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  1. It's not twitchy, there is a bit of auto aim when shooting but only a little.
  2. if you havent played arkham asylum or city play them, some of the best games ever made, cannot recommend enough.
  3. Honestly you sound like a regular libtard who just flat out wants the people he doesn't agree with to die.😉
  4. Trust overly political lefty and righty losers to completely derail a thread. Politics poisons everything it touches.
  5. Not trying to scare you off by the way, it's just i've been down the dcs hell hole of getting hyped for a cool module, buying it and not having enough time to really get into it, then seeing another cool module, buying it, and so on.
  6. What I meant is you need unlimited time to get the most out of a module. Let alone two.
  7. Trust me as far as full fidelity dcs is concerned if you don't have time for both you don't have time for one.
  8. All roads lead to Rome, or in this case all topics lead to the dm eventually.
  9. We really can't point fingers when we are on our 5th module and still don't have four engine bombers.
  10. Take it easy was just making a joke about game devs.😉 All in good fun.
  11. Oh come on no game dev in history ever meant that when they said by a certain year.🤪 I played cfs3 as a kid, when you're young you don't get things like good or bad flight models, all I knew was the p 51 couldn't do anything, not even a loop, always got destroyed. Funny thing is still had more fun than I do now.😔
  12. Woah there, I said by 2022, don't be trying to shave it down to the last millisecond.😁 No one flying the p 51 though.
  13. Everything I've said is my personal speculation, I'm not claiming anything as fact. Lol alright I'll stop now, but really this is all very casual speculation, just me stating why I think cfs is coming, I don't know why it bothered you so much, it shouldn't.🤷‍♂️
  14. No one could have offered evidence that MS wanted anything from the civilian flight sim market before Microsoft flight simulator 2020 was announced either, so I fail to see what your point is.
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