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  1. Products on Steam usually goes on sale from time to time, even flight sims, I got Clod cheap when it was on sale... They should put out a demo or something, atleast that way people can try it beforehand and see for themself how good this sim really is. We all know there is a agenda online on putting this sim down and these people seem very persistent. (well they are butthurt crybabies but thats another story)
  2. Best commercial for this SIM ever I think. Anyhow, yea the same realism-is-no fun-people you find in arcadish shooters where realism is out the window.
  3. Yes well a little, rFactor 2 and others and drooled over the first videos from Asetto Corsa but it was a hurdle everytime moving the race-sim equipment into place.
  4. This is my setup when "simming", notice the notes on the right side, its my help for flying the JU-87 on full settings.(Thanks to Requiems video tutorials)
  5. The Elder Scrolls Online Red Orchestra 2 Insurgency (waiting for Witcher 3 and Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord) And further on Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  6. Never thought about it that way. But Im also learning to fly with complex engine management and thanks to Requiems video tutorial Im a little closer on flying the JU-87 atleast. Just gotta figure out why my engine breaks after awhile.
  7. Havent tried it that much since there is suppossed to be a wipe when its released. However, did the tutorial and tried a little on german campaign, thumbs up from me. Now lets see if i can hold my hands from it until release....
  8. I have X52 pro too and no issues, I pretty much fly with standard settings on my HOTAS.
  9. wow! Exellent, downloaded to my tablet too. So many things I knew nothing about, the fuel-glider for one. I still have a long way to go for full realism... Amazed by the work this community does...
  10. No you are gonna be fine, even in multiplayer, its very optional. I fly with autosetting but Im gonna slowly try and learn the rest so I can fly on expert servers.
  11. Griefing, I gut gunned down today by the MG in the other team plane behind me! Also, can you disable people flying as MG in your plane, people get in, waste all ammo and then get out. Makes it really fun facing all the fighters later on... Makes me stressed out having someone in the plane, I dont mind circling around for 20 min to get higher attitude but thats gotta be pretty dull for the mg, so now I just fly straight into the mess on low attitude.
  12. No really, negativity at steam forums?! It cant be! *sarcasm* Nothing new there.
  13. Yep I suck at dogfighting but bombing is one thing I can do in MP and it makes it fun, just wish for more MP oriented objects coming...soon hopefully.
  14. Seems that some are expecting that right now.... And no....there will never be a 100% ever....with the compexity of todays games.
  15. Agreed. http://www.musicboxfilms.com/generation-war-movies-80.php?showPressPage=true
  16. More slots on EU normal at least, Expert(33 slot) and normal(25 slot) was full yesterday; I couldnt get in! lol So I was on Normal light and it was alot of people on that too.
  17. Tompa_73

    For Ju87 fans

    Im really enjoying Stuka Pilot by Hans Ulrich Rudel, gives a good insight to what they what actually doing up there in the air.(or on ground for that matter.) How does Helmut Mahhlke´s book compare to his? Also, does anyone knows any similar books but with the He-111 or JU-88?
  18. Im so sad, going away for fishing and sunbathing this weekend, no flying for me. Great news to see the progress. Guess we have to wait for more planes. (*hint* He-111)
  19. Obvious troll is obvious.... There is always that guy that just cant let it go, I dont know if its mental, drugs or whatever, but obvious troll will always be obvious.
  20. Although I dont think we have the 51% to play around with at the moment? But I agree, I have never been so happy with a pre-access buy before and will probably spend alot on more planes, map, expansions, etc, whatever.... The quality of this flightsim so far is in my opinion so beyond my expections already, anything more is a bonus. Still waiting for the heavy bombers though...
  21. Am I mistaken that they brought the planes into tank maps but no tanks on plane maps? If so, it was what I was fearing it would turn out to be.
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