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  1. Hmm didnt think about the throttle, I will check this out later this evening....
  2. Voted complex, it isnt that hard when you learn it and you learn it pretty fast. This would be so awesome to do in expert mode, full complex engine management with no radar on map and maptools too for that matter.....ah...the dream...
  3. No? I figured since everything is all set up at the runway automatically that they were already set? See, this is why I wanna cold start from the taxi position so I know what Im doing and not doing. Point is also that I havent seen this behavoiur before...I\ve always been the first one up in the air, the others were no way near me, as far as I could tell.
  4. Google translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=sv&sl=sv&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fz.se%2Fartiklar%2Frecension%2F20141104%2Fil-2-sturmovik-battle-of-stalingrad
  5. Hmm there are strange things goin on, I tried campaign again with Stukas and they seem to go faster then me, never seen my right wingman taking off before me but he did and looking backwards I could see the other really close. Was there an update this weekend or friday? I dont remember...... There should be atleast a couple of seconds after you start that they start, Im imagining they set off as soon as you do now? I did an experient just turning of the engine when mission started and they just stand there.
  6. And this on a "normal" gamesite, largest in sweden though.........giving it 4 out of 5. http://www.fz.se/artiklar/recension/20141104/il-2-sturmovik-battle-of-stalingrad (Its in Swedish and not very indepth but gives positive PR and can drag more people into it. He seems most impressed by the flight feeling.....)
  7. lol simHQ, give it a rest, I refrain from comment further on that.........
  8. Ah thanks for info, guess its back to MP tonight then and hoping the servers arent all full which I suspect they will be...
  9. Guess I have to fly short duration until this is sorted out or I get back to my beloved Stuka, BoS is too fun anyway.
  10. So...after started second chapter after flying only Stuka I wanted to give the Heinkel a try but a wierd thing happened on take-off. I fly on expert and long duration so at start with everything on I looked on my right and saw one of my wingmen(or whatever its called) going faster then me, passed me and even got up in the air before me. Now this is not the issue, the issue is the plane behind me that rammed me 3 times in a row on the runway before I gave up. I really dont wanna fly with short duration, what am I doing wrong here, load-up shouldnt be a problem, my wingmen shouldnt ram me anyhow you would think? Anyone else got this issue or what am I doing wrong, I hit the pedal as fast as mission start and yet they goes faster then me and then of course the one behind me rear-ends me on the runway before I even can get in the air.
  11. I was subbed once but nowdays I cant play with those graphics even if I feel a need sometimes, I rather play Red Orchestra. I would however gladly try to fly it but it seems you have to be subbed to be able to fly, this free-to-play thing they have is a joke although they seem to have fixed the prices now since I checked.
  12. hehe ok I will fibble around the graphics settings although I might say, it doesnt look bad on medium too. A bit intimidated about MP though, I havent even reached the shores of england yet, server last night finished mission when I got into the air. Right now, Im just familiarizing myself with the whole ordeal.
  13. No you start from runway and dont need to finish at the runway in expert mode and full duration(I wish this would change), although I do just for the challenge of landing, which it is for me still. I also like to fly the campaign, choosing ground attack or support, turning of all labels and text, it is great fun and immersive enough for me. I dont know how much more XP you get but its double I believe?
  14. Voted boB but this one should have been on the list: Dark Blue World Sadly has this side-story thing or should I say main story thing that just puts the war as a setting.(like most other war movies), I prefer the ones that just put the war in center: Hamburger Hill, once we were soldiers etc... I think war itself has all the drama you need, really no need for a sidestory.
  15. Ok I bought it when it was on sale on steam some time ago and I pretty much hated it from the first moment. Not only the slideshow feeling but clunkiness and etc, even with graphics turned all the way down and yes team fusion mods. I learned how to coldstart ju-88 before I gave it up, I wanted to learn but when you start something up and it doesnt even feel slightly funny you give up. Now, times later and a new computer(Alienware), I decided to install it again, downloaded Teamfusion and WOW, just WOW! It runs so....smooth?! I can look around with traickIr, no problem, no slideshow, not even im multiplayer. Graphics is on medium, I dont dare touch em now. So I learned how to coldstart and take off in Ju-87, now Im gonna learn more about navigation. Holy cow, am I glad I gave this sim a second chance, its a win-win situation, now I have an winter eastern-front sim in BOS and a summer western-front sim Clod and I love em both. I guess all thanks should go to Team Fusion for their work. Amazing!
  16. "A must buy for any flight simulator or WW2 aviation fan"
  17. Coming in part 2 cos this was written before it was released, even before campaign came. just mention 3 scenarious calling it "looking a little thin"(no really?) but also says they will cover it more next time.(as at the time of writing it havent gone gold yet)
  18. Part 1 too! Gives me a reason to buy next number. No I havent even read it through yet, got so exited when I saw it in my local store. Also on the CD that follows is flight movies. Good attention anyway.
  19. Yes but its not the old days of 46 now, there are new people now that have no idea what you are talking about. There should be tools(given from the DEVS or mods) though that both newbs and vets can use so both sides can be happy with. Navigation will probably be the hardest thing for newbs if you go full hardcore all the way. Just saying, there have to be an effort from the HQ people then to share their knowledge beacuse these things are totally alien for alot of people.
  20. No this is the current state of multiplayer:
  21. I voted second option but regret it when I did some thinking, if it was in the veins of BoS I would pretty much buy any scenario, even pacific which Im not that hot about.
  22. Stuka and He-111. They are the only ones I fly so.... (Even if I have bought the FW 190, I suck at dog fighting)
  23. Kinda hard write anything new to this topic when YOU took all my words! Yes there is of course room for improvement, which just means new stuff to look forward too. There will never be a sim which makes it shine like the second coming or whatever, I dont get the drama or some peoples agenda towards this SIM, its not like its gonna change anything so just roll with it or leave it. But Im personally having a blast with it, if I didnt I wouldnt play it, quite simple you would think?
  24. Thanks for the tip about the NAV lights, the wind pole thing I got since before but I find it some hard knowing where to go so I usually wait and see where the rest is going. And yes some of them seem to take off right away and not on the runway. Problem with taxing is that if you are to careful and slow down, the plane wont steer, so you gotta pull up some speed which doesnt make it easier, particular if you dont know where to go but after some restarts I get on the runway.
  25. I have win 8.1 I downloaded client again and did a new install, no problem here so far. (well except for the usual crash when quitting the game.)
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