So it is changed and appears different. Idk about Bendix radio.
  13. + and to be honest IL-2 really is the best VR game.
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