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  1. Thanks RedKestrel I will have a play as you suggest ... appreciate your advice
  2. Hi RedKestrel ... thanks for taking the time ... The screen in a IIYAMA ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1 which has Refresh rate: 70 Hz .... driver wise I have nothing special enabled except free sync on Here are my settings in game .... I get between 40 -60 FPS in game which looks ok to me .... what do you think ?
  3. Hi folks... I have an RX 580 8GB NITRO+ AMD card and a 2k Iiyama monitor which supports Free Sync. I have free sync enabled in the monitor settings, I'm using display port and I understand AMD works with free sync. Freesync is enabled in Radeon software. However I still get bad tearing in game especially panning head left to right. I have tried enabling Radion Enhanced sync but makes no difference. The ONLY thing that works is enabling vsync in game but a get a massive performance hit. I'm using FSAA. Any help much appreciated... Cheers
  4. Thanks so much for the advice on VR folks. I'm desperate to try it out as it sounds incredible. Unfortunately it seems I will have to spend what to me is a small fortune to get a decent experience out of VR at the moment. So I will prob have to go with a nicer screen for now and wait for the tech to advance to a point where the power required to run VR doesn't come with cutting edge prices. I really look forward to that day tho. Thanks again folks 👍
  5. Thanks Firdimigdi .... right so immersion is the vibe Im getting ..... Im very tempted by this aspect of the experience .... so if Im reading you right the game wont LOOK better in VR (maybe worse) but the immersion factor is thru the roof ....
  6. No worries Spook .... in the end I will listen to others opinions and use them in the mix to form my own .... but sometimes getting it wrong is just a town you pass thru on the way to getting it right Very useful thanks Roke ..... must say Im struggling with the no keyboard use with VR ... and I only have an Sidewinder 2 stick so maybe I would need new controls as well !
  7. Hi All ... sorry if there is a basic intro I need to read regards VR but here are my questions (sorry some of them are really noob but Ive never used VR!) .... I have a Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB NITRO+ Graphics Card (states VR ready) and an i5 3470 will this be ok for VR (maybe need a faster CPU?) How do you use the keyboard if you are in VR !! How well integrated is VR in IL2 GB now ? .... I don't want to have to fiddle endlessly with tweeks and mods etc Im in the UK .... What is the best bang for buck headset that most people use (not most expensive) Is VR really that good over a 4k screen or is it a bit of a gimmick like 3d movies? Thanks in anticipation Karlos
  8. Sorry rowdyb00t .... one last question Im struggling to find an answer to ! .... when I try to add the Cumulonimbus mod after the CloudsV9.1revised3 mod I get error warning from JSGME tell me Im over writing files already changed in CloudsV9.1revised3 .... is that ok ? .... do I just say OK and enable it ?
  9. Thanks bud ... actually I will try the V12 as Im not using VR yet ... too expensive! .... Im going to look at them now .. cant wait !
  10. Hi rowdyb00t .... just to check .... when we install the mods ... should both versions of the cloud files be installed ie V9.1 and V9.1 Greysky .... its not one or the other ?
  11. Hi rowdyb001 sorry if you have been asked a thousand times but is it ok to use cloud mods with 4.006 or should we give you some time to release an update ?
  12. Sure no problem .... I don't mind admitting Im more than a little behind the curve at the moment .... good to hear good things about ATI tho ... sorry AMD
  13. Aside from your unnecessarily insulting first sentence thank you for your opinion .... it all goes in the mix
  14. No problem with mine at the moment Elem other than the game update issues currently being looked at for AMD cards. It just prompted me to start considering my next GPU purchase and I thought I would canvas for latest thinking on Nvidia over AMD . I guess its the beginning of a research process which will probably take me some considerable time. Perhaps by the time Im done you will be looking to sell that RTX 2070 to me for 100 pounds!
  15. Totally agree Elem ... I actually quite enjoy the research side and if you do a good job then there is a budget for every level. At least I have a lot of eye candy to look forward to when time and money allows. I think it looks pretty stunning now especially when I look back to 1946 days! ..... Guess waiting a few more days for AMD fixes isn't the end of the world :-)
  16. Thanks Unreasonable ... I have maybe come to the same conclusion .... I will go mess around with CLOD maybe while we wait :-)
  17. Wow the GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB is some serious card by the looks but puts quite a dent in the wallet ! ... I spent 100 pounds on a used Sapphire RX580 when I came back to see where IL2 has got to 6 months back and I get to run mostly on ulta settings. Ive never spent top dollar on cards, mostly because I cant justify it against what I earn and my family responsibilities but Also I just cant believe that IL2 would look 5 times better if I spent 5 times more. Having said that I imagine there is every possibility it would look 5 times better on a 40" 4k monitor! .... Something I can only dream of at the moment !..... What would you say is the best bang for buck Nvidia card around the RX580 performance level?
  18. Looking back it seems that Nvidia cards are the go to for IL2 series and Radeon is the poorer cousin that has to play catchup regards testing bug fixes etc. Is it also considered that in general the game performs and "looks" better on Nvidia cards? Im only asking as Ive always gone with Radeon out of brand loyalty and bang for buck but Im wondering if the development of this game is more Nvidia centric because most of you use Nvidia cards for whatever reason? Any thoughts ?
  19. Exactly that does anyone know if there is an option in Steam to prevent this update being applied to my game? Normally it just updates the game before it starts but I would rather wait until the Radeon problems are resolved. Thanks
  20. Thanks Red Kestrel very useful summary ..... I think I will wait a bit longer for the hotfixes to land in that case .... BTW can you be any more specific in exactly which folders I should back up for keymapping etc ?, is it the entire IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad folder ? .... I dont want to wipe out the new release if / when i copy things back if you get me ?
  21. Hi All sounds like a great update but I have little time to wade thru the whole thread to get the lowdown on what works what doesn't and best setting for enjoying the new stuff Any summary of does and don'ts very much appreciated thanks I currently play on mostly Ultra on a reasonable system with a Radeon Card .... I don't use VR .... I do use Cloud Mod by rowdyb00t
  22. Hi ... really sorry if this instruction is else where but do I enable ALL the mods from page one ... I count 7 including the gpreset file and 4k clouds (not 2k) And does the gpreset file change other things besides the clouds Many thanks .... looking forward to trying this
  23. Yeah that's what got me thinking ..... is there an easy please to locate the latest version of MODs ?
  24. Hi Folks ... Im feeling the need to do a bit of fiddling whilst on lockdown and was wondering about trying some IL2 MODs Im quite interested in trying the clouds mods out for example but what would you all suggest are "must have" mods to try I don't want to spend hour and hours trying to get half finished or unstable mods to work though ... I just want to enjoy all the hard work you guys have done, without the hassle is there an easy to find one stop shop where I can get the latest mods without having to plough thru hundreds of pages of WIP posts ?
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