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  1. The names of the channels are down the left hand side of the ts window: "Welcome Room", "Allies 1", "Ukraine" etc. You were in the welcome room, while Kestrel was in the "English" room. Only people in your own room can hear you. To change channel - eg. to "English" - you double click on that channel. You logged on to the server about 30 mins ago. I tried talking to you in game but I guess you didn't see. In general, everything will run more smoothly if your names are all the same. You can change your TS name in TS, your IL2 name can be changed on the IL2 website, and your TAW name can be changed on the TAW website. Once they're all the same you should find that everything is easier - both for you and the people talking to you. Hope you work it all out!
  2. So... the solution to this problem has already been found, and 30 years ago, and by Moostafa himself. When there is a chronic disparity in numbers between sides, you join the side with fewer numbers. I think the founding principle of J51 is a great one; of joining the underdogs, even if it means 'giv[ing] up the aircraft they have learned how to play on'. Why can't the squadron just do that again, in order so that you can all play together without long waits? Of course, maybe the squadron means something else now, which is fine. Maybe you have such a deep connection to Axis warbirds that you can't bear to fly Allied, which is also completely fine. But to then argue that you are being punished because the server has implemented some very minor balancing, is just wilfully misrepresenting what's really going on. If you've chosen to only fly LW planes, with no flexibility towards the balance of others playing the game, then that's entirely your choice. As Thom Yorke once said: "You do it to yourself. You do. And that's what really hurts." I don't think implying that anyone under the age of at least 30 has 'peach fuss [sic]' on their faces does anything does anything for the point you're trying to make, or the appearance of arrogance which you take issue with. You're probably right about the reason the LW is stacked right now. Maybe that will change with the coming of Bodenplatte. Maybe it will balance the numbers, and remove your problem (I hope so - then we can stop hearing about it from all sides). Or maybe it could swing the imbalance the other way. If it does, then I would fly more LW than I do Allied - because it's a game, and it's not fun when the sides aren't fair, and when it's not fun; people stop playing, and when people stop playing - I have no-one to play with. I'd personally like the server balancing to be more robust, but I think that would upset too many people. So, I'm happy (mostly) with how things are. It's not perfect, but with a tiny game with rarely more than 100 players, it's never going to be.
  3. So... a quick question about the lives system. I had a terrible run of missions yesterday, resulting in me losing all my lives and waiting 20 hours (which I think is still too long a wait, but anyway). Once the 20 hours was over and I had my life back, I saw that I only had 0.29 lives left. I thought I was meant to go back to 1.0 life after waiting 20 hours. Is the 0.29 lives correct? If it is, then the life system is even harsher than I thought it was, especially to players, like myself, who aren't particularly great. Thanks for any help!
  4. Oooooh I've just noticed the main page no longer says 'Allies won the campaign', and now lists the maps won by each side as 0 - 0. I have decided this means TAW will be starting imminently and I can finally be happy again. Oh frabjous day! P.S. However, it also says 'Elapsed time 434479h 17m', which is nearly 50 years, so who knows...
  5. I've seen quite a few people asking when the next campaign might be due to begin, but no answer as of yet. Does anyone have even a rough timeframe for when it will be? I need my TAW fix.
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