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  1. Not clear for me as well whta you are asking. For general information about the Tigers TZF optical periscope (including range finding) I recommend you to watch "I Fly Central" video Hope this helps.
  2. Rogo, don't get too complicated here. I am no tech geek but I reported this bug by trackfiles directly to the developer some time ago and they did the repair. Bug was present in MP ingame as well as in recorded tracks. Meanwhile I ve been on tour in tank with a mate, we both were watching each others track movement "live". Just check it out yourself, it's ok now ... 🙂
  3. Took a Pz IV for a spin yesterday at the Finnish's, recorded my tour and on review I was watching moving tracks and wheels. Problem solved I think.
  4. This was already reported to dev team.
  5. last msnbin file (23.3. 22:44) 1.274 kb msnbin file (24.3. 15:05) 1.257 kb 17:00 - my friend and me where kicked out several times
  6. FYI: Just finished a 1:43hr mission without having any problems. Over 30 players online this time.
  7. I think so ... One more trial now. Again lost connection. And again ... I will try again the other day ...
  8. dynamic war.msnbin: 1.316 Mb dynamic war_2.msnbin: 1.311 Mb Just tried to load mission again, was successful for a moment, than #10009 connection lost 16.45 successful conected, trying a ride ... Just started, got ~ 65 fps, some stutters again Connection lost after driving around for about 10 minutes, alas ...
  9. Ok, checked it, there are a plenty, but none reaching more than 1 MB size, most of msnbin files are around 300 - 599 kb.
  10. Sorry, I am having no info about mission size of other servers respectively dont know where I can get this info. Maybe it has something to do with "Alternative Vision Off" ...????
  11. Using a "normal" Telekom provided 50 Mbit/s connection. IL2 MP settings on default. FVP is the only server i am struggling with (of course there are rarely discos on other servers). Often it is not even possible to get connected for me to the server. Just tested, mission loading but been kicked me back to MP lobby. (ATM 0 players online) And when I managed to get to the server and starting mission, I experienced several fps drops, stutters and get kicked out finally. It is a bit weird because it worked for me before as you can see in stats and my settings stayed the same. Real pity because I like this kind of mission.
  12. (21.3.) Appreciate this alternative server for tanking, well done campaign, changing frontline keep the challenging variety. But I have experienced connection problems frequently, same today, unfortunately ... 😞 Other servers no probs with discos respectivly a few. (22.3.) Same thing today: Been kicked several times, game is stuttering and fps dropped for seconds to about 25. I wonder if others have this problems as well. When I ask in chat nobody feels called to answer. Super community! I talked to 2 mates from Germany, they re having same problems. The server seems to get unstable if more than 10 people show up. Maybe somebody is interested in this info ...
  13. Yes, I noticed that bug as well some days ago and sent a track recording to the team. Have to say that its not a special Panther problem, but rather a general bug. I am sure they will fix it with next update/hotfix.
  14. Panther wheels and tracks not moving/not animated when looking out of the turret hatch onto another Panther tank. Whole chassis just remain static when tank is moving. F2 view seems to be ok. Seen on MP Server. Addendum: Just back from a MP with icons and easy settings, sat in Panther looking at other tanks Pz III, KV1, T34 and the wheels and tracks were not working as well. Even in F5 view the bug is present.
  15. Nothing changed for me here! In Pz IV it's still a mess to aim, barrel sways around, hard to control. This is far away from a fixnot to mention a realistic manner. And it really kills fun for me and I hope someone in development is taking care about that finally.
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