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  1. nope same thing. p2p is blocked here in the usa in some regions also. wish I could get you a screenshot on here but
  2. nope it doesn't work at all Zak. It just pops up a white box with errors posted is all .
  3. So IL 2 is a Torrent now? " "Seed when downloaded"" It just keeps getting funnier...
  4. "unfortunately a lot of our players consider themselves as IT experts but actually they have no clue" That's gonna hurt....
  5. Ok "Dev" guys, post a beer and pizza delivery link, we got you covered.. I am sure there are a few guys here with Visa... Crazy dev guys... Fight back lol
  6. Wow... So we're out of it till next session now?
  7. So, we paid for it, and can't use it still? What's the deal here? And please, just the rea;l word, none of the fan boi letters or pages of explanations on your feelings about it and so on. Just the re3al word why we can't use this.
  8. "it must be really tough coping with all the gushing and adulations every 5 seconds" LOL
  9. "1-Given what we have in RoF and considering the team making the neccessary adjustments for WWII even of nothing else changed , this was going to be something that I could enjoy." Totally agree there bearcat, I said that to the RoF devs in the alpha for that. "If you ever make this ww2 you got it licked" something along those lines.
  10. Well, thx for third party addins actually. Clear your question up ? A thread third party devs can use to get info on sim structure would be keen.
  11. Yes Meow, but, go out side and take a board with you right. Then lay it on the ground. Now push it a meter. Does the whole board move, or just the first section? My original question, before this got all side tracked and poo slinging, was did the standard version push back also. As we demonstrated with the experiment up there. So in other words, if someone was going to buy more copies for something, is it worth it , or does one put it off for a while. See, there are many people who bought for various reasons, mine was Early Access.. I don't care about the little forum badge or gun pods that get unlocked for all, so I read, in time anyway. And, isn't there some chatter about those "Extra Planes" being unlocked also in time? See not clear info on many things, and in the studio's defense they may not have even gotten that far yet in some cases. But to try to "Tell someone what they paid for" is nonsense. Sorry. You paid for what you wanted, and I hope you got it all bud, but I paid for my reasons as did Hagar.
  12. Rama you have a PM ... And, Meow, you are mostly correct and they should have been a lot more clear in this program, and they have admitted it. It's not about 40$ stop reading it wrong..
  13. Yes the standard date should be now a week later, so judging by the PM info I have that would now put it at AFTER CHRISTMAS. They should wait a week longer also. It's rather easy to see how this works. If the line is pushed back, the WHOLE line is pushed. See how it works. And I agree totally with the posts up there about the communication from the studio. Not real great.. I sent numerous ideas to fix that...
  14. It's really kind of simple. It's not ready. We knew it wouldn't be ready, but nobody wants to admit it. The bets are going now, if the 19th is real or not. Vegas has a line on it. As far as the rest, Yep some bought early for dev reasons for 3rd party things like me and need the step up on the sim itself. Some bought to buy... What ever it is.. But, like anything else, that "Push back", should be for all. You standard purchasers can wait longer like the rest.
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