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  1. Ok so obviously it’s a personal thing but I saw an excellent documentary last night called “ The plane that saved Britain” it was all about the De Havilland Mosquito. It reminded me what a beauty it was to behold and by all accounts to fly. Sometimes an aircraft just “looks right” and to me the Mosquito exemplified that saying. There is not a single angle that you can view that aircraft from that does not scream Speed, Power and Grace. I cannot wait to see it in the Normandy map and its pretty much the sole reason I have pre-purchased it. If there was one aircraft I was allowed to fly during t
  2. Hi Patrick .... Im just setting PWCG up ... it only shows 28 planes for me to choose from .... no Hurricane for example ... is this right ? Sorry scratch that ... I had an old version
  3. Yes that's the assumption I'm making I guess.. But the tease is being able to do what I want but only by keeping the button held down... Logic says that a toggle should work too for the same view ... But it seems not... Cheers for the reply tho 👍
  4. Is FIXED SNAP VIEW only available without head tracking? .... I only seem to have CENTRED SNAP VIEW available with tracking on but I can use FIXED SNAP VIEW when its off Trying to use a joy stick button (mapped to PILOT HEAD SNAP POSITION:FORWARD) to move to gunsight view but with tracking on I have to hold the button down .... I want it to toggle as in FIXED SNAP VIEW? Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry if not the right forum wasn't sure I have head tracking and a msff2 and wondered how others set up their cockpit / gunsight views... I was using a saved position to centre on gunsight and just zoomed in and out for close sighting. I also thought why not set a fixed snap view to a button that takes me to gunsight view and have my centre view set higher and further back in cockpit for all round view.... Problem there is I'm fixed in one position on the gunsight button so less flexible for under the nose deflection shots. What combinations do the rest of you use?
  6. Sorry if this is in wrong section but wasn't sure. So I cant seem to have separate button mappings just for moving pilots head forward or backwards when head tracking is enabled. I disabled the Z axis in free track but still the buttons I have mapped for head forward/back only work I'd head tracking is completely off. Any help much appreciated 🤔😊
  7. Oppps ... sorry folks didn't check the rest of the forum! ... glad PWCG is alive and well !
  8. So Im finally feeling confident to try a career mode. Some time ago I recall PWCG being the go to but Im just wondering what the latest thoughts are on the choice against the stock game options. I would be looking for variety, surprise, not overly long flight times and immersion. Not even sure if PWCG is still supported. Any thoughts much appreciated
  9. Hi All Im a "casual" single game player with limited time available to enjoy IL2 so I have never ventured into managing engines. So Im just wondering if there can be any actual difference in speed or power if you are manually managing the engine(s) versus auto? Or put another way ... does auto engine management always provide the premium engine performance for any given circumstance? Or put yet another way! ... if I was to race a player in level flight both flying the same aircraft type, would the pilot using manual engine management be at an ad
  10. Hi Im having the exact issue with a steam start .... I managed to get past it yesterday but I cant start it today even tho I know the new release and the hotfix went in ok yesterday via steam ???
  11. Merry Christmas team .... you are seriously the very best at what you do .... you should be very proud ... and we are very lucky ... keep it up
  12. Hi ... simple question .... trying to come up with a small keyboard solution for IL2 has anyone found something sililar to this that we can use ? http://www.simplekeypad.com/index.htm
  13. Thanks RedKestrel.... I've been messing around with sync settings as advised and I cannot get the screen to appear to be using freesync at all. Then I tried a setting called Radeon Enhanced Sync in the Radeon control centre and with just this setting enabled I have no tearing and frame rates steady at 60 or more in most situations. I can tell there is a little bit of "fudging" going on momentarily where the worst of the tearing was (turning head left to right in cockpit) but its a thousand times less noticeable than the original tearing and with seemingly no FPS loss. So that will see me ok f
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