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  1. Hello, Frequent flyer on your great server here, i have a question: Any chance we can get the Bristol on the pilotage field, seems to be missing from the FC lineup?
  2. I am planning too but i am still working on getting to the rules of such matches clear and understandable enough for an event as this to spark peoples interest. I am also hosting Co Op missions from time to time and was thinking of running a PWCG campaign start to finish wich would also be similar to dead is dead. I remeber Dead is Dead events beeing very popular and a lot of fun from my days in Post Scriptum, it adds another level to the gameplay and imersion.
  3. Excellent work devs! A great product becomes greater with each update, thank you for your efforts. Will keep supporting the project by buying every new DLC.
  4. Can you make a replica of the P-40 throttle? If so, whats the cost?
  5. LOL, we know who it is. It's the same German ace as always no need to mention names. I understand what no.85_camm and No_85_Hawker is saying(felt the same way about the same pilot but then reflected upon it, he's a nice guy who even salutes you back after your'e untimely demise. It's just that he's an ace, i got over it so i'm sure others can too)but i don't think the normal server was intended as a beginners server i just think it's intended for people who prefer having the icons(maybe eyesight issues). And the pilot in question is just a very good german ace pilot who enjoys to fly
  6. Just done "early invasion". What a superb mission, and the fact that the enemies spawn in pairs makes it even better. Most MP maps seems made for lonewolfs whilst in yours it really makes a difference to have a wingman. Great job! Can't seem to get Istra out of the blue solour though, i have tried editing the atmosphere in editor but no go.
  7. The answer to this question depends on who you ask.
  8. Did he do a check to see if they was actually open? https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
  9. I have found some maps to be incompatible, try a different map or try the test_dogfight or coop_complex ones. Also open "portforward" your ports tcp/udp 28000 - 28100
  10. Disregard i have managed to fix it, open ports tcp/udp28000 - 28100...sorted
  11. How did you manage to get it working? My session is always unjoynable, as in "unable to connect to game session"
  12. Has anyone managed to get hosting a session to work, and if so...how?
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