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  1. Very much agree. Fast planes with great high-speed handling and good weapons like the FW 190 (and the P-47 and P-51) tend to really excel when used with teamwork. Drag'n'bag, bracketing, tag-team Boom-and-zoom, and general separation tactics and so on are all fantastic ways to use it. As a solo plane IMO it's biggest strengths are that if you stay fast, and you've got a km or two underneath you then you are basically safe in most situations. Dive for the deck at full power, and almost nothing will catch you. Anything that can get close is going to have a really hard time winning against a FW 190 in a 500kph+ rolling scissors, the FW 190 is just too strong at those kinds of high-speed manoeuvres. Offensively stay fast, and make slashing or BnZ type attacks. It is possible to dogfight with it, mostly by exploiting the insane roll rate, but I wouldn't particularly recommend it to beginners. Indeed, I tend to disfavour dogfighting in general as even if you win it depletes energy quickly and leaves you incredibly vulnerable to being low, slow and seriously outnumbered. Do not be low and slow in a FW 190, it doesn't have a lot of options in that scenario. If you are low and slow, and can't outrun someone behind you then your best best is going to be to try and win a scissors. It's pretty hard to do well, and so don't expect to survive if your opponent knows what he is doing, but it works occasionally. Sometimes you can win it out right, but most often I've generally managed to create a space where I could disengage from the fight.
  2. It's not necessarily the same people, I doubt the texture artists can fix the AI for example. But I agree with sentiment, for me the biggest thing holding all of BoX back at the moment is the AI, and improvements here would greatly improve the whole series and all future titles.
  3. It's just different, human players are very challenging and the level of skill is pretty high. You can definitely learn a lot by flying in MP. However, players don't always behave in an entirely realistic manner and there's some things you can only really do in SP/Coop. I used to play a lot of public server MP, but after a while I found it got a bit repetitive. I'm currently much more interested in playing scenarios, and those tend to be more an SP/Coop type affair. Coop in particular is my absolute favourite: flying a scenario as a team. But at the moment it's very limited by the AI.
  4. As someone who really loves SP and coop, the poor quality of the AI ended up being something that has meant I've not flown much IL2 BoX of late. In particular as sniperton says the decision AI is terrible. There are lots of simple things that would greatly improve it, for example: If the AI would not chase you all the way across the map, deep into your territory, even when they are badly damaged. If a flight of enemy AI would not all immediately "lock on" to the nearest target, and all chase it forever, no matter what else is going on around them. If they would not crash into each other all trying to get a shot on the same target. I once single handedly defeated a whole squadron of them this way. If they ever decided to let a target go, or switch to flying defensive because they are being shot up from behind. If the AI would ever decide that it didn't actually want to fight, and that it was out numbered and should retreat. If the AI would ever employ a tactic other than just circle turning after each other forever. Especially in planes that are bad at turn fighting. If you could ever sneak up on the AI, or have them fail to detect you. If the AI ever stalled, or lost control, or misjudged an opponent's position, velocity or angles. The extreme tunnel vision of the AI is the worst aspect, and very frustratingly, it shouldn't even be that hard to improve it substantially.
  5. Personally I fly in VR, and VR is amazing but you can’t see well enough to pass a driving test, never mind fly as a fighter pilot. So I fly with icons on, as IMO it’s more realistic than without. However what I’d *really* like is an option for some kind of more realistic icons, such as the kind described by Wulfe. Such icons should appear at more realistic ranges, be occluded by the plane and clouds, allow identification at a realistic range but not before, represent distance more approximately, and so on.
