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  1. I'm well aware of how powerful a twin DB605 110 is, and I don't claim any skill here whatsoever. However, you have to be somewhat delusional to not realise the physics with that skipping speed hack cheating we've seen before. This is a cheater caught using a speedhack on camera - plain and simple. This is the first time I've seen a cheater in front of my eyes and I was somewhat dumbfounded. I've only seen videos of it before this. Wasn't there a Il2 Security Branch set up not long ago for these purposes?
  2. Hey guys, Just witnessed KPblM blatantly cheating using a speed hack with a BF110. Looked absolutely ridiculous in person, and if you pay attention to the distance marker you can clearly see that this is foul play at hand. Note also the distinctive skipping plane position towards the end which is seen with past cheaters. https://streamable.com/dpiu1x Please advise, what's the next step to take from here? Regards
  3. Crikey! It's good he got the machine home! Thanks for the pic. Do you know what this airframe was hit by?
  4. Very exciting. Saw this footage and instinctively wanted to share. Hope everyone's pre-purchased this beaut! Really, really looking forward to seeing this machine in our sim.
  5. Great post. On a side note, why do you think they omitted the boundary layer bypass outlet going from the F to G model machines?
  6. Hi again Jordan, Wondering why Nvidia AA gamma correction is important with HDR off and how this affects our game exactly? Cheers
  7. Ok these settings are great and have done a lot for the jaggies and landscape shimmers. Wish I saw this before, and thank you for posting! land_anisotropy = 16 and land_tex_lods = 7 really makes the landscape look good. These flickering rivers/roads and distant horizon, especially at the lower angles have always bothered me. I wonder why devs don't make this part of a setting or preset?
  8. Jordan, Thanks for your input. land_anisotropy setting is also on 2 for me, so I was wondering why you recommend this setting to 16, which seems a huge difference? What would we be seeing differently on 16 from 2? And also the land_tex_lods = 7? I agree, the HDR gives lots of shimmering with low landscape angles!
  9. Anyone also really enjoying the extra 8X MSAA? Looks great and still runs full 60fps V-sync on my GTX1660, i3 6100.
  10. See a second CombatBox server with 42 guys in it right now, but password protected? What's going on here?
  11. Not sure what "wind up in a steep turn" really means to be honest, but yeah the elevators are anything but heavy for this machine in-game!
  12. Getting a '#10017 file transfer error' quite a lot recently upon changing maps and I know I'm not the only one.
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