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  1. Mate that is a fantastic wallpaper you’ve got there. Where can I grab one of those? Surprised to hear the “ただいま” as she walked through the door, haha. Very familiar!
  2. This sounds just what I’m looking for- bots dogfight auto spawn, player airspawns. Could you please upload the file? Cheers!
  3. Thanks heaps! Exactly the instructions I was hoping for. I’ll give this a go later. One thing though- these are all air-spawns, there are no ‘airfields’ so to speak. Don’t know how this makes things different. I’ve also noticed there’s a problem with my editor GUI scaling- I can’t scroll down to see/select the bottom most selectable items in the editor lists. A picture later would probably help demonstrate what I mean, but any ideas how to fix this? Regards
  4. Sorry gents, this is all going way above my head. so far I've only figured out how to modify the basics of already made mission files. I've attached an image of what I'm looking at on my screen. I'd like to know how I modify the available planes for spawn. It's a multiplayer mission I downloaded from a server. Currently it can spawn all the planes but the BOBP planes. I have already changed the AI planes into BOBP planes, but I don't know how to make the BOBP planes available for player selection. Hope this makes sense. Regards
  5. Gents, I've just started tweaking various mission files in the editor. I've managed to place additional AI airplanes, change plane properties, place additional objects and change map settings, etc. What I would like to do is enable all planes available for player selection on a MP/Co-op shoot'em up mission, but I can't find the parameters for available spawn planes. On a typical MP mission template, what am I looking for? Help appreciated! The mission file I'm trying to enable all planes for player selection I've attached here. Regards Dogfight.rar
  6. Exactly what I wanted to say. I hope it might be possible to have AI machines only trigger to spawn in at low player numbers under 10 or so.
  7. Hello gents, do all maps in rotation have AI spawning in at low player numbers, or is just a select few? Which types of AI planes are there and what player numbers do they come in at? Cheers
  8. Server has frozen again, please restart! Cheers
  9. Why not just list all the planes whilst we’re at it? Collector planes or not.
  10. Thanks for that, interesting to see the weights. She's a heavy! Weight doesn't really mean anything for speed though- climb and acceleration are where weight comes in. Maximum level speed is a power vs drag relationship.
  11. Appalling download speeds and fails to download. More often than not a right pain to update or redownload this game. Been like this for years now.
  12. That is a truly incredible difference given the same motor. 542kmh Spit airframe and 603-610kmh for mustang. Didn’t know how amazing that airframe really was.
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