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    DCS can keep all the F18's and SU27's. If I wanted to play those planes I would be in DCS. I have no desire to run around at supersonic speeds while shooting missiles at people.


    The reason I started playing IL2 is because its WW2 and the eastern front. Plus there is plenty of room for expansion within the confines of WW2. The Pacific, Italy and the Mediterranean, North Africa, etc


    I could not agree more.

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    B-17, B-29, B-24. NO NO and a BIG NO. Like the B-25. TOO MUCH WORK. This isn't the old days of IL-2 1946 and CFS3. Making aircraft is a painstaking effort these days.


    And why devs couldn't do this effort to give us some of the most important planes of this time ? Seriously… I don't care piloting these things, but having 262 and 30 mm guns fw190 and not the bombers they were designed to fight with is really strange.

  3. I just discovered this topic, I made a similar post earlier this year. Other version of ju88 (which is my favourite plane along with fw 190) could be awesome, especially the c and p version. And S version too for Bodenplatte ^^. 

  4. C'est le début de la campagne de Stalingrad. Je comprends la logique d'utiliser de vieux bf pour l'attaque au sol mais de là à les faire escorter par des fw 190 qui sont 10 fois meilleurs pour cette tache (meilleure puissance de feu, emport de bombes doublé, meilleure résistance...), j'avoue trouver ça limite.

  5. Salut √† tous, je fais une carri√®re en fw 190A3, et assez r√©guli√®rement, on me demande d'escorter des bf109e charg√©s de l'attaque au sol. √ßa me semble irr√©aliste, non ? D'un cot√©, le bf109e commen√ßait √† √™tre archa√Įque pour le dogfight, mais franchement pour de l'attaque au sol, le fw 190 √©tait bien meilleur. Je trouve donc ce genre de mission fort √©trange.

    Ne serait-il pas pertinent de supprimer ces missions et de les remplacer par des missions d'attaques au sol ? Qu'en pensez-vous ?

  6. Hi all, I love the JU 88 and I think it could be interesting to add other versions of this awesome plane, especially the JU 88 S (late version without ventral turret and a nice maximum speed) and JU 88 P, specialised in ground attack/bomber hunt, with 75, 50 or twin 30 mm guns and rockets. It could be a lot of fun for reasonable work time, given that the plane is already in the game. And it could be also a deserved tribute to this plane, which is the most produced german bomber of the war.

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