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  1. Hi guys, update on the poll I posted previously. If you have not yet replied to it, the poll can be found here, and I will keep it running for a while longer. http://whenisgood.net/coconutwingnight We've had about 10 respondents so far. From the times submitted, the best looking time for group shenanigans seems to be: Saturdays, 1800 to 2000 UTC This translates to about 11am for US-west coast, 2pm US-east coast. These times had the highest number of participants able to attend (all but 2 at 1900). I'd consider this a good starting point, and we can make adjustments from here or add additional nights if that feels appropriate. If I get an appreciable number of new poll replies, I will post another update here.
  2. Alrighty guys, one more poll! We got a good response to my original poll asking where players on this server are located( https://www.strawpoll.me/15338738/r ), and now it's time for the next step: to figure out the best time for us to get together! With that in mind, here is a link that will let everyone state their preferred playtimes, and after enough replies we can choose the best days/hours for getting together and winging up: http://whenisgood.net/coconutwingnight I'm guessing that we'll need two timeslots, one for NA and one for EU, but we shall see. Be sure to state your timezone when you reply, and the website will handle all the background calculations automatically as it aggregates the times. Please note that no registration of any kind is required for this poll.
  3. Ultrawings is on sale, I may wind up picking that up. Gonna have to keep an eye on those daily deals...
  4. Hey guys, I just realized that I posted this in the Discord chat, but not here. Since people seem to want to group up and seem to be missing others, I've been investigating timezones of the server/Discord population. https://www.strawpoll.me/15338738 (View of timezones: ) Please note that if you have already responded to this link through Discord, you do not need to respond again. Unsurprisingly, users seem to be clustered in the Americas (UTC -7 to UTC-5) and Europe/Africa (UTC-1 to UTC+1), with some surrounding timezones having a few members as well. This is purely location, and not available play hours. If people are interested, we could organize a community night or two to help interested pilots get into wings. I may do another set of straw polls for determining the best weekdays and times to group up. Feel free to post any thoughts.
  5. I've noticed this problem as well. There's an option to enable voice confirmation in the game profiles section, and I listen for that. It's loud and very obvious. There's also a setting that will purportedly more accurately detect the game launch (WMI vs Timed), at the expense of a bit of CPU.
  6. I have a GTX 1060 3gb and an i7 4790k, I'm able to hit 70-90fps pretty reliably with Medium settings and HUD off. Used to have SS, but dialed that back after the kuban patch.
  7. Exciting stuff, I wonder what kind of tracking system they plan on using. Those new displays should be great for visual clarity, I think the Pimax 8k uses screens with around 800 ppi?
  8. It looks like you got dinged for a disconnect yesterday. http://coconutside.eu:81/en/sortie/31813/?tour=10 According to the stats FAQ: "Fairplay Index is an indicator of the correct behavior of the player, it affects the score.The maximum value - 100% indicates that the player does not violate the rules, a player receives a 100% score and all bonuses. If the index is less than 100%, that player gets a percentage of the score corresponding to the current index. Also, in this case, the player does not receive any bonuses. Violations of reducing the index: Disconnection -10% Shotdown friendly aircraft -10% Destroyed friendly ground target -5% The index recovered by 5% per flying hour, if the player did not violate the rules." Pretty straightforward.
  9. This is about security. Basically, a certificate tells Windows that the software that you have installed on windows is indeed the correct software, and not something malicious. Almost all of the software that you have installed at the moment uses these certificates; it is something that protects the end user from downloading and installing dangerous and fake programs. These certificates are made between Microsoft and the software publisher, and expire after a certain amount of time. Without a valid security certificate, Windows won't let that software load because it might be dangerous. There is a way to let Windows continue to use the software, called a countersignature. It tells Windows that the contents are genuine even though the date is expired. Oculus forgot to put this in the certificate, though it was present in earlier software versions and may have been overlooked during an update. This isn't really a big problem, and could have been easily fixed at any time before yesterday, when the certificate expired. When that happened, Oculus was no longer able to push out an easy patch, because none of the Oculus software had valid certificates of authenticity and Windows would not allow it to run and update. They had to come up with a new program that would fix the problem, likely by supplying new certificates.
  10. There's a thread in the VR hardware section going over what this error is and updates on it: It's more of a software security issue; this would happen with or without an internet connection, as it's about Windows saying that this software is the software Oculus says it is, and wasn't set to renew properly.
  11. Latest update from the Oculus forums: https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/comment/591490/#Comment_591490
  12. Hey guys, be careful tampering with the date stuff, it can screw with Windows. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/82nuzi/cant_reach_oculus_runtime_service/dvbkc25/
  13. Supply flights should register after you've landed at the destination field. You should see a chat notification that you've left a base with 1000kg of cargo when you first take off, and then another message shortly after you land at the chosen field. If you end your flight there, the plane will be available to use at the beginning of the next mission. If you don't want to transfer the plane there, you should take off again and fly back to your starting field. Occasionally these chat messages seem to bug out, but I believe coconut has said they should still count even when they don't show up.
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