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  1. Hi All Im a "casual" single game player with limited time available to enjoy IL2 so I have never ventured into managing engines. So Im just wondering if there can be any actual difference in speed or power if you are manually managing the engine(s) versus auto? Or put another way ... does auto engine management always provide the premium engine performance for any given circumstance? Or put yet another way! ... if I was to race a player in level flight both flying the same aircraft type, would the pilot using manual engine management be at an ad
  2. Hi Im having the exact issue with a steam start .... I managed to get past it yesterday but I cant start it today even tho I know the new release and the hotfix went in ok yesterday via steam ???
  3. Merry Christmas team .... you are seriously the very best at what you do .... you should be very proud ... and we are very lucky ... keep it up
  4. Hi ... simple question .... trying to come up with a small keyboard solution for IL2 has anyone found something sililar to this that we can use ? http://www.simplekeypad.com/index.htm
  5. Thanks RedKestrel.... I've been messing around with sync settings as advised and I cannot get the screen to appear to be using freesync at all. Then I tried a setting called Radeon Enhanced Sync in the Radeon control centre and with just this setting enabled I have no tearing and frame rates steady at 60 or more in most situations. I can tell there is a little bit of "fudging" going on momentarily where the worst of the tearing was (turning head left to right in cockpit) but its a thousand times less noticeable than the original tearing and with seemingly no FPS loss. So that will see me ok f
  6. Hi Livai ... the iiyama prolite pl2792qsu-b1 has an IPS panel luckily ... I will try your advice re Custom Resolution Utility ... sounds very interesting thanks
  7. Thanks RedKestrel... Makes alot on sence... I will try the settings you suggest and see if I can seg the freesync working. I am pretty tempted by the card you have... It's at the lowest price its ever been at the moment (258 dollars)... Also I have the idea that the game may look better with an Nvidea card as there always seems to be lingering graphics issues for AMD owners!
  8. Thanks RedKestrel The GTX 1660 Super is a reasonable price in the UK but Im not sure it offers much more power over the RX580 (see comparison at bottom) .... So maybe I have setting just too high in game? ... Having said that if I didnt have to use Vsync in game to stop the tearing I get very reasonable frame rates (normally over 50) but still the freesync doesn't seem to cut in Here are my full specs ... Windows 10 PC Screen iiyama prolite pl2792qsu-b1 Processor i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s) 8Gb R
  9. Sure thanks RedKestrel ... yes you are correct its an RX580! .... I will pull together all you are asking for over the weekend for your analysis ... cheers!
  10. Hi folks....so I have a Sapphire NITRO radeon RX5800 and having upgraded to a 27 inch 2k screen it's not holding its own and the freesync doesn't seem to work . Also I get the distinct impression that Nvidia cards are better supported generally and seem to have less issues in IL2. So I'm asking for recommendations please for best bang for the buck Nvidia card in the UK that will give me at least 40 FPS and working freesync without breaking the bank (I usually buy second hand or last year's higher specs)... Any advice much appreciated.
  11. Thanks RedKestrel I will have a play as you suggest ... appreciate your advice
  12. Hi RedKestrel ... thanks for taking the time ... The screen in a IIYAMA ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1 which has Refresh rate: 70 Hz .... driver wise I have nothing special enabled except free sync on Here are my settings in game .... I get between 40 -60 FPS in game which looks ok to me .... what do you think ?
  13. Hi folks... I have an RX 580 8GB NITRO+ AMD card and a 2k Iiyama monitor which supports Free Sync. I have free sync enabled in the monitor settings, I'm using display port and I understand AMD works with free sync. Freesync is enabled in Radeon software. However I still get bad tearing in game especially panning head left to right. I have tried enabling Radion Enhanced sync but makes no difference. The ONLY thing that works is enabling vsync in game but a get a massive performance hit. I'm using FSAA. Any help much appreciated... Cheers
  14. Thanks so much for the advice on VR folks. I'm desperate to try it out as it sounds incredible. Unfortunately it seems I will have to spend what to me is a small fortune to get a decent experience out of VR at the moment. So I will prob have to go with a nicer screen for now and wait for the tech to advance to a point where the power required to run VR doesn't come with cutting edge prices. I really look forward to that day tho. Thanks again folks 👍
  15. Thanks Firdimigdi .... right so immersion is the vibe Im getting ..... Im very tempted by this aspect of the experience .... so if Im reading you right the game wont LOOK better in VR (maybe worse) but the immersion factor is thru the roof ....
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