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  1. Part 142 - Some notes how to do your own Scripted Campaign
  2. The Answer: Dear user, After update 3.004, purchases made on Steam do not require any activation on our site. Therefore, these purchases are not displayed in your profile on our website. To have an access to the content you bought on Steam you have to launch the game from Steam ("Play" button on the game page in the Steam "Library). I UNDERSTAND,THANKS ALL
  3. Thank you,Papa_Bear.maybe steam china not supply the cd keys or License keys now, just as you said for safety and copyright purpose.But about one year ago i received the License keys of il2-bos and bom when i bought, then i activated the game in the il2 OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Thanks for your suggestion sincerely.
  4. Cannot find in steam china. How long can I buy it in steam china? when ...
  5. Hello, I have bought three games last night which name is il-2 sturmovik battle of kuban and so on from steam china ,it have finished install automatic. But I cannot find the CD-KEYS or License keys of the games, so I cannot activated the game in the il2 OFFICIAL WEBSITE,although I can play the games now. can you tell me what to do? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello,thank you for the campaign!excellent set of missions.
  7. THX A LOT!!! Finish it and love it.Thanks for all the hard work,much appreciated.
  8. very love it ,but i cannot download it. can you tell me the another URL? THX A LOT.
  9. pls tell me where is Mission Editor or boseditor ? not in the bin folder...thx a lot
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