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  1. May I ask, if anyone of you has the following problem: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29856-openvr-vive-not-rendering-full-display-area/
  2. I think the image is still unreliable regarding interleaved-reprojection. It is good to add it to the description. FRAPS can't measure what is ultimately being shown in HMD. It provides only a rough estimation, even without any reprojection. But since the numbers we got are somewhat abstract, a bench with a-o repro can still provide useful information, since frametimes (and sytem load) might be better, resulting in more (stable) Fps. I will do another test later, to be sure my measurement was not flawed. 4.2Ghz is not rock stable at the moment and I think it is the reasonable max clock of my CPU, but it runs IL-2 stable. If my bench results are correct, IL-2 might be one of the few games which actually benefit from CPU cache and/ or quad channel memory interface. Did anyone test without SMT? Some games are running better without it.
  3. I have the exact same issue as OP and with IL2 only. BOS V2.012d, SteamVR 1512445023, Windows 10 1607, 1080 Ti 388.71. My startup.cfg reads this: or_enable = 1 or_height = 3098 or_hud_rad = 1.50000 or_hud_size = 0.75000 or_ipd = 0.06510 or_width = 2300
  4. Hi everyone, since VR performance of this game is a bit curious, I am doing my first posting in here. Since OP is unclear on how to set reprojection in SteamVR, I did two runs. Async. and interleaved reprojection set to off, Always-On Reprojection enabled on the first run and disabled on the second run: 2.012d 1,7 B1rdy Asrock X99M Killer/3.1 i7-6800K 3,4 4,2 16568 2453 DDR4 32 3200 1080Ti Vive 5279 75 91 87,983 68,796 19,2 VGA: Core 1911-1949Mhz, Mem: 5900Mhz; A-O Repro: On 2.012d 1,7 B1rdy Asrock X99M Killer/3.1 i7-6800K 3,4 4,2 16568 2453 DDR4 32 3200 1080Ti Vive 4869 44 90 81,15 68,796 12,4 VGA: Core 1911-1949Mhz, Mem: 5900Mhz; A-O Repro: Off Always-On Reprojection provides a rather significant boost. I verified it by another bench run. @Memory speeds: The benefits of increased speed are always a bit depended on the application. In general more speed is more beneficial than lower timings for games. However since most games are limited by GPU performance (even more the higher the resolution is), CPU performance, i.e. memory speed, becomes negligible. This is not the case in IL-2, since it places heavy load on one core/ thread. That seems to limit the overall performance. You can check that by decreasing resolution only to 1280x720, IL-2 won't gain much performance (if your GPU isn't a potato). Well multithreaded engines like the one from Elite: Dangerous or the recent Wolfenstein, will reach 300 Fps and more under those conditions. For those of you running Ryzen 7 CPUs, you might want to try disabling SMT. Some games have proven to loose performance due to SMT and more than 12 Threads. What can I do to increase Fps at ground level? Edit: The table got nuked. :-( To be clear, I did the benches only with OC.
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