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  1. Hi, I'm using Logitech G940 FFB joystick and after 8 months off from flying and now getting back I realized that current version of Il-2 box comes with an error that generates no force feedback on elevator axis. Aileron axis works correctly and in result joystick is totally 'limp' on Y axis while X axis gives a proper resistance. It is totally non-flyable that way. It worked perfectly fine few months back on mid August 2019. Of course I checked joystick on other simulators including Il-2 COD and DCS and in both it works correctly. I tried multiple things like: Alt + Tab,
  2. Thank you for your answer. I've tried to implement this but without success yet, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish in my custom mission is to set a plane on my six, at my altitude exactly 500 m behind me. I got killed so often that way online that I would like to practice escape from such situation. Right now my mission looks almost like it should be except this initial speed of 'bandit' plane that equals mine and in result it's speed of approach is 1-5 km more than mine. I would like it to be at least 50-100 km more to make it more real.
  3. Hello everyone, How in Mission Editor can I set the initial speed of aircraft that starts in the air? I can't see this option anywhere, only position and orientation coordinates. From what I've tested default speed is 400kph but I would like to be able to modify this value per individual aircraft created in ME.
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