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  1. No undo is pretty frustrating, especially when you do Ctrl-C (intending to Ctrl-V after) but accidentally hit Ctrl-X first which isn't exactly a hard mistake to make. I guess I'll just save regularly and make alternate saves often. Just to elaborate on this if someone wanted to use Git and automate their commits of the mission file, there are a couple ways I can think of although these may be more developer-centric: Watchman - Watches for changes in a directory or file and then runs something. In this case you'd configure it to watch for changes in the .Missions file and, on change, you'd either run git commit or a custom command that runs a git commit. It looks to be in beta for Windows but there may be alternatives, and tools like this are all generally the same. You could configure it to run less often if every file change was creating too many commits. Windows Task Scheduler (developers) - Setup a windows task schedule to regularly run a command you create that runs git commit regularly. Similar to idea above, but instead, Windows would just regularly run your own command which could check for changes and commit (or just run the commit w/o checking - IIRC git just ignores commits for unchanged files). I haven't tested either of these options for this particular case, and I haven't thought of any implications (I'm also new to mission editing and the missions file). Also, like @312_strycekFido said, if you revert or reset, your .Mission file could end up in a bad state but I'm not sure. I guess that would depend on if the Editor, or you, can leave the .Mission file in a bad state before a commit. You'd also have to close down the Editor, do your revert or reset, then open up the editor and open your changed Mission file. I guess, point being, it could get ugly but it could also be a decent way to regularly save your changes... just haven't tested. 🤷‍♂️ I'll probably just save often lol.
  2. I didn't notice that and that's a good question actually. I'm curious too. If you compare their stats they have the same engine and many of the same specs. The A-5 is barely heavier, barely slower, and has a slightly slower climb rate but they seem like negligible differences. At 3K the A-5 does turn slower though. But aside from all of that, the A-5 with the U17 Mod (the F-3) has a significantly better weapons load along with the engine boost which makes it superior to me. I love flying the F-3 in Kuban. Maybe it's just because the A-3 was a collector plane and was pretty fun to fly in Stalingrad campaigns? I don't know, just speculating at this point, and I'm sure others might have a better reason.
  3. Same. TC is becoming more and more intriguing. Love that things are fully modeled, or at least the important stuff, and I'm curious how battles play out and how mission builder can/has been used. Definitely gonna be checking this out soon. Might be worth the price to me.
  4. Cool, yeah that's how I thought it was. Just making sure I didn't miss a change or a new option in campaign mode.
  5. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Add lights to some city buildings and roads at night. When flying at night the cities can seem a bit lifeless and they're also harder to see. [Edit] I know cities would often be blacked out, but I doubt that all light were always out. Benefits: The cities would look more realistic at night and would be easier to see, even if there was just a small amount of city lights. --------- Since the forum merged my two suggestions, here's another ----------------- Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Allow lights on planes to be seen from further away. You've increased the distance that planes can be seen but it seems that the lights on planes can only be seen from 10km away still. Benefits: Increases realism, avoids immersion killers. It's very odd when a plane's got its lights on and I can see the plane from further than 10km but once I'm within 10km all of a sudden its lights are seen. If I can see a plane that has lights on then I should ideally be able to see its lights too. ------- Just a side note, and I don't mean to be negative at all, but when you guy's create threads like this to gather our suggestions it makes me wonder if the "Suggestions" section of the forum is looked at too. People create very good suggestions there all the time. I just hope those are looked at too is all.
  6. Cliche or not, I love the Yak's maneuverability and I've spent countless hours not even fighting but doing aerobatics in that thing. I love it and I hope we can see the Yak-3 some day. But I'm all for "whatever I'm flying now"
  7. Couldn't agree more! And I keep seeing "AI Improvements" in their DDs. I kind of assume that AI in flight sims is tougher to do than AI in other types of games because there are so many variables involved to make it realistic, but they just keep making things better and better.
  8. But if we're just talking about campaigns you can't do a cold start up and taxi can you? I thought campaign missions always start on the runway. I know custom PWCG or custom missions can do cold starts though. I'm only asking because I'd love to be able to start campaign missions from the ramp!
  9. Hi @SYN_Vander, so I set this to 1 but I was still getting the same error. I did a lot of testing and it looks to be related to a character limit in the mission names. If I create a mission with fewer characters in the name then the flight records play fine. But for longer mission names, when I try to open the flight record, I get the same error that the mission isn't found. I can see the mission in data\Missions and I can see the flight record is named the same. It just seems to be a character limit somewhere. I like to be descriptive in mission names but I can lessen the character count for now. Do you happen to know what this character limit is?
  10. I guess this partially answers some questions in a way Was this historically accurate for them to have binoculars? I assumed some crew of some planes would. Just curious how accurate that is and still haven't really found a proper answer. I'll leave my annoying questions at that lol. Def would be cool to have this implemented in game if it was historically accurate though.
  11. Interesting that they did in Korean War. I'm curious about WWII too. And I was thinking same as Samikatz. Even If a fighter didn't use them in WWII (if), there could still be other crew members on other planes that might've used them. I was thinking of maybe gunners or other crew on bombers or transports for example.
  12. Hi @Syn_Vander, yeah I did have this set to "0" for some reason. I don't remember changing that, but who knows what kinda random nonsense I was doing. I'm not sure what that setting does, but I'm assuming it should be 1? I'll try that out next time I fly a mission. Thanks!
  13. I am curious of this from a historical standpoint too. Everything I've read from other forums so far has mixed thoughts (but this is the internet so...). Some say that fighter pilots would not have had them due to their danger which makes sense. Something moving loosely around a fighter cockpit doesn't sound like a good idea lol, but others disagree and say that pilots did have them, at least in some planes. Could they have been secured somehow? Dunno, it totally makes sense that they'd be potentially dangerous, but I'm still curious of the reality, even if they were in limited use by limited planes. If they were used in reality by certain planes this could be a cool feature. Can't wait!
  14. Hmm, haven't touched config recently, but it's always possible. I'll check next time I'm in game, probably tonight, and let you know. I will say that I didn't have this problem before. I've been able to look at replays from earlier versions of your mission builder, at least as far as I can remember, but it's possible I changed something. I'll let you know and go from there.
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