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  1. castrum8

    ANR 109

    Where can I get the skin friend?
  2. Same, used to play WOL by turning off GPS for myself with the I key but since a few updates ago it got removed, wish we got this option again so I can enjoy my realistic navigation on the same server with those who don't like it.
  3. castrum8

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas pilots!
  4. castrum8

    Take my Promo Codes~!

    Last day, still have both codes but already own everything so: FC1: RGG57Q2R 25%: R36BY4PR Enjoy, friends!
  5. castrum8


    Support this 10000%! Maybe the fact that my wife is Korean and I eat kimchi every other day makes me biased but hey! It's the era of the fastest ever all-gun dogfights, and P-51s from Bodenplatte can be reused for ground attack and to represent the ROKAF.
  6. castrum8


    Free Japanese translator here if the devs are reading this
  7. castrum8

    Discount promo for RoF user

    Same here😅
  8. Thank you so much, saved my HE-111 pilot after I started my new career on the new PC!
  9. castrum8

    Favorite Collector Plane and Why?

    They're but all great but Ju-52 for the unique gameplay it brings and Macchi for looks.
  10. castrum8

    Menu & servers

    Ah ok it's not not just me, yup server list is blank now.
  11. castrum8

    I hate the H Hide/Show Command

    I have noticed after the update, the little GPS plane on the map can't be turned off by hitting I anymore to turn off icons, if the server I'm on has GPS on then I can't opt out of it anymore it seems so I can't enjoy WoL for example because real navigation is my thing. Am I correct that the GPS icon is now inseparably tied to the realism settings of a mission or is there still a way to remove it?
  12. castrum8

    Pssst, it's Jason's birthday today

    Happy Birthday!! 🎉
  13. Awesome news gentlemen, you'll have my preorder for tanks and WWI the moment it's available!