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  1. Hey gents, not to detract from the current hysteria, but had a good time on the server the other day and was just wondering if anyone has any tips for landing at these recovery strips? 3 of our machines here attempting landing at the recovery base but only 1 made it. Are there any tricks or tips to landing on these rough hilly strips without binning it in? https://streamable.com/gg9bgg Cheers!
  2. Bilbo_Baggins


    What's I.A? What does 'taxing like IL2 1946' mean? None of this makes any sense - it's complete and utter gobbledygook!
  3. Did you not see the reports and subsequent bans of guys using the speedhack recently both on this server and DED? Amusing to you perhaps, but nevertheless a real issue and no laughing matter. Regards
  4. Default is 400m I believe?
  5. This information is everywhere over the internet. It's also in the game technical specifications tab each time before you take-off.
  6. Seems like a critical mislabeling of this option. What about SSAO, does this have an effect on spotting?
  7. Could you include what timezone and map this was for you? Makes it a lot easier to identify the guys using the speedhack.
  8. Karaya, I'm not sure if you're already aware of it but the offender in your picture reference here has an unbridled bias and hatred towards blue since time began, however I still believe that the vast majority still have a sense of the respect you talk of. Also, it has to be said that whilst hanging in the parachute one can give clear information and warnings to others for as far the eye can see, and from many angles as you pan around the view. Perhaps this needs to be considered here too. RGDS
  9. What I don't understand is since the big physiological update it works fine in a G-LOC and the machine has neutral stick, however, when he's dead or bailed the machine continues to pull big forces. Hopefully it's just a simple fix and they get around to it! RGDS
  10. By definition surely HDR means better spotting to some degree, as it increases the range of light to dark in a given image. This suggests it should make lighter contacts against a dark forest more prominent and vice-versa dark contacts against the lighter sky? Although I can't say for sure it does this to a noticeable degree and haven't done any controlled tests, I'm sure it does make the game more attractive for me, which is really what matters. This is, of course, with the awful bloom set to 0.
  11. Don't tell me you're trying to bounce the .50 rounds up under German tanks are you? That codswallop should have been debunked by now!
  12. Good grief, I suppose he's fortunate to have got the life sentence or ban-hammer execution!
  13. Hardly the best way. Surely either the admins or Sturmovik Security Branch can take care of it in 2 seconds. The chap is using the speedhack across multiple servers.
  14. The chap is using the speedhack across servers with impunity. Have to wonder where's the Sturmovik Security Branch when you need them?
  15. So even though it's a tacview side protection, the servers on this game are somehow protected against tacview radar, is that right? If so, where is the problem?
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