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  1. Thanks for answering guys. Im really new(noob) in flying multiplayer, I actually started not long ago in Warthunder as a fighter, recently changed to bomber cos I suck at dogfighting and realised that it was fun, have just got HE 111, fell in love with her and discovered it was one of the planes in BoS and the rest is history. Bombers in WT doesnt have cockpit view, thats a big downer for me. Yes I have RoF, the MP menu was quite confusing for me but I finally got in and started in midair only to crash and leave lol. Didnt know about crewpositions, I will try again, this is exiting and new for me. The MP of flying part that is....
  2. Superexited about this title, even more since early access and getting to try it. Very good and smooth performance for me. Anyway, my pulse went skyhigh when I saw that HE 111 H-6 is one of planes at launch. However, will we be able to fly and operate this plane in missions or MP? And what about the gunners, will they be operated by AI or how will it work, bombsights, cockpit etc. Thank you.
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