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  1. Bilbo_Baggins

    Online DMs since 3.008

    I understand what you're saying. Which sim do you believe has the most realistic precision in control surfaces do you believe?
  2. Bilbo_Baggins

    Online DMs since 3.008

    Likewise. I think the DM update in general is an improvement. However, I among many others have noticed peculiarity with the MK108 Minengeschoss, not only with visual damage effects, but structurally and aerodynamically. LA5 and other airframes can take multiple hits from this devastating weapon and yep still keep flipping, flopping and twisting. Bear in mind, this is testing on singleplayer. What's also most surely a bug is the shrapnel effects. You hit an airframe on the right wing tip, yet the engine/nacelle section, and even left wing will take damage. We've all seen the clips of the MK108 hitting Spitfire and Blenheim airframes... completely devastating. Something doesn't add up here with the modelling. A 30mm Minengeshoss really should break a fuselage in 2, yes: https://i.imgur.com/7hiQvJq.mp4 However, I think it is an improvement overall, especially with the wings not falling off like twigs.
  3. Bilbo_Baggins

    Too many problems

    I don't know if this means much but some time ago, when I was using a 3g mobile internet device I started Windows Task Manager and loaded the game, then alt+Tab to see what it was using. It was only using 0.1mbps- so 100kb a second. It doesn't use much at all but ping is a different story I've found. How do we modify these values to something suitable? I've looked at the dev diary regarding this adjustment but I can't figure out the values. I have a 410mbps download and 450mbps upload speed. What should I change these values to? RGDS
  4. Bilbo_Baggins

    Hydraulic or air system damages?

    But the flaps do break at high speed. Landing gear covers rip off too. For example, if you extend flaps in Lagg-3 at high speed and they will jam. Yak is different as the actuator is not strong enough to deflect them under high air flow, so you don't get this problem.
  5. Bilbo_Baggins

    Too many problems

    I just had a look to try change this, but when I go into the multiplayer section under settings it only comes up with port and IP values. I don't have any download/upload speeds displayed in that section of settings. Am I missing something here or could my internet connection be different and these settings not adjustable? RGDS
  6. Bilbo_Baggins

    No credit for a Taran kill

    Good point. The propeller has been known to literally saw through an enemy wing or tail section. Haven't seen enough detailed mid-air collisions in-game to know if this is possible or not! However, as you said, it seems the propeller bends or breaks on first impact. Such detail would be hard to model though, I bet. This is how you saw off a LA5 wing with one's propeller in a mid-air collision:
  7. Bilbo_Baggins

    What is your favourite plane

    Lagg-3 23mm here. The red Fockewulf! Dizzying roll rate and laser 23mm armament.
  8. Bilbo_Baggins

    Awful Bloom

    Thanks for this! Never knew about bloom before but now I know what that God awful effect I was seeing before was. Completely unnecessary. However, having said that, no doubt Luke on his apologist high-horse will be here soon to defend it.
  9. Bilbo_Baggins

    Why do people rarely fly high in multiplayer?

    GPS. You get guys flying on treetops to objectives which brings everything lower.
  10. Bilbo_Baggins

    Developer asking feedback on damage model on russian forum

    That is besides the point. Spit or Yak, apples or oranges- you can not break a tail off and cause that kind of tremendous damage to an airframe with a 30mm mine shell in this sim, let alone the kind of damage that Blenheim suffered with it's tail completely severed.
  11. Can anyone else confirm this? Such a major part of the experience and yet no mention in the change log? RGDS
  12. Bilbo_Baggins

    The Big Fat Girl 7 Tons of Fun P-47

    109 has the heaviest controls of any airframe in this sim. Not sure what you mean by that?
  13. Bilbo_Baggins

    Game takes forever to load

    I will give you an answer: 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator.
  14. Bilbo_Baggins

    Developer asking feedback on damage model on russian forum

    Agree that the critical damage of multiple systems rather than wings snapping off all the time is a positive change. However, definitely don't feel the fires are fewer now- at least engine fires anyway. Perhaps wing tank fires?