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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, I did some reading and noted indeed TF5.0 want be situated in Tunisia. Can’t wait for the post 5.0 release though
  2. Completely missed out on this post, but skip 5.0 😉 and go for 5.5 directly and give us the 190 and MkIX! (And Mosquito, Typhoon and Lancaster 🤩)
  3. For the Africa campaign the Fw190 would have been A4 or A5 tropical (thus machine guns and cannons), but the Fw190 is not in the list of flyable aircraft. The list show a gazillion variants of the 109, but not the 190.
  4. The 40% discount email also mentions: Soon, customers who placed their pre-order will be able to fly the first two aircraft of the Bodenplatte plane-set, stay tuned! Any idea which two planes?
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I'm in contact with Baur and hoping to receive a set soon. DIY is no problem for at all. I'll let you know of the results.
  6. I’m a bit confused by this message. Are the BRD-F3/MS3 still available? Or should we wait till Virpil starts offering these?
  7. Thanks for your reply. Right after posting, I saw the other forum In the meantime of managed to get a nice second hand rig at a fair price, a i5 6600 (no OC saidly), 16GB of DDR4 and a GTX 970 and downloaded CloD Blitz (4.5). With everything at max in general I get >50fps at 1080p and even >30fps with a low pas tour of downtown London, not too bad I would say. The sim is really really nice and I love the Battle of Britain setting. I'm still struggling with all the optimal settings and being able to shoot down a plane, but all in all it's great. Africa, Pacific and Eastern-Europ
  8. I see plenty of topics on suitable hardware for BoS, BoM, 1976, VR etc but rarely for CloD. And as CloD Blitz is just out, nothing on that one. As I'm a fan of the Western European front (Battle of Britain, Normandy), I was looking for these kinda topics to get some guide lines. I understand there are different game engines in the various versions: 1. original Il-2, Forgotten Battles, Il-2 1946 2. Cliff of Dover 3. BoS, BoM Does CloD Blitz have its own engine? Or does it use the original engine? And what do these engines/games require to get to acceptable performance (>40fps
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