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  1. @Kataphrakt Well you posted this: This claim or another i've seen by the Chieftain that sherman armor was almost as thick as a tiger doesn't have any value. -First of all the alloy is different . -Secondly there's overmatch at play so while theoretically relatively thick , practically it offered poor protection. (This is for the tanks present in the game ). Ps: Video you posted :"Truth about panzer aces" It's complete nonsense .What truth did it show .Not even an interview.But oh i spoke with this guy and he told me this. What a
  2. If you would ask Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton how many race wins he has he wouldn't know.They asked Sebastian Vettel some time ago in an interview and he said 41 and that he only remembers the number because he's team made a poster .I've seen many F1 interviews and many of them don't remember .That doesn't mean there aren't people that keep score. Tank kills are proven by: Combatants People that took part in the battle on both sides. They might not know after the war but after every battle they would have known with more accuracy . There would have been people who
  3. My opinion is Shaw's book alone is worthless in multiplayer .But for example i shot down many p51s in another sim because they didn't know how to fly a combat formation.They flew so close to each other that all their attention was directed towards keeping that close formation.This is a big mistake . I also saw 2-3 and even four plane flying one if front of each other .This was a tactic used by RAF during battle of Britain .Germans didn't think much of this tactic and called it the line of idiots. Some were civilian airline pilots who didn't know anything about combat so it
  4. I'm happy you changed your mind. I deleted the private conversation (1 september 2018) because i believed i was wasting my time after that sentence . If you still haven't deleted it You will be surprised to see it's word for word .Anyway i wanted to see your opinion now.So the issue is done for me. Look first of all i never even read he's book .I read the opinion of journalist, publication owner, who i know has interviewed multiple ww2 pilots, has a team of historians that work for him etc.Some of Galland's ideas are what i would have done .It's a per
  5. Because : I said Galland was a brilliant strategist , came up with Doolittle's idea of : loose fighter cove, flying in front of bomber formations . You said he basically wasn't very good at all, not based on logic .I mean you even confused Peltz with Galland (the ardennes). And i responded he's much better than Hitler.Hitler made silly decisions like me 262 as bomber. And then came your bomb : No you're wrong again "good old hitler would have won the Normandy campaign if only the me 262 was converted early into a bomber ". So i should let you write on a topic
  6. .Good luck trying to fool me .You see unlike other persons i write only stuff i'm sure about. I was arguing about fighter tactics and how A Galland and Doolitle have influenced fighter tactics with a few brilliant ideas and you supported a blatantly wrong strategy just to push your agenda.
  7. Wow now i saw you on this thread. I find it amusing considering your "experience " in this domain made you say quote "good old hitler would have won the Normandy campaign if only the me 262 was converted early into a bomber ".
  8. It's the other way around a spitfire flying at 400mph has greater kinetic energy than a b17 flying at 150mph . It's m * (V square) /2 .
  9. Just to resume the last pages of this thread: My girlfriend is pretty and your girlfriend is ugly , my daddy is bigger than your daddy etc etc.
  10. Int: -How was it to fight the mustang with the 109 and fw Ta ? Pilot: -How should i say this , everybody sees things differently .The Mustang was good , a plane you shouldn't disregard , fast and maneuverable It had one big advantage compared to our planes (with the ta i din't have the occasion to fight the mustang , it's a shame because i can't compare the two ) it had very fast instantaneous turn rate , at the start of a dogfight it could turn and point it's nose almost on your 6 .Many german pilots just lost their nerves and crashed or were defeated . But
  11. As far as i remember this is the video i was talking about (262 running out of fuel) . I might be wrong .I think MiloMorai knows more. The fact is i didn't remember .But actually Galland was shot down by a p47 . Overall it's considerably more difficult for me to find accurate statistics on 262 k/d compared to tanks for example . Just as an example, I was reading a book about israeli-arab air wars .And even though you see in the book twice the same situation: pics of gun cam footage and enemy plane taking serious hits, that enemy plane returned to base. My problem i
  12. -And that reddit post that contains emotional arguments like "wehraboo" is objective ? Let's be honest :It shows an irrational animosity . -Me262 kills / losses ratio seems very hard to determine for me. AFAIK every allied fighter or most had gun camera but all the footage i see of 262 shot down shows 262 shot while landing or there was another one posted on the forum of a 262 that ran out of fuel . -you talk about tiger fever.Here i've seen historical facts destroyed by all kind of " youtube and reddit historians " . I've seen here complete fabrications like Tige
  13. I used the f15 example to show how irrelevant turn performance is for a good energy fighter .Nothing more. "F-15 got proper high speed control surfaces and lift surfaces, its has also 1:1+ TW ratio" That is irrelevant it will still not have a chance of defeating a spitfire in a turnfight . Or a british meteor for example . That doesn't mean it's not a better fighter than those planes .It is by far. Comparing me 262 turn performance in il2 bos vs f15 in a different sim using tacview i optained: f15 has a small but certain advantage in instantaneous turn
  14. on one hand -I don't see why the many generations apart makes any difference to the concept.You feel ? on the other hand : I'm confirming. Either i'm setting up a straw man or i'm confirming .Which is it ?
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