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  1. Project R will hold a race tournament tomorrow (Sunday!) at 1600 UTC! You can still register on the Discord server until 15:30 UTC. Required aircraft: P51D5, SpitMK9, FW190D9, I16, Tempest. The tournament is structured in such a way that everyone flies at least 2 races. Join in! Discord Server Here
  2. We are happy to announce Project R! In the past few weeks the team has been working on bringing air racing into IL2. For the start we have prepared four tracks on the Kuban map using towers with colored smoke as gates. The tracks will vary in length and agility, and some have straight segments with flak shooting at you. We plan to host many different performance classes from Ishaks to jets. Upon launch we will provide a collection of racing skins. Feel free to make your own & add to the collection! Project R will launch during the Sturmovikfest. Kick the tires, light the fires, LET'S GO!
  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Are multiple submissions allowed?
  4. I guess improving performance has to wait. I'm back to random game freezes. But thanks for all the input guys. It really helps a lot
  5. You mean cpu overclock or gpu overclock here? And yea, I'll try to squeeze more power out of the processor.
  6. I was on 1.27 core voltage. My CPU cooler is the Alpenföhn Brocken Eco
  7. I was previously on 4.8 but it turned out to be a bit unstable. In large furballs my game would freeze. Is that a result of thermal throttling? Would an I7-8700k have been a better choice? From what I know the only real advantage is hyperthreading for video editing.
  8. Well I do know it's the limiting factor but I don't know how much improvement I can expect. I have Corsair Vengeance RAM with 3600MHz and an I5-8600k overclocked to 4.5ghz and that runs at about 60% most of the time. Maybe I should try to run the benchmark of your thread.
  9. Thank you. Shadows off does actually help a fair bit. But when I look at another aircraft on Kuban it still goes down. So I might as well keep em... I've noticed pretty much no impact going on balanced preset. That's nice. Other than that I think I squeezed out all the performance I can get from my 1060. Maybe I'll get lucky and there will be some performance improvements soon.
  10. I've heard the Oculus Rift has a mode that keeps Head Tracking FPS on 90 when the game has lower fps. Asynchronous Reprojection in SteamVR does more or less the same thing. If I enable it head tracking stays smooth even when game fps drop lower. But Always-On reprojection seems to slave FPS to the game. When the game then hits steady 90fps, the whole experience changes. It all becomes so smooth and more alive. That's what I'm trying to achieve. I'm running by peregrine's thread: But also Low graphics preset. Is Balanced better? And I'll read through Jackson's smoothness thread.
  11. I see. Thanks for the info. Here's to hoping for performance improvements!
  12. I'm using HTC Vive and recently upgraded Mainboard, CPU and RAM. The old build was propably 5 years old and barely able to handle IL2, let alone in VR. Now I got new stuff that should stay solid for another good amount of years. The limiting factor now is my GTX 1060. My ultimate goal is to get that sweet always-on reprojection in steamvr with 90 fps that completely changes the game experience. So far I can only run that setting on maps that go easy on performance, like winter Stalingrad. On Kuban I always have to go back to asynchronous reprojection and get that annoying double image of other aircraft flying around me. My CPU and RAM are running smoothly, GPU is on max the whole time. Logically, upgrading the GPU to something like 1080 should propably let me play 90fps on any map, and maybe even pump up the graphics settings a little. But I've read somewhere that you shouldn't go above 1070 as there's no major improvement after that. Plus, a wingman of mine has a 1080ti+i7 8700k, balanced preset and says that he still can't run always-on reprojection most of the time. I'm a bit uncertain and confused, and hence wanted to ask for some advice. Whether people here can run always-on repro on Kuban and what setup they have, and if someone can even go on higher graphics presets?
  13. When you encountered the crash; in combat, WoL server In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario); Multiplayer, Dogfight In what mission; malayazemlya43k-wl-301-03n What did you do before the crash; Joined a larger furball What happened in the mission before the crash; Nothing in particular, just lots of planes around Additional info you think is relevant to the crash. In the past few days I've been getting screen freezes in the same situation: joining a larger aircraft fight in the vicinity, with about a dozen aircraft or more. Screen frozen, Audio was still working fine. I heard my aircraft pick up speed and crash into the ground, the server picked up the crash. Those freezes started around the Win10 1803 update. I normally use MSI afterburner. Today I didn't use afterburner and default GPU settings, and I got this crash instead of the usual freeze about 50 minutes in, while in a big flock of aircraft. I restarted the game again, but turned on afterburner and then it was a screen freeze after just about 10 minutes (again, while in a larger air battle, and in same server and mission). Il-2.exe.10836.dmp.zip
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