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  1. Looking at the machine, apart from ailerons the control surfaces don't seem unusually small. The only thing that I've noticed on the small side is the aileron deflection angle- they really don't have much range, but I thought that helps with gearing at higher speeds/forces, like on the LA5FN where they reduced the aileron deflection angles for better gearing at higher speeds. Do you know what was sub-optimal about the machine's control system? Finally, is this the modelling of this sim based on 1 hand stick control? I presume so as we can move flaps and whatnot at the same time. Regards
  2. Thanks for posting this. My wife would definitely be good help for translating that. However, as far as I'm aware there's no sure word from the devs if they still wish to commit in that direction?
  3. Lot's of people have just started getting it. No more than 5 minutes and then #10009 back to lobby. I contacted the server administrator about it. Peculiar because it doesn't happen on Combat Box or Berloga.
  4. Jason once said the AI AA gunners are affected and can't see through clouds, but that was obviously not true. The AI are surely not affected by sunlight as that would be even harder to simulate.
  5. @Alonzo this would be a total game changer. Would you please consider this? It would not only bring the fighting up higher but encourage teamwork to protect bombers whilst also providing an incentive to level bomb and fly the bomber machines how they were supposed to be used. This is a great idea that could set the server apart from others.
  6. AI bot fighters are piss easy to kill and evade by any means on this game. They are target practice, and nothing more. I'm sure with some practice you will soon wipe the floor with the AI bots. Good luck.
  7. Rot starts from the top. The game although salvaged somewhat is still ridden with flaws and limitations. Just look at those planes still juddering and shaking after engine start. And the water coolers don’t even have a basic boil over valve modelled- you exceed water temperature for a split second and the plane is doomed with ‘water radiator perforated’. Engine startup completely unrealistic- click fuel cock on and then spin up the motor. You can’t fix that level of rot.
  8. Yeah for sure, exactly that! To be honest that’s where the money’s at. Altitude, energy or whatever you want to call it is more important than the machine in most cases! There are many folks who do that with great success, such as the likes of ripgrunwald, CountZero and co who fly Lagg-3 machines up high and come crashing down on folks with manoeuvrability to bear. Regards
  9. As mentioned in the 109 vs Ratas thread, there are tremendous manoeuvrability advantages to be made use of use of, so I think that’s the card you need to try play. I speak with no authority on this subject but you have to remember that the BF109 machines are hamstrung by extremely heavy controls at speeds soviet machines still retain good control authority (mig-3 ailerons the exception). The BF109 machines also have abysmal ailerons (with the exception of the E7), whereas the Lagg-3/La-5 machines boast double the roll rate, performing a full roll in 3 seconds, and even less for the La5FN which boasts incredible performance on the roll axis. Also... you can’t out-climb bullets; so to make use of altitude and come in with energy along with these tremendous manoeuvrability facets is not to be underestimated. Good luck! Regards
  10. Top of the morning to you gentleman, The Yak 7b specifications has both the same wingspan and wing area of the Yak 1, however when in game looking out of the cockpit, the wings look ever so slightly different. It's hard to describe but if you load up the game and look to the side you can see a subtle difference. I was wondering if anyone knows if the construction and design of these machine's wings are the same or if they differed? I was under the impression they were the exact same wing, but the in-game model suggests otherwise. Regards
  11. This is being a bit disingenuous here. Surely you're aware this video is from the extensive test documented by the British, with documentation posted already many times on this forum? If all that isn't something you can base an HE 30mm computer game damage model on, then can you tell us what is? RGDS
  12. What I don't understand is why the Mikulin AM-35 sound of Mig-3 sounds very good and alive both from 1st person and 3rd person perspectives, yet the V12s of Lagg-3/Yak/Pe-2 M-105 Klimov sounds are terrible. Regards
  13. Combat Box is the highest quality server this game has- full stop. Good luck finding anything similar elsewhere. @Alonzo As others have mentioned, would it be possible to have AI machines spawn when player numbers are low (off-peak time) ? I would love to roam about picking off objectives with the threat of enemy planes lurking when there’s no one else on. I believe this would also help to populate the server average numbers throughout the week. Regards
  14. Mate that is a fantastic wallpaper you’ve got there. Where can I grab one of those? Surprised to hear the “ただいま” as she walked through the door, haha. Very familiar!
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