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  1. Some of the callouts of friendly AI are not meant for your flight with your waypoints. Its meant for their own waypoints.
  2. Hi folks, Since it is difficult to find a few active multiplayer pilots in IL2 1946 these days, I'll try it here: My group (about 5 active and 3 sporadic pilots) tries to fly campaigns or missions together on a regular basis. We are still looking for active participants. Everyone who is able to take off or land their aircraft safely is invited to take part! We only use B.A.T. on the latest version and host our server via VPN. This has proven to be very reliable. We have successfully tested the compatibility between B.A.T 4.1.X and 4.0 (only ww2). So it is enough if you have BAT
  3. Thanks a lot that sounds logical. We're quite new to the PWCG, if we had spend a little more time exploring the software itself we propably would have found our answers by our own.
  4. Hello everyone, 3 of my friends and myself just started a coop campaign in v11.9.1. After the first mission we decided to switch the host because of the his bad internet-quality. Is there a way to properly do this? So far we tried the following: the former host keeps generating the mission, and sent the files to the new host. So far so good, we flew the mission and tried to transfer the new host's log file to the other guy which is managing the PWCG. But this doesnt seem to work. So here are my questions: -is there a way to change host while one specific person will be m
  5. We from the I/JG7 would love to get the chance to test these beautiful devices! When will they be available?
  6. Next flight-session 06.06.19 19.30UCT (21.30CET)TS IP: check our Dicord for more information Discord: https://discord.gg/yWfapt Best regards Momo
  7. Next flight-session 28.05.19 19.00UCT (21.00CET) TS IP: Also check our Dicord for more information Discord: https://discord.gg/ZHjfMS Best regards Momo
  8. We now have a Discord Server https://discord.gg/4S3dKAU
  9. Hey guys Next flight-session thursday 23rd may 21.00/9pm CET TeamSpeak: see above best regards Momo
  10. Greetings In case you wanna play to a abnormal time We are from central Europe and everyone is welcome to join. (We also have a brazilian guy flying with us ) Best wishes Momo
  11. Works pretty fine. i have to say that we are using the World at War module and not the Jet Age. Yesterday we were 6 pilots, and our "community" grew to 8 members by now. was a big fun. We also using a Whatsapp-Group for communicating, so let me know if someone wanna join. Just sent me PM. Next kinda Dogfight-Session would be on Sunday 2100CET feel free to join Momo
  12. Hey guys Since the glory days of IL2 are over, it's getting harder and harder to find a few pilots to compete with The JG7 is doing some kind of training once a week and spontaneously more than once. We are doing mission, practicing dogfights, flying formation, basics, navigation, combat situations and many more. In between we are 6 active pilots so that we have always at leat 4 participants per session. We are looking for some more pilots who wanna join our flying. For communication we speak almost exclusivly english so that would not be a problem for us. An
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