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  1. bies

    Bulged cockpit for Fw-190 F8

    Dora is going to have bubble cockpit variant with reinforced bracing. Most Fw190F-8s also had bubble canopy but it would the amount of work for dev team so they decided to publish F-8 with classic "fighter" canopy wich was also used by F-8s at the beginning.
  2. Yes, i forgot. Jason told about that in some long Q&A and it looked super interesting. He told how "Marshal" is going to have restricted amount of information to coordinate their planes and squadrons, very realistic approach. Not kind of modern AWACS air control. I'm waiting for this feature, looks like game changer for more ambitious servers.
  3. Great update. Late war German bombs, so much content, improved visual effects. Fantastic work as always.
  4. bies

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Standard WEP of Merlin 66/Packard-1650-7 with standard 100 octane fuel was 67in. Hg. It's more than 2 ata.
  5. bies

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    It is theorising. Play DCS as P-51 vs. Bf109 and Bf109 vs. P-51. I'll say no more.
  6. bies

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Yes of course, fighters was not being designed for honorable 1v1 artificial duel. I just wrote the fact Bf109 is -due to some design choices - very good in this type of contest. And from time to time you could find yourself in such situation.
  7. bies

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    I didn't say 109 was not obsolete. It was. But 190 was still modern. And when it comes to 109 it could be "osbolete" on paper but due to power to weight ration it was competitive to the end of the war. And in 1v1 duel it was one of the best.
  8. bies

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Spitfire's first flight was in 1936, Mustang in 1940, Thunderbolt in 1941 (but based on P-43 from 1940 like Dora based on Anton), Tempest V in 1942 (but based on Typhoon from 1940 like Dora based on Anton), P-38 in 1939. So Dora was still as modern as most modern western fighters. In many cases it was even more modern, like cockpit design, control surfaces, engine control automation etc. because Germany was working more extensively on military designs during 1938-1939 than western allies. The process from design, throught first flight to serial production was just that long. You could say P-38, P-47, P-51, Tempest or Spitfire were all obsolete because their airframes was designed many years ago. But there was nothing more modern. Only Me-262 maybe.
  9. bies

    Cooper bombs don't explode

    When it comes to WWII bomb fuses it was the safety mechanism, if you set very short timer the bomb needed to spend some time before impact to arm the fuse. It was to prevent you from being hit by your own bomb at low altitude. I suppose WWI bombs had similar mechanisc but i'm not sure.
  10. This + the need to have only one part of the game to play multiplayer are two most ingenious solutions. Great update. Many thanks!
  11. bies

    DD today?

    They have some new content to show, they publish DD - people are hyped. They don't have the mainstream content to show or spare time, they don't publish DD - people are ok. They don't have the mainstream content to show or spare time, but they publish DD with other things instead - some people are spoiled. Where is the logic?
  12. It's true only when you consider War Thunder arcade, realistic and simulation mode combined. In sim mode alone there is only small amount of players on servers. In WT arcade/realistic modes there is no realism at all, there are just shooters with planes instead of soldiers. When it comes to controls - muscle memory is the most important, if you feel natural with your config it's ok.
  13. bies

    Early G-Suits in Bodenplatte timeframe?

    P-51 had inclined seat. P-47 and Corsair had straight seats. P-51 (and P-47) were using G-suits since summer 1944.
  14. Many thanks for devs and people from -DED- I'm sure this knowledge will pays off in the future and clear the patch for other server creators. ( BTW. Why some people are so dissatisfied with the update? I can see something like that for the first time. Who could even expect DD just a week after the previous one? It's not so easy to prepare quality DD, it takes time of crucial devellopers and detaches them from work. Shame on you. )
  15. bies

    Forum Issue?

    2 many of us