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  1. I renamed the brownish version of my Camels according to the new naming conventions and it seems very sound, even clever to use it. Yet, I also don't feel the urge to append my name to the skins. But this can be usefull, especially if different guys submit their version of one specific plane. Thanks for your efforts to get this mess sorted out! S!
  2. Hello, my fellow aviators! I have used the past weeks of the shut down to entertain myself with migrating some of my old RoF skins to FC. It had initially begun as an experiment, and when it worked out fine for one skin I just had to give it a try on the complete set. The two packages contain historical Camel skins for three RFC squadrons at the time of their service on the Italian front, namely 28 Sqn, 45 Sqn and 66 Sqn. Why two sets? Well, I simply did not want to decide for what side of the "PC10 was green – PC10 was brown" discussion I should opt in and by this ruling
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