  6. GTX 1080, Core i5 6600K (thought it was an i7 but apparently not) and I'm running absolute minimum settings for everything. I can hold 45 fps (just about), most of the time. But as soon as I go near bombers, or ground units, or towns the framerate plummets into the 20s which isn't too playable in VR. Had problems both on Kuban, and on Stalingrad autumn. It's silly things like the AI will follow you half-way round the map, deep into your friendly territory, even though they can't catch you. And the AI will totally ignore being shot up from behind if it's got someone that it's latched on to. The AI also can't shoot so you get these giant conga lines of planes circling desperately trying to hit the plane in front, and totally ignoring the fact someone is shooting at them. And the AI wingmen will often all pile onto the same target, even though there are lots of different targets they could choose. I once defeated 8 yaks with myself and a single wingman; all the yaks tried to target my wingman and about half of them crashed into the others. The remainder then chased him and ignored me, so I just casually shot the rest down from behind while he avoided. It was quite silly. I don't mind that the AI isn't a great dogfighting opponent, I don't expect that. However, it would be nice for them to do less ridiculous things. I prefer the PWCG campaigns because they felt less scripted. In the career if you get assigned jabo mission it's always the same: you fly out to the target, you get a few minutes to drop your bombs, then the enemy re-enforcements arrive, then you fight them or leave. If you are tasked with covering a ground area, you fly over, circle a few minutes, and then maybe some Pe-2s will turn up. Whereas in PWCG you might do the same bombing mission and you are intercepted on the way to the target and have to dump bombs, or you do your bombing but spot some IL-2s on the way back and shoot them down. Or doing the ground escort mission maybe you get bounced before you get there. Or maybe it's not Pe-2s, it's a just patrol of P-40s. Maybe you get intercepted from high altitude, maybe you end up sucked into a huge swirling furball as multiple different flights collide. There's much more variety and it's much less predictable. It feels like in the current career it's basically playing out a pre-scripted scenario. Whereas in PWCG it schedules lots of different flights, each is assigned there own mission, and you might bump into them, or you might not. There's also the annoying fact that if you want to fly the 190 A5 in the current career you'll only ever get bombing assignments. Which I realise is realistic for the Kuban theatre, but I like doing air-to-air work in the 190 and there's just no opportunity to do it. PWCG let's you do what you'd like.
  7. I'm quite sure the AI does need a serious overhaul. However, a few small tweaks would improve things significantly for little investment. For example adding behaviors such as disengaging if damaged, or going defensive if taking fire from the six, or not chasing enemy planes for too long if not closing, or not attacking the same target as a wingman if there are other targets nearby. None of these should be hard to implement (which I say as a professional programmer with experience writing AIs for games), but could improve things quite dramatically. It's all about "bang for your buck".
  8. Same boat as the OP: performance too bad to really play at the moment. Definitely feels like it’s got worse. Honestly quite disappointed with the career mode. Too slow to play, the AI is still terrible, the missions are very predictable and I’d like to do something other than ground attack in the 190 A5. IMO PWCG is better, more options and less predictable. Playing other things until it all improves.
  9. Yeah the AI still seems really pretty bad to me. They'll still chase you half way across the map, deep into your territory and be killed by base flak. They'll still mindlessly sit on someone's tail, ignoring the guy behind them chewing their plane up. They still seem to never disengage, no matter how badly damaged. They still regularly fly into the ground. They still regularly fail to take-off properly, often crashing into ground objects. They still frequently cruise too fast to keep formation with. The AI is the weakest part of the sim in my opinion, which is a shame because a few small tweaks (such as just having the slightest concern for their own survival) would improve things dramatically.
  10. This is with Rift. Having played a bit more the worst of the issues happen when near lots of bombers ... although I'm getting regular "micro-stutters" throughout.
  11. I'm getting really poor framerates in the career mode of the game in VR. Indeed it's really not playable (regularly drops below 30 FPS). This is despite turning all graphical options down to minimum, turning the hud off, and having a really beefy system (Core i7 Skylake, GTX 1080). Only happens in the career mode, it's totally fine if just flying around in quick flight. It's also fine in multiplayer. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong?
  12. As a FW 190 fan I expect I'll really enjoy the Me-262. Insanely fast, climbs like crazy, good at all altitudes, ridiculously heavy armament, handles well at high speed, but can't turn worth a crap.
  13. I know which of those two would be more fun ...
  14. It is quite the claim, quoting from the book: Thanks, I shall keep a look out for the other books you mentioned
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