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  1. Excellent work devs! A great product becomes greater with each update, thank you for your efforts. Will keep supporting the project by buying every new DLC.
  2. Can you make a replica of the P-40 throttle? If so, whats the cost?
  3. LOL, we know who it is. It's the same German ace as always no need to mention names. I understand what no.85_camm and No_85_Hawker is saying(felt the same way about the same pilot but then reflected upon it, he's a nice guy who even salutes you back after your'e untimely demise. It's just that he's an ace, i got over it so i'm sure others can too)but i don't think the normal server was intended as a beginners server i just think it's intended for people who prefer having the icons(maybe eyesight issues). And the pilot in question is just a very good german ace pilot who enjoys to fly on Coconuts normal server, nothing wrong with that. What would you do if you where above average skill wise, let the other players win? We do have other options wich are my goto sanctuaries when i've had enough of getting killed. New Wings wargrounds is one, The unprofessionals is another. Oh and Menacing Ferrets too, the german ace does as far as i know not loiter there. I'm usually just coop'ing with a couple friends on a private during the weekends, if anyone want to play with us(friendly mature ppl)shout out. We got some training maps and Coconut Missions running.
  4. Just done "early invasion". What a superb mission, and the fact that the enemies spawn in pairs makes it even better. Most MP maps seems made for lonewolfs whilst in yours it really makes a difference to have a wingman. Great job! Can't seem to get Istra out of the blue solour though, i have tried editing the atmosphere in editor but no go.
  5. The answer to this question depends on who you ask.
  6. Did he do a check to see if they was actually open? https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
  7. I have found some maps to be incompatible, try a different map or try the test_dogfight or coop_complex ones. Also open "portforward" your ports tcp/udp 28000 - 28100
  8. Disregard i have managed to fix it, open ports tcp/udp28000 - 28100...sorted
  9. How did you manage to get it working? My session is always unjoynable, as in "unable to connect to game session"
  10. Has anyone managed to get hosting a session to work, and if so...how?
  11. Anything in particular on ehas to do to host, cant seem to get it working. Always "unable to connect".
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