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  1. HDR setting enabled definitely makes the ground/landscape brighter.
  2. Contact support mate, they can sort it for you.
  3. Perhaps more to do with Finnish VirtualPilots taking over the whole scene recently.
  4. Just wondering, was it because the mission turned at that time and he just waited it out?
  5. Never understood why folks don't just learn the default keys and have to reassign everything to something else. A lot of time and hassle remapping everything, surely.
  6. You can go to the other side of the world and play the game just the same, on any computer, using any account you have access to. I have no idea how this is a concern?
  7. Gents, I'm aware you can actually hit the individual spinning propeller blades, which is really impressive in itself. Wondering if a hit to the propeller blade has any effect like an 'engine damage' RPM fluctuation or anything?
  8. Haven't tried flying a BF109 then, I see. You and the No.66 boys are welcome to try one out.
  9. Hey guys, I've asked this before in a couple of threads to no avail, so thought I'd just try posting one here as I'm still curious at times: Is anyone able to genuinely feel a difference between the late tail fin and the earlier? If so could you try describe this difference in handling please, and at what speeds and power settings, etc.? I just personally can't feel the difference or benefit in the later tail design - although it does look damn good!
  10. All relative I'd say. The price of racing motorbikes, musical instruments, wind surfing, skiing, or anything worthy of a hobby is usually orders of magnitude more than the cost we pay for the time and fun had out of this work of art, not to mention the generosity of so many here giving out gifts codes for free. One of the most cost-efficient hobbies out there from how I see it.
  11. Is anyone able to feel a difference between the late tail fin and the earlier? If so could you try describe this difference in handling please? I just can't feel any difference or benefit in the later tail design. RGDS
  12. I think you're right on. That pic was on max power or close to it for sure. I just tried it at lower power and speed and it pitches up level to what you see in the real-steel pics and footage. Quite surprising the disparity in angle of incidence. It's like it rocks forward and puts it's head down ready to charge or something! Perhaps this large disparity is also somewhat because of the Hurricane's huge wings? Even bigger than the Spitfire in area alone. I've never noticed this with the other airframes that much, apart from the adjustable stabilizer machines which quite
  13. Hey gents, great to have the machine in game! Something I soon noticed though is at level flight it appears to fly with a significant nose down pitch attitude? Here's a pic attached to show. Trim setting does not affect it and this picture is taken on autolevel. Yes, the plane is damaged but damaged or fresh it flies with the same pitch attitude. In all the pictures and footage of Hurricanes flying along, they look more nose up. 1946 and Clod Hurricanes also fly more noticeably more nose up.
  14. I'm well aware of how powerful a twin DB605 110 is, and I don't claim any skill here whatsoever. However, you have to be somewhat delusional to not realise the physics with that skipping speed hack cheating we've seen before. This is a cheater caught using a speedhack on camera - plain and simple. This is the first time I've seen a cheater in front of my eyes and I was somewhat dumbfounded. I've only seen videos of it before this. Wasn't there a Il2 Security Branch set up not long ago for these purposes?
  15. Hey guys, Just witnessed KPblM blatantly cheating using a speed hack with a BF110. Looked absolutely ridiculous in person, and if you pay attention to the distance marker you can clearly see that this is foul play at hand. Note also the distinctive skipping plane position towards the end which is seen with past cheaters. https://streamable.com/dpiu1x Please advise, what's the next step to take from here? Regards
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