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  1. Did the change to finer pixel monitor also god rid of the flickering roads too? The clouds I have come to tolerate but the distant flickering and jagged 'stepped' roads are a right eye-sore.
  2. Jason said this patch would be before the end of the month. Do you think there's a chance we'll get it tonight/tomorrow gents?
  3. What's strange is that the P51 has very effective brakes and will readily nose over but some other machines are piss poor in braking.
  4. I really thought the crews stay slumped over? How long roughly until they disappear?
  5. With all sincerity I hope you are able to get to the bottom of whatever the underlying problem is, because you have shown you are well capable of it in some prior posts. All the best and I would just say try not to take comments from folks above too personally. Cheers
  6. What I don't understand is that sometimes your posts come out just great mate, but at times like a dog's breakfast. This time it's complete and utter gobbledygook.
  7. Gents, Was just wondering about the tracers from the 8.8cm and 52-K AA guns. These guns in the game, as of the last couple of updates, appear to be firing tracers out to 500m or thereabouts. Why is this? Regards
  8. Hey guys this sounds like silliness but I have searched and do not have this directory 'Graphic Presets\data\luascripts\gpresets.cfg'. Is this a mods only/SP thing? I do have a 'graphics' directory but no gpresets.cfg is in there. Can not locate this file. Basically - would like to have high/ultra clouds on 'balanced' preset without mods-on. No matter what I set the clouds to (extreme, high) once you take the general preset to 'balanced' all clouds turn into a dog's breakfast. Cheers
  9. The problem is that setting is not in startup.cfg. Where that setting is located?
  10. You can select 'extreme clouds' with the game GUI but even then there is a huge difference in the clouds between 'balanced' and 'high' general presets. Can't seem to find a setting to adjust this in startup.cfg.
  11. Is there anyway without 'mods on' we can tweak settings to have the balanced preset but keep high/ultra clouds? Clouds are atrocious on balanced.
  12. Well, that's an insane card and you've still got problems with Rheinland map. I don't get it. Do you get crashes on it too?
  13. Rheinland map performs very poorly on my machine too. GTX1660 6GB upgrade and it's the same pauses and stuttering. All other maps are fine. How much RAM do you have? Have a feeling this map takes up a tremendous amount of RAM.
  14. Have you checked what setting you are using in your quick mission realism settings before you start a flight? If you are using alternative visibility, then that will be the difference you are seeing in QM. That option for visibility is only accessible on realism settings when you are about to start a mission on the QM. It isn't on the general game settings.
  15. Gentleman, Just wondering why the default fuel setting for the jet in Quick Mission is 70% 1800L? Which tanks are empty at that setting? Cheers
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