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  1. Brilliant work chaps! .... I will get on it this evening .... much appreciated
  2. Thanks gambit but I'm happy to try again tomorrow... Don't want to waste your time
  3. Not running any Mods no .... let me try one more time .... perhaps I should try waiting with the leader half way down the runway to see if he takes off when the other 2 A20s taxi out .... as I say tho the immediate issue is the trucks moving on the taxi way which the lead A20 crashes thru without any obvious damage altho on the second attempt one of the trucks caught fire .....
  4. Hi Gambit .... quick question ... Mission Number 4 ... Moving to new Airfield ... Tried a few times and getting problems such that I cant finish the mission. Trucks in the way on the taxi way to take off Lead aircraft ... the one taxying in front of me ..... gets to runway taxis half way down it then stops for good (checking back half way thru mission it was taxying in circles) Two other A20s do take off but end up endlessly circling a town half way down the route I get no target opportunities I land on my own as destination but mission does not trigger completed Any Ideas?
  5. Thanks for reply Gambit... Fully understand what you are saying. No criticism of your fine effort here intended. I do know what you mean regards the immersive nature of doing the flying. Something very satisfying about formation flying in the Havoc. It would be good for the game to give you the choice on jump to action or just speeding up one leg etc. Ironically it means I would play the game more often as I could be confident of enjoying shorter slots... For example between the kids going in the bath and then drying their hair 🙄😜🤣
  6. Love the atmospherics you have created here and beautiful use of the map. Only thing that prevents me playing more is the inability of the game engine to compress time. I simply cannot spend 30 mins just waiting to get to the action so frustrating. Anyway many thanks for this and hopefully one day I will get to fly it all if the devs can ever introduce meaningful time compression!
  7. Yes I would agree.... However mission briefing states to maintain 800m which is the cloud ceiling.... I guess I might need to use common sence
  8. Thanks for replies folks all very useful and interesting.... pretty sure the opposing aircraft in mission 2 are Yaks and the AI was really hot on my ass! .... Im doing some more training in the F2 first following your suggestions before I re attempt it Cheers!
  9. Thank you .... I did begin to watch them last night ..... steep learning curve!
  10. So Im not new to combat flight sims but I would say I have a lot to learn regards tactics in dogfights! In mission 2 of BlackSix’s Ten Days of Autumn Im escorting a JU52 at 800m and we are jumped by a large force of enemy fighters. Im really struggling to maintain enough energy to close on the enemy fighters…. Im beginning to get the hang of split S turns etc but with so many enemies perhaps Im over reacting. In a 4 on one fight at low level in a 109 F2 (engine management full auto) what would you folks suggest ….. extend away and try for height first? … Am I wasting time trying to turn with them? …. Should I just try to escape?
  11. Thank the lord ... a radio off switch ... no more incoherent screaming followed by a panic to turn the volume down fast !!
  12. Hi folks ... searches seem to suggest that this is a known limitation in the game engine but just wanted to check. Aircraft seen looking down at them with thick cloud below them more than say 500m away have a strange blurred bobbling effect around them .... ?? Any setting changes that might minimise this ?
  13. Just in case I have missed anything recently developed or any mods .... are there any workarounds for long flight times as x8 doesn't help much on a busy map!
  14. Massive hats off to the Devs for the last update especially the AI tweeks … Ive moaned for years about the AI but you have really done some amazing things on this now folks …. Congratulations!! Last major feature for me, and from what I can gather many would like this, is time compression improvements for the long flights especially in bombers. Much as I would love to sometimes I just don’t have time to sit there that long and the current time compression doesn’t seem to speed things up much … even on a reasonable spec machine. It frustrating as I would spend much more time in the game (in short bursts) if there was some form of jump to action or next waypoint. I assume there are technical reasons that this is not an option but I sincerely hope some thought is being given to it. But overall folks this is now a stunning sim …. Something I always dreamed of J Merry Christmas to you all
  15. Thanks Charon Im fixed !! need to unbind those two you mentioned ..... 👍
  16. Thanks Charon ..... I did mess about with those keybindings ..... I will double check when I get home and see what I have for those .... appreciate the advice
  17. Thanks Sputnik .... thats what I thought but if I reset all bindings to default then it should not be a problem should it ? .... but it is 😩
  18. Hi all Im really sorry to ask but I have searched everywhere to answer my specific question but .... I can move to a turret ok ... I can take control ok ... I can swing the gun around with mouse ok ... BUT .. when I nestle to gun-sight suddenly the whole world just swings around like its drunk ... the mouse responds but its just all over the place and Im not looking down the gun-sight. Tried resetting mapping to all defaults but no change ... happens in all turreted AC .... any help much appreciated
  19. Gotta say NickM you are spot on that was definite improvement ..... hats off they really have done some work on this .... I take it all back ... thanks for putting me straight on this!
  20. Ok sure folks I will try some more if you are really saying its been tweeked ..... I have only tried 5 or 6 fights but was seeing familiar patterns. Which level of AI do you recommend for best variety of responses? YEs only QMB .... ok thanks will check out career missions for sure .... thanks
  21. Hi Folks ... been away for some time but have returned to check progress over here. Have to say the WW2 aircraft are stunning in all respects. The work on the modelling,scenery, sound etc is a joy to behold. So I was kind of amazed to find there appears to have been no noticeable improvements in AI. Still the same super human snipping from gunners and endless turning to the deck with fighters. Its such a crying shame and one of the main reasons I drifted away before. Do the devs ever acknowledge this issue at all or is all the effort in the online side of things?
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