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  1. I copied my old profile for controls to my new pc and all the assignments look correct except they are listed as controller1 and the joystick is called controller0. is there a way to change the name?
  2. A collector plane or campaign won't work?
  3. A friend of mine wants to try gunning for me in mulitplayer, will any purchase allow a download of the game? thx
  4. Someone is having a disappointing christmas.
  5. Just reading this thread it's amazing how many people live in a fantasy of thinking they could be real ww1 pilots.
  6. I think the GOG version gets the TD patches regularly.
  7. Don't the top guys use large low res monitors? I thought I saw it discussed thats the easiest way to spot.
  8. Oh come on, they are not "completely" different, 1c could have added all the changes fc has over rof (outside of vr) as literally bug fixes to rof. If you're an online only player you're not missing out on anything.
  9. You guys are talking like FC2 is a given, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut their loses and put FC on "indefinite" hold.
  10. I would love to see star citizen succeed, it's a great concept but at the massive scale they've been trying to attain I just don't see it happening at this point. I don't blame the die hard fans for hanging on though,if it reaches it's goals it would be spectacular, one can hope I guess.
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