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  1. Relatively new to the server. I've noticed that Blue generally uses the He 111 for level bombing instead of the Ju 88. Does anyone know why? Isn't the Ju 88 a faster, better airframe with a similar payload to the 111?
  2. OrLoK- My bad! I meant to add it. Looks like we can have more than 20 options in a poll. Getting the 52 from point A to point B in hostile skies is pretty exhilarating stuff.
  3. Oops. Thanks Gambit. How do I move it to the proper thread?
  4. Which plane do you have the most fun in? One poll for Allied planes and one poll for Axis planes below. Feel free to elaborate on your choice.
  5. Anyone else running into this problem? I flew an escort sortie on a level bombing mission that ran just shy of 57 minutes. I landed at my airbase, but the server disconnected me as I was clicking "Finish Mission." As a result, I did not receive credit for a combat mission even though my log in TAW says I landed. It's not the end of the world, but kind of frustrating after such a long sortie.
  6. From my experience, opening beyond neutral cools the engine more quickly (varies by aircraft), but with a significant drag penalty that varies by airframe.
  7. Here's how I think I fixed the issue on my rig (GTX 770 2gb, i5-4670k, 16gb, nothing overclocked, Windows 10 Pro, game on Crucial MX500 SSD): I was having the same problem as the rest of you. Prior to the update, I could run everything maxed on ultra with only the occasional hiccup. After the update: FPS drop, stuttering, etc. to the point where it was unplayable no matter what graphics settings I chose. This was especially the case in career mode. I have not tested online because I'm still working on my skills. I tried Jason's recommendations, but they did not work, until... I did a clean install of the game. I then applied Jason's recommended 3.001 settings with a few deviations. I put cloud detail on high and turned on HDR and SSAO because those settings are too pretty to pass up. Career mode ran smoothly (frontline activity on "scattered") even when several new planes entered the scene. I will keep adjusting graphics and frontline settings today to see what, if anything, breaks it again. I do not own Kuban yet, so I will not be able to test that more graphically-demanding map. Thanks to all here for pointing me in the right direction fixing my current favorite game and to the devs for such a massive update.
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