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  1. i must be blind or something but does this server only have Kuban map on or does it change?
  2. I cant even do regular 2d games any more, VR has "ruined" it for me. Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2 is coming in march though, that is the only game I'm kind of looking forward too but not that enthusiastic either lol. I didn't think I would ever join the no VR - no buy crowd but here we are..........
  3. oh I see, Im gonna try that when I get home. Thx in advance!
  4. Automatic sequence doesn't work for me, it gets going and then it just stops in the end after the propeller gets going. I have no problem flying it but it wont start when parked? I tried in mp(got kicked for being idle) and in SP but it doesn't work. You are supposed to hit E for ignition no?
  5. Doesn't work, failed to update. Trying to install it since I just got a VR headset and been away for awhile...come on! I reinstalled it to a different folder then the (x86) folder and now it updates....nvm.
  6. Rather would have a clickable cockpit IF we are just discussing more options to this sim. It would be going the right way instead of nerfing it even more.
  7. Yea I also bought it before promo-codes so here it is(let me know if it worked to whomever lucky bastard): Flying Circus - Volume One: RDEL3MEV 25% OFF any previously released product in the IL-2 webstore (excludes Early Access titles) VYQ1LQ4N (has been used)
  8. Yea I noticed this about now recording a bombing mission online. 😡 500 mb is way to little, when I record my race-sim sessions with GeForce experience the files are usually over 20 gig. At least one should be able to manually change settings to whatever sizes.
  9. Im slowly retutning to flightsims and purchased Flying Circus today, I have no problem flying either plane and are looking forward to more content. I have arrow speedlink joystick.
  10. Oh man; I have been waiting since I first bought BOS for map tools as I only fly bomber. I still havent giving up, I really hope some day this will be reality. Of course one can fly without it but for me as a bomber it lacks that final thing that would make this sim really great. I need map tools for that. I just dont wanna fly around in MP if I have a goal bombing a factory or whatever, I want waypoints and stuff. Its not only helpful, its immersive and makes it feel more "real".
  11. Yes Dreams can come true.......lesson learned.
  12. Im really interested in seeing where this goes, maps are sort of big, Resembles RO and/or squad but at this moment its very early access and game is not optimized well.(to say the least) Do not regret my purchase if it gets better(surely it cant get worse?!) Optimistically thumbs up but there are alot of work left.
  13. Personally I view simulators as the ultimate roleplaying.
  14. I actually went to the website and my old account, I was thinking I could atleast give it a final try but that pricing... Its 18 dollars a month if you want to do serious flying or tanking and then the cheaper option of 15 dollars a month if you lock your sub for a year. ...no thanks. Maybe they should change this in to how iracing works instead where you pay for the vechicles or roles you play and a much smaller yearly sub.
  15. Yes things were left out for other things but now we have planes, theaters, an upcoming new campaign mode, I feel the time to put some resources and priority into maptools is right.
  16. Off course we need map-tools ingame. Hopefully it will come shortly....its just insane not having it, whats the point of not having it? *grumpy*
  17. If the graphics was better I would probably only play this and be subbed 24/7/12(I used to sub on and off years ago) but as time progresses and graphics gets better in a general way I simply cant enjoy it like I used to. I would gladly accept graphics like the first Red orchestra or a modded 1946 but it doesnt look like that, atleast not last time I tried it. Yea I know, gameplay before graphics but it seems I have a limit there. Hope it gets on steam though, I will check it out I guess.
  18. I havent flying much on this server, really like the dynamic scenarios on this server, feels like a live war going on, this server deserves to be full all the time. Join and do your part!
  19. It cant be meant to look like this can it? it looks really wierd and stands out from everything else. At night its like watching UFO\s everywhere....What is causing this, Im using ATI Radeon.
  20. I had no idea what this was all about so I googled it. Apprently it is a dynamic MP campign?(was hoping for SP but oh well), Tried to read the manual but it was in spanish(I think)
  21. I think this line is important to have in mind: "WOTR will be released in phases"
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