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  1. Awesome! I'm gonna have to join you sometime soon. I'm hooked into WWII on combat box. I love the missions and stats. I'm going to see if flugpark is like combat box with stats and missions. Playing with 80 people is awesome and the missions are great.. Miss you guys and fast food.
  2. Unknown Topic says wireless He's using virtualdesktop. Can't imagine he's using oculus link with that. I think he's probably wireless with virtual desktop and different results??
  3. I wouldn't have posted about it until I saw the boat thing which I totally noticed him doing and actually I'm frequently on while he's doing that. I just saw how high is score was for months and had to discount it and wondered if there was a better way. If it wasn't hard to redo the formula to take into account the amount of players on a mission and the opposition ratio I'd be all for the change as it would make the ranking more useful. If you're gonna have ranking and you can make it more useful that would be nice. But I'd have never mentioned it otherwise. If it's hard I'd rat
  4. I am a late night gamer. I get to play with full server only on weekends sometimes but I play everynight late and there are only 2-10 players on with me then. Sometimes I'm all alone practicing. I've often thought that it would be better if there was a factor to measure in the player amount on and the opposition amount into the scoring. Playing with zero opposition should be a forfeit practice mission with zero score. Keep the record of what you did but score should be much lower. If one side has more players score should bias a bit down on that side by the ratio. If th
  5. Seems like this is a problem for some but not others. No easy way to diagnose. I ended up going back to link cable and now I'm getting 55-72fps in missions solid. So I'm staying with that while using quest till my G2 comes back.
  6. Mission #9674 - The_Rhineland_Campaign_Feb_1945 Really good missions for me, two kills! Flying with: FaireyFulmar US28_Hill 10:45 Tally 2 Bogies; Dogfight begins... Mission #9673 - Mitchells_Men_Mar_1945 Really Good missions for me... But one FF incident, SORRY US28_Hill!!! Got 2 Kills 49:48 Enemy talking about Nav Lights; must be in visual range of my bombers! 1:46:25 Is that a 109 here?? Dogfight ensues, sorry for FF US28_Hill!
  7. Mostly Mission #9629 - Mitchells_Men_Mar_1945 Lot's of jump points in the description Lot's of hops and good fun on Combat Box!
  8. Mission #9593 - Crossing_the_Rhine_Mar_1945 1:05:50 TWCBotske closes down the artillery not the best footage but there you are TWCBotske...
  9. Do the gauges in the cockpits look like perfect circles? Or are they slightly taller oval gauges?? The vertical stretch is slight but noticeable. I wonder if they are ovals and you are just not noticing? It's slight but stretched vertically for us. When using link or other HMDs the gauges are all perfect circles. Thanks
  10. So oculus link is working great. Even using virtual desktop I kept cable for battery life. So link working I'm happy. I turned of asyncronous timewarp and that helped alot!
  11. I have the exact same problem. gauges and everything stretched vertically. doesnt do this on any other game with quest2. game is fine with all other hmds.
  12. Not quite that simple. They would need to allow the full FOV to be centered around left, right, or middle eye position. Once you select that then it would be that simple after choice. If they do offer something like that and make it simple then default should be right eye position with expanded fov to show what both eyes see. It's a special render camera that isn't the same as either camera pass alone and your asking for another pass. It wouldn't be efficient to draw another camera view. It's also waste to have them draw one eye with more buffer to capture the FOV you want. They dump th
  13. OBS with open VR plugin allows you to record just right eye or left eye. It adjusts to each headset and shows that eyes fov correctly. You then crop in as much as you like to end with the video size you want to record. If you are right eye dominant choose right eye and it will record a great video. You lose very little of the other eye but that's because each eye does see only a partial fov there is now non-stereo way to get full fov and this obs doesn't have the ability to record middle of eyes. If it did though and you chose that you would not properly be looking down the gunsights so c
  14. Some people flying wanted to see a crash in this video... If you expand the descriptions there are some jump points with descriptions...
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