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  1. Someone is having a disappointing christmas.
  2. Just reading this thread it's amazing how many people live in a fantasy of thinking they could be real ww1 pilots.
  3. I think the GOG version gets the TD patches regularly.
  4. I guess, but even the improved clouds in il2 and dcs literally look multiple generations behind Microsoft tech wise
  5. Don't the top guys use large low res monitors? I thought I saw it discussed thats the easiest way to spot.
  6. Oh come on, they are not "completely" different, 1c could have added all the changes fc has over rof (outside of vr) as literally bug fixes to rof. If you're an online only player you're not missing out on anything.
  7. You guys are talking like FC2 is a given, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut their loses and put FC on "indefinite" hold.
  8. I would love to see star citizen succeed, it's a great concept but at the massive scale they've been trying to attain I just don't see it happening at this point. I don't blame the die hard fans for hanging on though,if it reaches it's goals it would be spectacular, one can hope I guess.
  9. You should be a politician. 😄
  10. How far away are the airfields?
  11. When I preordered I just assumed there would be at least 1/10 the online numbers of the ww2 stuff.
  12. Otherwise you won't find anyone till next week.
  13. If we need scheduled events to find anybody at all then we're truly screwed.
  14. Went online after latest update, still couldn't find anyone playing it, not one, couldn't believe it.
  15. I'm planning on upgrading to 4k and not knowing much about this stuff would like some suggestions. Also will be playing lots of other games including first person so not sure what size would be best, sitting at normal desk distance. I've noticed my larger 32" screen i'm using now gives me headaches sometimes in faster paced games.
  16. Video game music has never been too kind to flight sims. 😄 except maybe this one.
  17. Just to be clear I meant whether it will be an actual sim like fsx or not like microsoft flight. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by gameplay isn't good enough.
  18. We will have to see what the gameplay is like. I will say that the graphics are so beyond anything we've seen from a flight sim it's kinda sad, just shows you how much resources major developers have over the smaller companies.
  19. Because if he is we are in trouble, big trouble.
  20. Never would have bought fc realizing how bad the numbers were, I mean at least on rof when I left you could find 4 or 5 players at any given time, this is just a whole new level [edited] I'll try to make this sometime though I guess.
  21. If anything that rule applies now, certainly not in the 90's. Interesting conversation in this thread, I'll throw out my quick opinion. I think what the issue is is that back in the 90's game publishers still hadn't figured out what sold the best, and of course that is the fps and fps multiplayer, nothing comes close. That's why you see such a variety of genres from top publishers from that era that are dead now, cfs, space sims, point and clicks, etc. They were fantastic games, but companies only care about money. The yellow brick road is the road always followed. And the funny thing is 20 years later we are still in the fps era, and it doesn't look like anything will change soon. Something else to note is except maybe with the exception of il2, there weren't many cfs that were top sellers, they did well, but not overly.
  22. I hope the se5 turns better, nothing wrong hoping.
  23. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=teamkiller
  24. is the video of iceworm?
  25. Do those of you who use 4k screens find an improvement in spotting planes over a 1080 screen? Also I heard someone mention something about low res screens making pixels stick out, not sure. thx
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