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  1. Oh nooo.... I was just preparing to fly some turns with the friedrich and list to their Ducati-like (or generally V2-engine) sound and I have to remark that the testing phase is finished again. :-(((( Only Tuesday I had the possibility to fly about 30 minutes but unfortunately my little daugther began to whine and I have to keep occupiing with her. Now my wife goes for a walk in the city with her and I have some free hours but the alpha-version is not working any more.....this could has been such a nice evening.....now 1946 must serve! Something else: I´m playing the game with an old AMD Athlon X2 5400+ and an former-middle-class-graphic-card Radeon 5770 and with just 2 gig RAM. I was concerning the game won´t start with my weak computer but it´s working pretty good till now. Better than CloD. I hope the final version of Il2BOS and espacially during online playing the game will similarly remain playable. I´m waiting the oculus Rift. Then I will upgrade my Hardware. Sorry if this question was already asked and I´m ask it now again: Do you imagine to accept Bitcoins later for additional content? And please introduce the possibility to trim the planes. Especially the Lagg does not appear to be trimmed to neutral but extremely trimmed upward. It´s annoying to press the nose of the plane always down. I´m sorry for my poor English.
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