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  1. Don't speek in team chat, use TS Spies do not sleep
  2. It is dangerous to write in a team chat, due to the fact that some of the second accounts are monitoring team message for intercept target, or a friend playing on the blue side can tell the second friend on the red side information from the chat, the same is true in the reverse order. Join in taw ts or ask for access to ts of any allied squad, who more often flies with you at the same time. Without voice communication, flying is hard and bad. While you are writing to the chat that they are attacking you, instead of leaving the line of attack, you will already be killed
  3. We need at least one hardcore-server that is different from sandbox-dogfights with endless lives and flights like "took off, got away from an anti-aircraft gun, took off again, killed-about the next anti-aircraft gun." Without markers and icons, without gps and technical chat. With an interesting, exciting company. We need at least one server close to realism.
  4. 1. RX480 Nitro 8 Gb 2. 20.4.2 3. Yes 4. No 5. No 6. don't have If I set FXAA - i see big artifacts instead clouds and smoke. After change FXAA to MSAA, and set in game-settings Aliasing in "2" (values other than "2" do not help) i see black-grass artifact (grass_distance = 0.00000 - not help), and this bugs:
  5. Background: our ILs, involuntarily delayed the departure to the target, and =19GvFAB=Kuznetz suggested =19GvFAB=Metr to advance for reconnaissance, Metr noticed the Ju-52, and resisted the attack. They began to control them, and then =2ndSS=KRIS invited the ILs to drop bombs and go to intercept. ILs definitely reached the right point, and did a good job, his hawks. The result - five JU-52 and one 110 were shot down. Field Abganerovo saved from capture!
  6. @=LG=Kathon tell me you 'll disable server tech.chat after update 4.006?
  7. It was 10 ILs, 7 fighters, used two TS (19 and 72), and two signalmen, who coordinate all groups between teamspeak servers.
  8. If you work on ground targets, the principle is: quickly dropped and fled, doing many quick races for one goal, then you can ignore the partisan groups. But if you, how we work on targets (defensive positions, tanks in the field and on the road) for 5-10 minutes, and around these same positions are close to 1-2-3 groups of partisans who open fire on you with each combat turn then their destruction is mandatory. Not only do we work most often with the superiority of the blue side, but also the danger of being shot down by nearby partisans while working on a convoy of vehicles, tanks or defense - is not acceptable.
  9. In XX taw train could have been destroyed by two 500kg bombs. Now (up video) - 6 wagons. I don 't know if it 's good or bad
  10. The limit of tanks on both sides is a draw. One side tank's over limit - continue map, or reds win in next mission? If the side has no tanks to attack, it can no longer claim air fields and win in any way.
  11. The blue side ran out of tanks. Have the conditions for winning the map on the limit of destroyed tanks changed?
  12. 1 vulching 262 - close 1 allied field. 2 vulching 262 - close 2 allied field ... All allied field closed by vulching ME 262. Profit. End. Imho - axis must no have 262 in planeset on taw.
  13. http://taw-server.de/ru/pilot_sortie.php?id=25466&name==19GvFAB=Vlad-Executor - bug? I drop bombs, fly away and landed. No damage myself. In stat, I see:
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