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  1. Limiting lives of a player is pointless, when you already limit the planes per player. Because with infinite lives, you keep players in the game vs. having them leave the server. People on this server like to fly together, so "sending some of them home from the playing ground" while the rest of their friends are still flying can make the entire group change the server.
  2. So when you fly 1h, you are looking forward 3min. πŸ˜„ I assume you are looking forward during take off and landing, so that makes 2min of forward looking during a 1h mission. Sounds funny.
  3. Yes, why not. Create your thread about that. Not impossible to do. Simply have some actions block other actions. For instance changing flaps/elevator setting in 109 would block your ability to change throttle. If you do it simultanously, throttle will change after you release flaps button. Simple. Its amazing how many people find all sorts of things "impossible". πŸ˜„ If these people lived in 1880, they would call cars impossible, in 1900 they would call planes impossible. In 1930 they would call "landing on the moon" impossible. In 1995 they would call VR impossible. List goes on.
  4. At this point i have to assume you are trolling Have fun.
  5. Its a difference when you don't see the plane behind you because your view is obstructed. Because you see less when you cannot turn 180 degrees and put your point of view 1 cm away from the canopy glass in any direction. You will agree that it is a huge difference in a fight to see a plane vs. not to see it. It is not going to be easy to do it when the game restricts your freedom of movement. Same as you cannot move your camera out of the cockpit unless your canopy is open, the game is determining your freedom of movement according to certain variables. Variables can be changed. So
  6. It is more amazing that you are still around, although you are not interested in changing anything about the view. BTW, this guy from your picture does look more UP, not straight back along the axis of the fuselage. If you cannot see the details, no wonder that you cannot grasp what people are actually talking about here. Again, since you struggle to understand: Can you turn around in your fighter cockpit and look straight back from above your instrument panel? Can you look out of your left rearward window with your head turned rig
  7. This is the gamer in you speaking. In the initial post it was stated, that this topic doesn't adress the gamers, but the simmers. Otherwise you could just remove the entire cockpit for everybody, it would be fair. So why have a cockpit, right? What's the point? Well here comes the point : More immersion, it's what simulations are trying to bring to the customers. Any feature in the game that provides a more realistic air combat experience is there for a reason. There are constant changes towards that goal for a reason, too. Regarding the edge-blur: You already know
  8. I mentioned, it would also be fairer. I did not say making it fairer is the purpose of my idea. It would be a nice side effect. The purpose of it all would be to make the game more realistic. Such changes do not need to be too pronounced either. Its all about little adjustments till its about right. At the moment i can turn my virtual head right and still look out of my planes left rearward window πŸ˜„ The videos of real pilots looking back are supporting the initial idea to limit the rearward view, because those guys cannot see over the headrest parallel the longit
  9. Exactly. I think some people here did not read my first post. I am not addressing any of the more gamer - type people here. Their views on any topic that tries to discuss the implementation of another feature for the sake of more realism is clear from the beginning. They drift into discussing "fair, not fair, whining VR users, advantage, disadvantage" and fail to see that the features that make this game so enjoyable are based on how it would be in reality. Some people argue : "You don't need to add realism feature XYZ because you sit on a chair at home" so, because you are not re
  10. Feel free not to follow topics you do not wish to see. πŸ˜‰ I don't know what car you are driving, but i doubt it will be as cramped as a 109 or spit, etc. + try to look back with both hands on the wheel. Nobody says, it should be impossible to look back. All I say is that it should be limited. You actually said that you like it better in DLC, so we ask for the same thing more or less. Also, it could be modeled according to the space the respective cockpits offer. The one you showed in the picture is a modern plane with a way larger cockpit than a ww2
  11. To all the guys giving tips how to check six by sitting on a turning seat etc. , well facepalm πŸ˜… you are literally giving tips on how to get an advantage by killing immersion. The main point is not so much to make it fair for VR-players. It just would be a nice side effect. I was aware that a lot of people look at this from the gamers perspective, who will always choose performance over realism. Transparent cockpit would totally make it easier for you to check six btw. The thing is, as many fully understand, you cannot check six in a fighter plane of ww2 with ease. Try
  12. Hi folks, This post goes to the people that are more sim interested and less of a gamer. It might also be of interest to the VR-guys among you. (If you are the typical gamer, this thread is probably not interesting to you). Rearward view from fighters : In the current game, you can turn around like a robot and fly any maneuver comfortably with your neck turned around 180 degrees. A human pilot would encounter some rather unpleasant obstacles doing that, mainly the straps, the limitations of a neck, the G-forces while having the he
  13. It's interesting to see that anybody suggesting a bit more work for the map is stomped into the ground. Argument No. 1 being "the devs have no time". Yeah, it's their job, they don't have time for their job? Of course they do. They have time for a Normandy map but the Rhineland map is still a pretty repetitive WIP-wasteland. πŸ˜ƒ But new planes and titles bring money as opposed to content we already paid for. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  14. How do you know how many people are "the last few"? How do you know how many people would join servers, would there be an easy option to have the support of a group? Throuout the discussion your argument is like walking in the forrest and saying: "There is no need to build rails here, because i cannot see any trains in this forrest. Walking works just fine for me!" πŸ˜„ The random unorganized flying is way more unrealistic than a few noobs in your wing. Noobs existed in real air combat, too. But they didn't respawn after death with their knowledge gained from t
  15. Don't get me wrong, everybody gets it, you personally and a handful of your friends don't need it. Fair enough. Thank you for your opinion. I don't want to convince you and your friends. I am merely discussing an idea with people and so far there is quite some people who like the idea. 😊 Thank you for your input. 😘
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