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  1. I just copied the effects from other places so Im not 100% sure, but I would guess from your report that network=true means your computer tells other computers to also create the effect. If thats so, it would explain why you hit low fps so fast. I would suggest (if you have the incling) to get rid of any network=false lines from the effects that are used, and then only run this mod on the host. If I am correct, the host will generate the effects and then transfer those effects to each client, so everyone gets it but only 1 person is actually generating new effects.
  2. Hey There, Unfortunately I am not sure if thats possible, Im no guru on IL2 modding as this is the first and only mod I've done, but from my understanding this file was intended to generate continual random short lasting effects. It may be possible to set the effects themselves to not repeat, but just last for a minute or so and they remove themselves. I'll have a look
  3. Inside the ZIP you download is two folders, Low Spawnrate and Medium Spawnrate. You cannot just copy these into JSGME. You need to copy the folders under one of these (such as all the folders under Medium Spawnrate) into JSGME. These folders have the data folder in them that will work with JSGME, although you should only activate one
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I guess I got the right file this time You can customise the experience to your own preferences by playing with the P value for each effect. Higher values give a higher chance to spawn, with 0.4 being over-the-top everywhere and 0.001 being almost never spawn. This is inside the staticexplosions.txt file Be careful with raising the numbers too much, here I raised a few to 0.2 and it was waaay too much! the game couldnt really handle it. Looked epic tho Something else to keep in mind is that these units will attack any allied unit and not just the player, so if you find a good location with allied units in quick missions you will get some actual fighting happening on the ground or in the sea which is pretty awesome to see. It works in all modes so it can add a new twist to old missions!
  5. I am so very sorry everyone, I am not sure how but I uploaded the wrong file! You should now see a file called DynamicWarzoneIL2GB.zip on the OP and this one has the low and medium spawn rates. again I am so sorry for putting up the wrong file!
  6. Hi vonGraf, This is a modification to a map effect, and as far as I understand it will work on any game mode that uses a map (IE all modes) Perhaps I don't understand your question correctly, but Low Spawn Rate has a lower, or slower rate at which items are spawned, meaning it will take longer for the game to max out its object and effect count.
  7. Cheers Madmatt! I have reduced the amount of water explosions that occur in the new version (see OP), and combined with dynamic boat spawning it makes the sea a warzone too!
  8. Hi there Melonfish When you are in the game at the main menu, you will have your name (or a player0000 random number) at the top of the menu above Quick Mission. Click this and it should bring up the in-game login. Relogin here with your il2 site account details. This is what I did anyway
  9. Ill Be honest, Im not sure what you mean. You just Run IL2 like your going to play it in normal desktop mode and if you have OpenComposite Runtime Switcher enabled, the game will start up in Oculus as a VR game.
  10. Hi All, This is for Oculus owners out there. I really don't like SteamVR, it uses CPU and GPU to create yet another VR environment ontop of the VR Environment that Oculus Runtime is also generating. It eats at your performance for no reason, and messes with graphics quality with options you can't control. Enter OpenComposite. A small tool that implements OpenVR directly into the Oculus Runtime, allowing all OpenVR games to be played directly from the Oculus Home, instead of Steam. It also means direct control of the game via the Oculus Tray Tool is possible, as SteamVR isn't in the middle to screw things up. https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR I use the Runtime Switcher, and run it instead of SteamVR when its time to play. I gained about 10fps just by removing Steam VR!
  11. Hi All, I read on the forum that buying stuff on this site is better for the developers, so I purchased the Bodenplatte and Kuban premium packs here. I can see in my 'licence key' section it lists the two purchases, alongside my Stalingrad and Moscow steam purchases. However when I launch the game from steam, it only shows the steam modules, with no maps/planes/missions/campaigns from these two purchases. I was wondering if there is something I am supposed to do to make the Steam game download the modules? OK Sorry for wasting a bit of Forum space, rather than delete I'll put my solution here : My Steam install had not properly linked the game profile to my website login, I logged out and then logged back in again and they all showed up (you can logout by clicking your name on the main menu)
  12. I have only been modding this game for about a day so Im not exactly sure how this all works These files are included in the game so I didnt think I needed to include the extracted versions of these files. Attached you will find an updated version that uses more effects (that are included). Extract into your DATA folder. DynamicBattleSmoke.zip Edit-- Probably should say whats changed! I added the Building Explosion and Building Detonation effects into the mix as well and rebalanced the frequency at which they spawn. You now get smaller explosions and smoke plumes spawning near you with the larger effects generally spawning at a greater distance away. Hopefully this will stop the Airfield your taking off from having smoke effects on the runway before you've taken off. No guarentees when you come to land lol
  13. They sometimes disappear and re-appear, unfortunately it is the exact same particle effect and it acts just like it normally does, just spawned at random locations
  14. Hi rodyb00t I have Stalingrad and Moscow DLC and every map in my game shows it everywhere
  15. If you are like me you spend most of your time in this game playing quick battles, and maybe like me you find the backgrounds to be somewhat boring at times. Other than the dogfight in the sky, its like the world below you is peaceful. I wanted to have it look like there is a war raging right below me for more awesome backdrops to my dogfighting. It turns out you can spawn units as well. flyable/drivable units don't work, however things like AA turrets and ships do! Now when you fly around any map, there will be machine guns and AA canons randomly spawned on the ground, or battle ships and AA gunships in the water. Combined with the smoke and fire it really makes it feel like there is a battle going on as there are things that will shoot at you if you fly low enough. The spawned units will also shoot at any ally units spawned on the map too which looks really cool! Unfortunately for some reason, despite using the same particle effect, they go a different way to the ones that normally spawn at Stalingrad, oh well its not too noticable Works even better with the Extended Emitter draw distance mod available on this forum I have added a new download with alot of improvements and fixes This is a copy of the readme : Dynamic Warzone IL-2 Great Battles Mod By TemplarGFX Installation Copy the Data folder from one of the options into your game installation folder Uninstallation Delete Data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\staticexplosions.txt Delete Data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Bots\ Delete Data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Emitters\ Delete Data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\TemplarGFX\ Delete Data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\WorldEmitters\ It is Highly recommended to first install 'Draw Distance Increase' mod (both Ships and Emitters) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39549-mod-draw-distance-increase-ships-stalingrad-smoke/ Then install Dynamic Warzone ontop, overwriting the files. Options Low Spawn Rate - Much slower build up of effects and units. Good for VR or low performance machines Medium Spawn Rate - A good balance of large numbers of effects and units with a small performance impact Effects All Units - Explosions, Fire, Smoke, MG34 Emplacement, Flak36/Flak38/52K/61K/72K Mobile Turrets, Arial Search Light, Destroyer Battleship, Medium AA Gunboat, Small Torpedo Boat No Ground Units - Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Destroyer Battleship, Medium AA Gunboat, Small Torpedo Boat No Water Units - Explosions, Fire, Smoke, MG34 Emplacement, Flak36/Flak38/52K/61K/72K Mobile Turrets, Arial Search Light Notes : The staticexplosions file was originally used to create dynamic artillery strikes at specific points on the various maps in game. Instead of being restricted to these small areas, it now spawns everywhere on all maps without restriction It is in no way a 'smart' spawning system, and placement is completely random and therefore can sometimes spawn things in unrealistic locations such as Destroyers in lakes and rivers or enemy Flak turrets on friendly runways. All Units have AI gunners and will fire at you when in range but they do not move Finally spawning is constant, and the units will just keep on building up if you stay in one area. DynamicWarzoneIL2GB.zip
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