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  1. ^^^ can confirm that fixed my issue. I will run some missions tomorrow!
  2. just started playing pwcg 7.4 for box, I'm only 8 missions in (9/10/1941) and I've noticed a few things and had a few questions about them. 1) not sure if intended or not but the squadron log seems to be rather empty. I have a feeling this is maybe due to how early it is in the campaign, but not sure. so I was curious what kind of details actually go into the squadron log? 2) Again not sure if this is due to early campaign conditions or not but my squadron has practically no victories yet most of them have over 20 sorties. this looks a bit silly as here I am a "new guy" with more victories both air and ground than any1 in the squadron. not only this but my major and highest ranking pilot in the squadron is a novice skill level, in fact everyone in my squadron is a novice. so I guess my question here is, is this intended? I'm flying for the 126th p-40s. if this is intended due to early campaign conditions but it looks like a bug and kind of breaks the immersion. 3) a lot of why I got pwcg is because of all the details but I'm beginning to realize that either a) a lot of it is bugged or b) not finished? for example the pilot screen where you can view your medals is very bland and has no detail. I would like for there to be some type of description of why I earned the medal and when I was awarded it, or any type of detail. also the pilot log and journal only shows your first 5 air to air victories or however many fit on the first page, after that every other page will only display ground victories. A lot of the cool extra detail that make this mod seem worth and better than the career is either not working as intended, not finished, or just forgotten about?
  3. It seems that everyone with this issue is running windows 10.
  4. Not sure how much help this is as its probably something to do on my end but when attempting to launch. It said I don't have the updated java, I installed and updated and it still says the same thing and wont launch. "This application requires java runtime environment 1.8.0 (64-bit" takes me to the install screen, ive installed, no luck ps. I am currently using 7.4 with no issues
  5. Been lurking for weeks and cant tell if this is a troll or not.
  6. Im Central time zone. This seems like a perfect fit for the both of us, send me a discord link. lets fly
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