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  1. so i fly fighters of either side. i can dogfight i am not good at it though. and can fly the aircraft i live in eastern time. also am 12 just so you guys know am serious thanks. i have a joystick rudder pedals and trackir
  2. so i quickly looked into the p51d this was the summary from some real life tests in the b version The P-51B is a single engine, low wing, long range fighter. Its long range makes it ideal for escort purposes, and its performance as a fighter aircraft is better or at least equal to that of any enemy fighter that might be encountered. The rate of climb is good and the high speed in level flight is exceptionally good at all altitudes, from sea level to 40,000 feet. The airplane is very maneuverable with good controllability at indicated speeds to 400 MPH. The stability about all axes is good and the rate of roll is excellent, however, the radius of turn is fairly large for a fighter. The cockpit layout is excellent, but visibility is poor on the ground and only fair in level flight. High speed and climb performances have been completed on this airplane at a take-off weight of 9205 lbs. This loading corresponds to the average P-51B combat weight with full oil, 180 gallons of fuel and specified armament and ammunition. now is this correct? http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/mustangtest.html hopefully the mustang will be good against the k4
  3. what alt did the spits operate at?
  4. do we need really to know though almost nobody in il2 go's that high. but it would be interesting to find out.
  5. i think if you get the energy advantage even in a lagg against a k4 the k4 will get shot down before he gets the energy advantage most of the time i think
  6. we must remember that's it's not always the energy fighter that has the energy advantage turn fighters can use energy tactics too it seems like a lot of people think that the energy fighter always has the advantage sometimes the turn fighter will be higher and therefore will have the advantage at least for a bit am not a expert though
  7. yes that is true. am just curious about the specs
  8. thanks for the replies so soon i'll look at those vids unfortunately i think that the only way the jug can beat the k-4 is either catching it off guard or outsmarting them from what i've heard what do you guys think of the jug?
  9. so i was wondering about the disadvantages and advantages of these two aircraft. and just how well will the spit holdup? thanks.
  10. so i got the p40 for il2 bos. and it worked on my old pc but then i got a new pc i had to re download the game. now the p40 doesn't show up in my game. i know it is Activated because if try to buy the p40 for myself it says the cart contains products, already activated on your account what do i do? thanks.
  11. so am 12 year old farm boy😀 am in the et time zone. am not going to cry when i get shot down or anything like that. i can takeoff and land in the yak1 and in the bf 109. and i can the manage the engine. i suck at dogfighting. i do have teamspeak and a mic but can't use it much because my pc is in the living room. so i just need a person to fly with that can show me the ropes and have fun with thanks.
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