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  1. I can understand the airplanes, was referring to the airports, we haven't seen any comparisons between regular and high detail.
  2. Go ruin star wars mickey mouse, FC doesn't need your help it's ruining itself.
  3. I've suffered to much of that abuse on ROF I can't go back to begging.๐Ÿ˜
  4. Honestly $1 to try it out for a month on launch is a pretty good deal, hopefully that means they have confidence it will be a good product that people will want to buy. Also for you guys buying the premium edition for airports wouldn't it be better to wait and see what the standard version of the airports looks like? From what we have seen in videos the non special airports look pretty good as well.
  5. Maybe I'd take a look at it if the numbers weren't even worse than FC, I wouldn't have even bought FC in the first place if I knew how bad the numbers would be, and that was before the dm update.
  6. Surprised to hear it's fun, didn't look like it. Never seemed to me the flight sim terrain blended good enough for ground stuff.
  7. Alright BSR you're just being flat out toxic now.๐Ÿ˜
  8. From what I can remember of the older ones this should still be pretty good, assuming you're leaving out microsoft flight. So they have confirmed there will be 3rd party? have they said which ones?
  9. Do we know how detailed the aircraft are? Full fidelity? partial systems? basic stick and throttle? I'm exited for this but there is no way I'm getting the big package until I know exactly what we are getting.
  10. When they say shot away, are they referring to control wire being destroyed? I have a feeling most of the historical references are talking about whole control surfaces falling off, not tiny wires getting cut like in game.
  11. If they said it once in the last couple weeks it would have been enough.
  12. Five words;" we are looking at it" and all this stops.
  13. We will burn you alive in a Se5 to appeal to the dm gods to hear our cries.๐Ÿ˜
  14. My guess is the ai can't pull Gs period, I mean they can't do anything anyways so it's not a stretch to think.
  15. Goes without saying, that being said more dispersion would actually be great by itself.
  16. I wouldn't buy a volume 2 in the current state.
  17. I don't really get what your point is, 1.034 was disliked because it fixed planes at the expense of others. And at least it was a step in the right direction, the only thing we got for our complaining here was an update for bullets to be magnetically attracted to control wires.
  18. Look we have different opinions on this, that's fine, none of us were there and the data is limited (almost non existent). But step back and think about it, with the original dm no one complained, most everyone liked it with many saying it was way more accurate. Then the dm change happens, all of a sudden the defenders of the new dm start coming up with 101 reasons why the change is more accurate. None of them said one thing before the update, no one was saying " well look at this data chart" or "look at this historical reference" no one. And why? the only reason was because our devs said it was accurate, not because of historical reasons, physics reasons, or plain common sense reasons, purely because the devs said it was correct. And we all know how wrong they have been before in ROF. Think about it this way, some random guy on the forum shows up before the dm change with the exact claims and charts that our dev had and posts it on the forum saying it's more accurate, no one would have even batted an eye for a second.
  19. This, if they are not going to change the dm we need some kind of indication when the wings are completely compromised.
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