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  1. Why the hell was this moved to bug reports? There's no claiming this is a bug, rather why are/were there trees in the middle of some of these bases?
  2. Good day gents, Just wondering about a few of the airbases that have a clump of trees precariously located right next to the runway, sometimes right near the middle of the airbase. I figure the devs put these in for a reason but wanted to know for why they were left there when constructing the base? Does anyone know detailed information about these bases and if those trees were really there back then? Nice to have a bit of fauna and flora around the base but it does raise questions. Regards
  3. Great explanation, thanks.
  4. Thank you, I missed that Dev comment. What is it about the swept wing that gives it such effective rudder?
  5. Gents, So, obviously this new jet has been a very interesting machine to get our hands on the past few days. One thing I haven't seen talked about yet is the rudder. Of course, it's a different machine in all facets, but I'm interested to learn why the ME262 rudder is/was so effective. Of all the machines in game this airframe has the most effective rudder. Quite noticeable and it's also very handy for course correction at 800kmh. Could anyone please help explain why this airframe has such outstanding yaw control authority? Regards
  6. If the problem is the engines shutting down on throttle decrease, which is definitely easy to do, then what you are probably doing is dropping RPM below 6000 too suddenly, which can lean out the mixture too much and stall it. Written on the in-game plane specifications down the bottom it mentions not to drop RPM below 6-8000 depending on altitude.
  7. People have voiced this complaint about both of these airframes for years now and the devs do nothing about it. The damage these 2 machines absorb, the Lagg-3 and Pe2, is just ridiculous and obvious to anybody. Devs, please do something about it. After Bodenplatte map comes out I know there’s many who hope to never see a Lagg-3 or Pe2 ever again
  8. Really hope after TAW mania has stopped that people will come back onto CB. Very disappointing to see the numbers drop off recently. RGDS
  9. As you said, in overall terms the sounds are fairly good, but the problem seems to mainly be a few obvious outliers- mainly the Klimov 105 machines (LaGG-3, Pe2, Yak), the volume of the gun sounds over the motor, and some of the external view/other planes around you sounds.
  10. For a very quick and easy solution, if you have Windows 10 you can just use the inbuilt recorder accessed by pressing Windows key and G for the game-mode functions. Video file will get saved to your Windows documents. Regards
  11. Got to be honest- in regards to sound, those V12 sounds in Clod blow this sim away. The Lagg/Yak/Pe2 Klimov 105 engine sounds in this game are pathetic in comparison. Strange thing is, the Mikulin motors on the Mig-3 and Il2 machines sound fantastic. I just really hope they correct these sounds on the Klimov 105 machines. Regards
  12. All V12 machines in this game should sound at least somewhat similar. I would bet modern Yak machines with Alison V12 engines would sound at least somewhat similar in character to the original Klimov 105 motors in the LaGG-3, Pe2, etc. However, the bumblebee that we have for red V12 engines right now is inexcusable and needs to be changed. Of course, radials are completely different and they have been done much better! Check out this I-16 radial sound: https://youtu.be/Wre6DUAbMIg?t=361 What a beast.
  13. The quality of that video is sensational. I agree entirely, the in-game sounds really need to be improved and this would add tremendous immersion. To be honest, in comparison to the other machines in the game, I think the BF109 machines at least sound a little representative of the real DB inverted V motors. However, it's the M-105PF machines (Lagg-3, Pe2, Yak) sounds that really are abysmal. The sounds for this motor absolutely need to be improved or just outright changed. I don't understand why the team did the Klimov M-105 sounds so poorly in comparison to the other machines. This is what the LaGG-3, Yak 1 and PE2 motors should sound at least something like, at least on the ground anyway... Gun sounds are of course ridiculously loud, but that has been a long known inaccuracy for quite some time now, and perhaps a separate issue. Regards
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