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  1. Yes, it's a public campaign. It's just not started yet.
  2. Jeez. That seems more than a little extreme. If you call someone a liar is it not expected that they be allowed to try to refute that? I get that it must be frustrating to have changes which you've worked hard upon criticised and talked about in the forums, but aren't these forums for discussing TAW? As far as I've seen, no-one's been abusive, aggressive or personal to LG, and have just been discussing the potential changes, giving suggestions, and raising concerns (all because we're all really interested in these changes and love TAW). There's hardly been a flame war, as suggested. Yes
  3. It certainly seems strange to impose a limit like this on players, when as far as I know no-one's ever had a problem with players flying both fighters and bombers, and the pilot preference options were working fine. What is the supposed upside of this? I can't think of any. Perhaps pilots will have to pick 1 airfield per map too, and that'll be the only one they're allowed to take off from...
  4. I feel like at this point TAW needs a separate forum just for chute-killing complaints and accusations of personal flaws based on them... >.<
  5. Yes! This too! I always love it when it's raining, or foggy. Moar pls
  6. That is a really cool idea. Nice! Make it a gamble.
  7. Do you like the idea of historical50%-balanced50% planeset line unlocked by points ( squadron lines or individual lines)?- I like the plane-sets how they currently are. Please do NOT make it along squadron lines, though. It's already tough enough on solo/non-squad/SRS players. Giving further advantage to squadrons, beyond the inherent organisation and teamplay, will just drive off new players, imo.What you think about using the same AAA/other obj in blue/red objects so there will be no doubts about balance ???- When one side's AA is clearly not working as intended/bugged, then yes. If it's jus
  8. I think that having longer missions (3/4 hours) along with more partisans could be REALLY good. It would make destruction of these spotting units very useful as taking them out would really help bombing runs, especially if done towards the start of a mission. With the often low-pop of TAW, it might help concentrate the AoO around active pilots too. I also think the new CM -> extra lives system is a really positive change, as it goes some way to alleviating the horrors of chute-shooting and being banned from the server. Noice.
  9. Oops. Nothing. I misread it and I must now sling away in embarrassment :-/ Thanks you for checking, Kathon. Sorry!
  10. G'day all! I hope everyone's enjoying TAW map 2: Jet-tastic Boogaloo. I have a bit of a weirdness from a mission yesterday. HardeKoning and I took down a 190 (he downed him with a head-on pass, the absolute mad-lad), and while we both got hits, and mine and his were registered in the 190's sortie (http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=10643&name=Ala13_Eco_Charlie), in my sortie they weren't (http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=10635&name=Nerfection). Is this a bug? If I don't get enough assists how am I meant to put food on the table for my family?
  11. Hmmm. CPU-Z reports the NB freq as just over 4300mhz and the DRAM freq. as being around 1069mhz (though it jumps about a bit). I might try fiddling with the XMP, then. Thanks!
  12. Hi all again, All my cores are synced, and are boosted up to 5Ghz (monitored with CPU-Z). I've checked that my AVX ratio is 0. There's nothing else running during gameplay other than steam, CPU-Z, Chrome, and MSI afterburner. The CPU frame time is now around 7-9, on average. Lowering the target refresh rate in Steam VR helps a bit, but in dogfights I'm still get blurry/ghosting planes, especially when they are moving laterally across my vision.
  13. It's just simple bomb-biomechanics, T1. The more bombs exercise and slim down; the fitter and more able to boom they are. Those big, fat bombs need to get to the gym and stop eating all those Luftwaffels, then they'll get ripped and hench and swole. Remember; if the bomb is fat it'll just go 'splat'
  14. Well, OC'd up to just over 5Ghz with multicore enhancement on I'm getting an average of 11-14ms, with regular spikes of 18-20, and lows of 7-9, that's with the steam SS set down to 120% I thought that AVX offset was set as 0 by default? I don't know where to go about checking whether this is on or not. I've poked around BIOS and not found a relevant setting. I feel like I'm slowly going mad, not knowing why it's not working better. I specifically got VR for playing IL2, and my current set up for running said VR. Again, thank you all for your suggestions and help. Nerf
  15. Okay, Thank you both for your help. I tried turning motion smoothing off, which maybe helped a little, but I'm not sure. I've now tried using fpsVR and I'm not really sure what it's telling me. Both my CPU and GPU are getting times around 11ms consistently. My SteamVRSS is set up to be 120% in my steamVR settings, but fpsVR is showing it to be 140% in game, which is odd. My fps counter stays around 70-80fps during flight and fighting, in spite of neither my GPU, CPU, or RAM being at 100% usage (usually around 60%). I am getting a high reprojection ratio percentage,
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