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  1. According to Osprey's Aircraft of the Aces series, British squadrons defintitely used mixed variants of Mustangs, so the US did too, probably. I also found these pictures from a book called "Mustang Aces of the Ninth and Fifteenth Air Force". In the first pic, although hard to read it, the 6th and 7th aircraft on the pic - a B and a C respectively - appear to be from the same squadron of the 9th AF, and judging by the paint and the markings, probably from the same time period. On the second, the 3rd and 4th aircraft - a B and a D - are also from the same group, although from the 15th AF (but i
  2. It’s not a dream. Most of us know that such a game will almost certainly never happen. But isn’t it fun to discuss it?
  3. Yes, of course, a Berlin map is much more likely to come. The planeset would be more interesting too - He 162s, Ta 152s, maybe even Me 163s.
  4. Unfortunately, most of the planes that were used during this time are already in the game.
  5. As far as I know, there has been no topic about about a possible game set in Hungary, 1944-45. Here is what I think the game could look like. Planeset Germany: -Bf-109 G-10 -Fw-190 F-8 -Me-210 Ca-1 -Ju-87 D-5 Premium: Ju-88 S-1 The Royal Hungarian Air Force also used all of these planes, most notably the Me-210, which saw more service with Hungary than with Germany. For both the German and Hungarian airforces, the following already existing planes would be avialable: -all Bf-109s from G-6 and onwards -all Fw-190s from
  6. Nope, it wasn't on emergency, we flew with about 70%. I think it was the oil radiator that had some problems, or the water.
  7. My first multiplayer experience in the Bf-110 G-2 was eventful, so to say. We (me and 3 other 110s) took of from Kerch-2, with 2 500kg bombs, heading out over the Sea of Azov. The plan was to fly over the sea, then turn 90 degrees, to south, in order to attack bridges deep inside Soviet territory. But then, over the sea, my first engine failed. I still have no idea why, but I decided to turn back to base. On my way back, I spotted an A-20, bombing targets at Kuchugury. I dropped bombs (no idea why I didn't drop earlier) and went for it. He probably saw me, as he was now escaping out to se
  8. Hi! I have a lot of hours in career, but I'm new to multi. I'm from Hungary. I mainly fly germans, but everything else is fine too. I'm looking for people to fly with.
  9. Here's the problem: when I download a skin and wanna edit it further, I have to convert it to JPG. This isn't a problem, but the converted file always comes with a white-ish layer (see picture), and all the darker color things are white, even after I sort of remove that white layer. How can I avoid having this white layer on the converted file? Or, how can I edit DDS? With Photoshop (CS6 if that matters) I can't edit it.
  10. oh god, thants good. I thought there was a Rammstein song i never heard and i became paniced
  11. No, it was a La-5, it was probably fuel leak then and I am blind. And now I remember that the La-5 had a radial. Thanks for reminding me!
  12. I have no idea about what russian planes have, the leak had the same color as the coolant leak on the 109. But if u can tell me i'll be very happy
  13. nice! what it the music? it is not RAmmstein right? im a big fan but i never heard this song. is it eisbrecher, stahlmann, schattenmann, oomph or what?
  14. Been playing some multi today, and I had a quite intense dogfight. I was in a 109, managed to kill somebody, nothing special. I checked six once he was down, and saw something pilots don't like to see: 3 reds behind me, 2 of them Spitfires. I decided that, as I was alone, thre was no point in getting dragged into this fight that I have no chance to win, so I escaped to our home field, in very, very intense manuevering to avoid getting shot. All went well, no damage, the Spits found another target so they went off. But the third (a La-5) was stll following. As I looked away from the screen for
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