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  1. VR testing of Quest2 with IL-2 Streaming VR to headset 4kCapture Thanks for fun all and especially Bullet1! Thanks AG72_Training_Server https://youtu.be/gWBaMzYG5hk?t=844
  2. Had a good time today on Snarling Trolls server with Bullet1. Ive been doing tons of fast food WWII mostly on cobat box training late war or early war area. They also same server have WWI fast food. I love the P38 and the BF110 gunships. They are a blast to dogfight. I'm getting pretty decent in the 109 and the 190. Bullet2 heres WWI ST https://youtu.be/X3NbpZrYMbA?t=148 Had fun on ST server with Bullet2 and Gary today. Seems like only one map but still super fun https://youtu.be/X3NbpZrYMbA?t=148
  3. "All that cool gear and a tiny screen, I don't have that wonderful gear you have Bullet2 but I do have a tiny screen, Not a lot of fun when you can't see crap. " Well, I'm lucky though that I don't use that tiny screen for any simming. I'm simming in VR with a pretty wide FOV headset. So im playing IL2 in a very immersive environment. I feel like im in a cockpit looking around naturally. You can actually lean your head over the side of the airplane and the when the head gets outside the windscreen the air rushes past the ear pointing into wind. Bullet1 flys in VR also. Lately I've notice people playing IL2 in VR adding VR to the end of their names. Might do that so people know. I do feel VR is a HUGE advantage to those that can tolerate it. I have no toleration issues at all but some do. Looking around naturally is a big SA advantage. New headsets coming soon that are 4K RGB and will allow seeing targets pretty clearly at over 2 miles. You fly well for someone who has a limiting display. Actually the gear is new. I've been flying for months with you guys with a single madcatz twist stick with a throttle on the base of it and a vr headset. Worked pretty good... Actually rudder felt like cheating with it on the stick. Adabadoo
  4. Haven't seen the servers up in a while hope all is well with all... You guys got me hooked on WWII because there's no fast food.
  5. Where'd you all go???? Hope everyone is well!
  6. For Wonderfalke He really made that plane move...
  7. Can't wait to try it! Thanks ST_Agent-86!!!
  8. I promised to post this stream... Good times at the Zoo... List of humans: Bullet1 ST_Zilch56 ST_Gary62 J5_Josef_Tabone J2_NobiWan ST_Malesan The description has time links to interesting parts so show the description and jump to what you're interested in...
  9. But that wasn't from flying sims..... I promised to post this stream... Good times at the Zoo... List of humans: Bullet1 ST_Zilch56 ST_Gary62 J5_Josef_Tabone J2_NobiWan ST_Malesan The description has time links to interesting parts so show the description and jump to what you're interested in... Check out Bullet1's wing being built! And his description of his Panther build for Oshkosh... And here's my new pit in it's new home... I just moved. I lived right next door to Bullet1. Now I'm about 10 minutes away. Bullet1 helped my put this rig together. I hear what you are all saying about the Warthog but Marc and I like them. I really love the metal stick. I'm pretty happy with the Throttle. The TPR Rudder pedals are AWESOME! My setup is made to fold up and get out of the way yet it's VERY solid. I do play to keep the Warthog grip but next on my list will likely be a Virpil Mongoos CM2 Base for the awesome gimbals and an extension for center stick. But first I need to get on the list for the HP Reverb G2 headset coming in September the G1 resolution was awesome and still smooth on my computer. The G2 will be really amazing VR. Thanks all!!! Can't wait to get more sim time with you all! Mikey aka Bullet2 or Adabadoo AKA Neko_Da_Cat
  10. I was acting as a chase plane just to film those guys in combat. I wanted to try to follow their maneuver lagged and as they fought. I do plenty of looking around in VR when in combat but have a tough time with directly behind as that is hard on the neck and requires a good lean forward which I do on occation. Bullet 1 looks all over with a pretty wild scan. Awesome thanks Nooney! I'm looking to get the CM2 base eventually. Got my pedals aready. Got my half assed sim rig mount for hotas. Getting warthog throttle and stick tomorrow. Will be putting all this together with Bullet1 over weekend to try to figure out best mounts. Will likely have to use side stick for a while. I think I will either buy an MTX 80/20 sim rig or create my own custom 80/20 sim rig to mount all this and thats when I'll be able to get the center stick working nice. I like how you kept the metal warthog on the Virpil base. Thats my plan too but I think I'll extend it quite a bit for WW1 and WW2. For DCS I'll probably use a smaller extension or no extension on the T50 CM2 base and side mount it but for a long time I'll probably be stuck with standard warthog base side mounted. Thanks much for your info. I like how you have it setup. Are you using Joystick gremlin to manage your bindings?
  11. I looked back once and you were watching my back so I didn't think I needed to look back there anymore Anything got a virpil mongoos t50 cn2 base? If so could you measure dimensions for me? I'm buying my new cockpit gear and need to figure out my Il2 center stick mount. Comparison to vkb gunfighter mk3 would be appreciated to... Thanks all...
  12. Can anyone measure dimensions for me? Virpil mongoos T-50CM2.base dimensions I need to figure out center stick mount Thanks all!
  13. Flying with Catchov and Zooropa_Fly...
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