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  1. Source 1: Directly contradicts my lived experience but whatever, data is data. Source 2 : Doesn't say anything about student debt put does show high job market participation and over 10% unemployment rate. (ie people don't have jobs or do not have adequate jobs) Source 3: Directly contradicts your claim " Student loans are by far the most common form, held by 94 percent of those with their own education debt outstanding. In addition, 30 percent have some other form of debt for their education, including 25 percent who have borrowed with credit cards, 6 percent with a home equity line of credit, and 7 percent with some other form. " 94% is far from low. 53% of that is still outstanding loans either that are on time or behind on payments. " Among those who ever incurred debt from their education, 11 percent are currently behind on their payments, 42 percent have outstanding debt and are current on their payments, and 47 percent have completely paid off their loans. " In the 18-29 bracket on that survey's first graph we can see that a minimum of 43% of students acquired debt while going to college...that's a lot of people, that's nearly half of 18-29 year olds who attended college. The very first sentence says: " Over half of young adults who went to college took on some debt, including student loans, for their education. Repayment of this debt can be challenging. " Source 4: Actually shows consistently that wages are not even keeping up with inflation rate (at least in the US) by about .70% give or take a few .000s here and there per year. Source 5: Game initial sales ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hours actually played per person. But I'm not going to argue this further, not the place nor time.
  2. This is my personal opinion and it's probably going to run contrast to what some people have been putting out there (ie short attention spans, instant reward, ect ect) I'm 26 just for reference. In my opinion, a lot of the lack of interest in flight sims boils down to 2 reasons. -Money -Freetime Basically today, in my age group and younger most people are working 2 or even three jobs, have crushing student loan debt, and barely get by with all their other bills and rent piled on top of that. Lets look at IL2: BOS for example, you are looking at $50 for BOS Standard Edition, then $50 x 3 for the expansions. Plus at least $50 for a Cheap HOTAS X flight stick. Plus a computer that can run the game, which the price will vary wildly on. Assuming we are looking at a person that has a good computer already, it's $100 minimum in start up costs, including a finicky control device that they will use for 1, maybe 2 games total. That's not even adding in the other expansions if they want say, the P-38J So if I take my average friend working 2 jobs to get by, they will have 0-1 hours of free time a day. I did a JU-87 bombing run earlier today that took 45 minutes in all. 45 Minutes of mostly doing nothing. This is excluding the time it took to set up my joystick. At the end of all that there is no progression in BOS, it's not rewarding other then the rewarding attitude I set for myself when I hit my target. I see people ragging on WT a lot but look at it this way. You love planes/tanks/whatever and you have 1 hour to play, naturally you are probably going to pick the game that will make you feel at least somewhat rewarded, you can play several matches in an hour, and you will visually see progression towards the next plane/tank/whatever that you are going for. Feel like you got something done, had a little low stress excitement, so you can go to bed and wake up to go straight to work so you don't get evicted. More free time, disposable income, and lower stress overall would go light years towards attracting more people to these games. I do not believe a lack of interest in history is the culprit. Youtube channels like The Great War or games like Warthunder or World of Warships even wouldn't be as popular as they are if that was the case. It's not a lack of interest per-say, but a lack of time/money. Most people/families these days would be bankrupted by a $400 medical bill, just for reference. Dropped several hundred on a game is out of the question. Heck the only reason I have BOS is because someone kindly gifted me a founder code, I would have never been able to afford it. My joystick is a Sidewinder Precision Pro that I pulled out of a thrift store for $20. I gave up my lunches for the week to afford even that so.....reality is harsh for younger people rn.
  3. Looks interesting. It is very alpha footage so I wouldn't really go around calling it "Arcady" just yet as the Flight models or game modes are probably not developed, would consider it more proof of concept or proof that the game is actually in the works than any actual gameplay. Heck, camera or control methods probably are not even close to finalized. Will keep my eye on it and may chip in, no reason not too, after all we all need more flight games.
  4. My Sapphire 7850 OC Edition chugs right through ROF and WT just fine. Running on the Phenom II 965 with a cheapo (read: ~$40) motherboard so it's not the best rig in the word other than the GPU. Everything maxed 1080p of course, aside from fluff like trees or plant/tree draw distance.
  5. CATs test by chance, or practice test? Hated those things....
  6. Would talk to support or a mod about that, can probably have gotten it repealed or at least the warning points wiped because that shouldn't be happening and is the bi-product of probably one over zealous mod. See plenty of people mentioning BOS in the FRB section at least without action taken against them. In a bit of irony however then canceled this weekend's Divine Wind Special in light of the attacks today. Proper thing to do IMO.
  7. Ehhhh, I like to not think about the amount but it's gone 99% into premium aircraft so I can grind credits/nation experiance much faster and have a different aircraft to fly. See: Boomerang MK 1/2, Wirraway, lend lease aircraft, the XP-38, XP-50, XP-55 and quite a few more. Actually makes the grind much easier if you put ~$10 in......but then you never stop putting $10 in If you have the itch though flying regular aircraft is fine and probably what I fly most of the time besides trading out the P-38 for the XP-38 for the polished metal paint job and the extra earnings (same aircraft besides) Edit: Also, Tanks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KABdvuBkGu0
  8. Yah, no where in Spokane (that I can find) that has good quality joysticks on display or even in stock/avalible to start with so I'm kind of stuck with buying blind. A big joystick shouldn't bother me though.
  9. All it did was remind me how bad I am with Spits lol
  10. They actually developed multi crew tech but they were trying to decide what to do with it.
  11. I never said....Bongo...I don't even. BTW, RL pilot here too, I'm tired of your attitude, and I'm tired of you taking anything to drive whatever point you want to drive, done with even replying to you anymore. Edit: I wouldn't even be on these forums looking to pre-order BOS if I wasn't looking for realism, think about that for a second.
  12. Sorry for the double post but I'll be streaming some warthunder on my twitch.tv is anyone cares to watch. http://www.twitch.tv/brann_orn
  13. I never said anything about learning key presses or knowing where things are in the cockpit or not. I did reference when this is taken to far and it begins to become unrealistic, unfun, or just plain taxing because the ergonomics of a keyboard are so vastly different from a Cockpit and simple cockpit tasks become overly complicated keyboard and mouse tasks.
  14. I think the thing here is that you can strive for realism to the point that you slide into the Uncanny Valley and you start to become unrealistic....or at least the game feels unrealistic or the game becomes mechanically demanding such as piling over finicky engines or work loans upon the pilot that never really existed IRL due to how a human operates an aircraft vs how a simmer is able to operate the aircraft. For example a pilot will know where a switch is by instinct or memory, or feel, but a simmer will have to fumble with a clickpit or keyboard to get the same job done and will probably take much longer to perform the same simple task.
  15. I'm sorry if that is the impression I'm giving out. I am taking what people say and work on it I just try and explain my position and it probably comes out as excuses. I do try and check my six at least every 10 seconds if not less and I've gotten better at remembering to look around more. For example this morning I had a match in the 190 A-5 (which I'm really starting to love). My camera almost never stopped moving the entire match. Ended with no kills, assists, or hits....for my daily double but it was a good exercise especially with the UFOLA-5s around you have to be alert or die very quickly. On the other hand I gunned down a DO217 only to have a 109 G-6 creep up the right engine nacelle on my P-38G and filled me full of 30mm before I could react despite checking my tail like I was paranoid (which I was being that close to the enemy airfield). so I know there is still a lot of work to do in that area. Really though I can't afford any other flight sim until I get the refund from my college loans. Can't help that.
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