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  1. Hm ..., Top Gun was great back then ..., I was a teenager and found this movie stunning to watch in cinema. But if it needs a part two after decades? I really don't know. Anyhow, I am not very excited about it, but hey, Tom Cruise is really looking freshly pulled out of the fountain of youth. Wish I would do like him or is that a wonder of CGI as well 😁??? Poor Kelly ... As for the Mustang: I've been to Duxford last weekend and there was a booth presenting a new movie about the P-51 called "American Warhorse". It's a more documentary one (no Tom, no Val ....) scheduled for summer 2020, maybe some of you heard about that already. I am defintitely interested in watching that one! There's not much on the web yet, but there's a FC site: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanWarhorse/
  2. Doch das geht schon, musste gestern nur selbst erst mal suchen, da nicht auf den ersten Blick erkenntlich Habe mein Setting in English, hier der Befehl "Change Firing Position". Kommt in der Waffensteuerung unter "zur nächsten Geschützstellung wechseln/switch to next free combat post". Dann ist es natürlich sinnvoll, die weapon group 1 und 2 separat zu belegen, aber was erzähl ich Dir ... Viel Spaß beim Angriff von unten ...
  3. Stupor, I have experienced the same in multiplayer what you describe a few times, once confirmed by mates in TS, watching my shot/hit. The round (mainly PzGr39) seems to fly right through the tank without visible explosion/smoke caused by hit and you could follow the tracers further path. My thoughts were similar to yours, maybe the round went underneath the vehicle, very implausible and hard to reproduce from distance (unfortunately no vid). I have read in a DD it is possible a round penetrate one side of a tank and pass out the other side without damaging any vital decvices or crew, (reportedly that was historical) maybe thats a reason but also hard to believe. BUT: If you referring this particular situation yesterday when you appeared at my left flank in the tree line close to the red base I can confirm that you hit me 3 times (to be heard/seen for me) before I managed to turn/shoot at you. Could be that your rounds hit and it is an ingame flaw in rendering the effect. Just a trial to explain.
  4. Same here, was able to login a few hours ago, hotfix done, but now I cannot even access offline.
  5. Haza, I was watching described situation from my position yesterday. It is a matter of mission building and I have experienced similar situations vice versa when blue side tried to reach flag and the reds were spawning over and over again, easy prey but it is going to be a bit stupid. I am hoping for new alternative mission types. The T34 and Tiger are from different "generations" in development, I am sure controls will be adapted when the TC T34 will be available finally. I think this is the main reason for that unexpected effect of ammo types/armor for example. It's an annoying thing but be patient and wait for the final release of TC and content.
  6. Just started again today, too. Was wondering, some 124Mb's DL and installation, but it seems to work fine now so far ... Edit: Fuel percentages now showing.
  7. I remember "Le Temps des Helices", been there twice in 2012 and 2014. Did some pics as well. Especially WW1 aircraft fans will be very satisfied and I can recommend it to all of you ROF/FC guys and gals. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/28185-anyone-community-going/?p=424384 This years meeting is scheduled for June, 8th + 9th. http://www.ajbs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/page-information-meeting-AJBS-2019.pdf Have to work this week, but will see if I can manage it to be there in June again.
  8. Hello you crate lovers, "fokkerfrei" here, maybe someone rembering, looking forward to FC as well, was flying around a bit but its hard to find even a server to fly at ... Hope to see you in future ..., S!
  9. Yes. can confirm that regarding AI tanks, same behaviour online (w/o tags), but I saw explosions after some more rounds hitting or just a while after standing with smoking engine.
  10. Guck mal unter Waffensteuerung nach dem Befehl "Jettison Stores" 😉
  11. Ended mission at e-front server, after leaving again no servers showing. That "on" and "off" server list is weird ...
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