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  1. P-38L's weren't sent to NW Europe. They all went to Italy, the South Pacific, and the Aleutians. Though I wouldn't mind a modification to remove the dive flaps in the in-game P-38 to make it a more Normandy appropriate J-10 or J-15
  2. I've noticed this in one-on-one quick battles even before the latest patch. The 109G-6 Late is a very formidable opponent at Ace level. Interestingly, even more so than the G-14 and K-4. Same goes for the new 190A-6 vis-a-vis the A-8 but to a lesser extent. In general, through the few quick battles I've played (haven't delved back into the campaigns just yet), AI are significantly more effective at engaging bombers and transports and I'd say slightly more effective at engaging fighters. Also, as has been noted before, they tend to be better shots and have better trigger discipline
  3. Thank you both for your input. I've given it a try and it's been pretty good for me so far! Would the default settings also apply for Eastern Front campaigns? Also, are said config numbers affected by the object density settings? And as a third, somewhat unrelated question, how do I enable/disable certain skins for aircraft?
  4. I recently installed the latest version of PWCG after having not played it since version 9.x or so. I've used the stock career mode for a while, and there are things I like about it, but I looked at all the new features that have been added and have decided to give PWCG another shot. As the thread title implies, I took a look at all the config settings the new version has to offer and I was wondering what were the recommended values were for the most "authentic" (insofar as that can be achieved in a game) campaign experience. I.e. What density settings should be used, the number of
  5. I just double checked. The campaign comes with the standard BOBP game but the official skin pack is a separate download found on the forum here.
  6. Great work! Had my eye on this for a while. Enjoying it so far. Is it possible to incorporate the 485th FS skins from the "Lightning Strikes" campaign into this?
  7. Ideally, I would think the natural start point for the career would be the Big Week (late February 1944) or maybe a few days before. As for the end, I think the encirclement of the Channel ports and the Liberation of Brest (if the map allows) would be a good stopping point that would flow right into the Bodenplatte career.
  8. This isn't so much a bug as it is a factual error. The 363rd Fighter Group is represented as the US P-38 unit in PWCG. That group was, in fact, a reconnaissance unit in the 8th Air Force that mainly flew P-51's. A better unit would be either the 367th or 474th Fighter Groups which both flew P-38's almost exclusively.
  9. Besides earlier variants of existing aircraft, as it stands right now for me, the biggest gaps in the VVS plane set are: - Li-2 - I-153 - I-15bis (maybe) - Hurricane Mk.II - Tu-2 - Su-2 - DB-3/Il-4 - Yak-9 - MBR-2bis (maybe) As much as I'd love a Yak-3, an La-7, or a Battle of Leningrad expansion, I suppose it's better to add missing aircraft to the existing campaigns
  10. As it turns out, I actually did a cursory browse through the various sites recently just to see what I could find. Due to irl constraints, I have no way of compiling them into one single pack or website (and I'm a bit fuzzy on which squadrons are actually in the game). Here's what I found. It's by no means exhaustive. Also bear in mind that many German skins come in packs based off of ace skins. Because of this I chose mostly generic or unknown pilot skins. Anyway, I hope it helps: Bf-109E-7: - Schl.G1 (Summer 1942): http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&a
  11. At this rate I'd almost rather have 1946's cheap and aimbotting AI over the dreadfully easy AI of GB. While it is indeed better than it was, and will most likely improve as BoBP gets closer, it's pretty frustrating in the meantime. As another user pointed out on another thread on this subject, truly talented AI programmers don't really work in the games industry anymore. Which also might explain the team's lack of a dedicated AI specialist at the moment.
  12. I just installed the latest version of PWCG and have started a Moscow campaign in December 1941. However, when I loaded a mission I noticed that all friendly and enemy aircraft were still sporting summer skins. The same thing happened when I loaded another mission and when I started an early 1942 Stalingrad campaign. I'm not sure if I did anything wrong or missed something or what. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm certainly in the minority here, but I honestly wouldn't mind if they went back to the Eastern Front one last time after Bodenplatte. I think Leningrad from around August 1941 to March 1944 would be a good place to stop. It would be a nice long campaign for the career mode, a pretty decent map, and then the game could fill the last major gaps in the plane-set. Notably the I-153, Tu-2, Il-4, and Il-2M among others. Not to mention the possibility of adding the Finns.
  14. I do hope that someday the IL2:GB engine will be able to recreate strategic and not purely tactical military aviation. The Air War over Germany is something that wouldn't interfere with TF and really hasn't been seen since B-17: The Mighty Eighth. I think the Wings Over Flanders Fields team may tackle it in Wings Over the Reich but that's not going to be for a long while.
  15. It's on Moscow and it's not really a framerate issue. If I boost the compression even to 8x the camera shakes more but the aircraft seem to move at the same speed. I probably should have specified.
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