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  1. Ah yes, a bit of the ol' Ludwig Van...
  2. Great video! I watch IL-2 videos on YouTube and they always make me feel like the least competent pilot here. Nice to watch others share some of the same frustrations! Love the music choice too, though I'm partial to this version of Nessun Dorma:
  3. Had a similar issue. My Alienware PC crapped out just after the One year warranty expired due to overheating from a faulty cooling system that claimed many other's computers. Alienware (Dell) refused to acknowledge this defect. Thought I would be up and running again after awhile, but due to financial reasons I only had a slow lap top that could not run IL-2. It ended up being three years plus before I could get my current gaming PC. Now my flying time is very limited, but Oh the Joy of being able to take to the skies in VR! Hang in there, the wait will be worth it!
  4. Same problem here. On the main menu I get: "#1. No connection with authorization server. #2. Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." I can Login Offline only and play in Non-VR mode (yuck!). No problem connecting to Steam with my other games, both VR and non-VR.
  5. The first thing I was going to do when I flew her was jam the throttle forward and watch her engines disintegrate. Once I got my hands on her, she was so beautiful I couldn't bear to treat her that way. I managed my throttle carefully, set her down gently on the runway, and then overshot by a mile and destroyed her. There will never be another just like her. Good thing she has so many sisters...
  6. Ok, finally some video of the motion simulator rig in action. Kind of low res, but you get an idea of just how violent aerial combat can be: https://youtu.be/izwSfpPqKXk?t=60
  7. Thanks for the update! My guess would be the debut of the 262 will occur at the Sim convention followed immediately, if not simultaneously, with release to IL-2 customers. I must confess, the first thing I plan to do with my beautiful new Schwalbe is to jam the the throttle forward and watch the fireworks ensue. I just won't be able to resist the temptation! I don't know yet if I will then bail out or try to dead stick it home.
  8. Totally removed the partial excerpt from the 1939 song that was triggering the copyright protection. And one more time I present for your viewing pleasure....
  9. I'm removing the excerpt from a song from 1939 that keeps triggering the copyright protection. Oddly, there is a YouTube video of the entire recording that is not blocked at all and not by the recording company. Odd how these things work. I will remove it completely and repost the video after work today.
  10. I'm getting notification it's still blocked. Can any one else see it? Did not realize I could jettison the rocket tubes- doh!
  11. Re-editing to see if I can get it past the copyright police. Three excerpts from songs from 75+ years ago. One got flagged. Will trim it further and repost. Funny thing is the video shows up fine in my post. Edit: Ok, let me know if this version is visible.
  12. I enjoyed the immersiveness of Jade Monkey's Knocking at Enemy Gates Mission for the P-47 so much I made a video from it: Hopefully this latest version won't trigger the copyright police... And now, with the offending snippet removed, hopefully the third time is the charm... Love the sight of those brutish P-47's flying in formation in their bare aluminum skins. Lots of editing in this one. I also added excerpts from some popular music of the 1940 to 1943 time period. Jade Monkey's mission file:
  13. Very authentic looking! Well done.
  14. Why do I feel like smoking a cigarette after watching that?
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