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  1. Anyone got good setting in SweetFX for the Summer map? Thanks!
  2. Can you use SweetFX in this game? Anyone else using it and what's your settings if you are? The Summer and Autum maps don't look colourful enough to me, they look a bit washed out. I was hoping to see greener fields and that, but I think SweetFX might change that if I can use it.
  3. Where do I download this map? Thanks!
  4. BOS, Devs, have no idea what Resolution Oculus Rift would be at launch, so your argument is a non starter FuriousMeow. They were working with Crystal Cove when they spoke about Rift support and they seemed happy with this. It's only because of Facebook and Samsung that the Rift is where it is today, but BOS, Devs, couldn't have known of these advances unless they had a crystal ball that actually worked. Maybe you don't think the Resolution is very good, but it doesn't mean others who have a Rift wouldn't enjoy it. BOS, Dev, were obviously happy with it at the time or they wouldn't have entertained it. S Seems the guy in this link enjoyed his experience, as I'm sure many others would have. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/09/06/best-of-gamescom-il-2-sturmovik-and-oculus-rift/
  5. Funny how people say it's difficult for them to implement Rift support when they had it up and running in a demo over a year ago now. You would have thought it would be relatively easier now given they had it running on Crystal Cove all that time ago. I would have thought it would be much easier to implement it with DevKit2, then it was to do it with Crystal Cove. So, what exactly has changed that makes it so difficult to do now?
  6. Going to be really disappointed if this isn't going to support the Rift. Will I be able to get a refund if it doesn't because that's why I purchased it? I haven't played the game apart from a little bit at the beginning, I was mainly waiting for Rift support.
  7. What does he mean by Oculus forgot about them, I cant read Russian. Forgot what exactly? Oculus are concentrating on releasing a VR headset, so what's the problem? For that matter I could say that the BOS Devs have forgot about a certain group of people who expect a Rift experience if they do decide to scrap it. I purchased this game because I was lead to believe they were going to implement Rift support, so who's forgetting who here? Oculus showed the demo on Crystal Cove, and it's then I decided to purchase it. So that's one purchase they got because of Oculus. Plus DCS is constantly working on there implementation of the Rift, so what do you mean Oculus are not interested in simulators anymore?
  8. I fly the A10C, in DCS, but it's not that good because you can't see the HUD with Dev Kit2. I will get right into IL2 BOS once it gets Oculus support and I hope that's going to happen soon. I just hope the white snowy backdrops don't make the screen door effect more prominent.
  9. Since I purchased this game mainly for Oculus Rift, can someone tell me when they are going to include it? I saw this game months ago been played on Crystal Cove and that is why I decided to purchase it when the beta arrived.
  10. Yeah, similar to what happened to me, it looks like I bought into something for the wrong reasons. I did read though and saw that they had it running in Crystal Cove, so a bit different to yours. After been in the Rift on DCS, I can honestly say I have no interest in flight sims that don't support VR. @Shalimar - You are right, I know Live For Speed is one of those games that has sold plenty since it supported the Rift. Also, the game Elite Dangerous.
  11. Any news on DevKit 2 been integrated into this sim yet? I bought BOS because it was shown on Oculus Crystal Cove, but since then I've not heard anymore. Please tell me they are going to support the Rift still given that's the reason I purchased BOS?
  12. Cool, I finally got the answer I was looking for. Seriously , if they didn't support this then they wouldn't sell as much as they could. I searched Google for an article where someone tried IL2 BOS, using Oculus Crystal Cove, and they said it was awesome. I haven't been back to IL2 for awhile because I have been busy and that's why I was keen to know it is still going to support it. @Prangster, You need to add 49,950 to that figure and it's still counting. And when CV1 comes out you can bet it's going to be over a million.
  13. Can someone tell me if this sim still supports Oculus Rift. I am getting the Dev Kit 2 and want to try this out if it does. Thanks!
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