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  1. Here's the problem: when I download a skin and wanna edit it further, I have to convert it to JPG. This isn't a problem, but the converted file always comes with a white-ish layer (see picture), and all the darker color things are white, even after I sort of remove that white layer. How can I avoid having this white layer on the converted file? Or, how can I edit DDS? With Photoshop (CS6 if that matters) I can't edit it.
  2. oh god, thants good. I thought there was a Rammstein song i never heard and i became paniced
  3. No, it was a La-5, it was probably fuel leak then and I am blind. And now I remember that the La-5 had a radial. Thanks for reminding me!
  4. I have no idea about what russian planes have, the leak had the same color as the coolant leak on the 109. But if u can tell me i'll be very happy
  5. nice! what it the music? it is not RAmmstein right? im a big fan but i never heard this song. is it eisbrecher, stahlmann, schattenmann, oomph or what?
  6. Been playing some multi today, and I had a quite intense dogfight. I was in a 109, managed to kill somebody, nothing special. I checked six once he was down, and saw something pilots don't like to see: 3 reds behind me, 2 of them Spitfires. I decided that, as I was alone, thre was no point in getting dragged into this fight that I have no chance to win, so I escaped to our home field, in very, very intense manuevering to avoid getting shot. All went well, no damage, the Spits found another target so they went off. But the third (a La-5) was stll following. As I looked away from the screen for a split second, he hit my engine, it was smoking quite bad, and he hit the coolant too, although nothing seruis there.I decided that I was not gonna give up my virual life this easily, and started to turn like an idiot. Usually, I just get killed with this, but as I didn't see any other options, I tried it. Suprisingly, it worked, and I even managed hit his coolant and fuel tank. After some 2 minutes of intense dogfighting, I saw that he was stalling out. I had little speed and energy, but as I knew my engine can stop anytime now, I went for it. I hit his engine with a 20mm round, and he was going down. With my hands shaking and my heart pumping, I pulled of an emergency landing at a nearby airfield, it went good. I managed to save my virtual life!
  7. I am sorry, I am using this account with my friend who did not know about my squadron. I (or we) hope to see you guys too!
  8. Welcome! We can discuss everything in private, and you can come with attackers if you want to. It does not matter if you are experienced or not, the goal is not to play hardcore but to have fun. We are playing a game, after all.
  9. If this squadron already exists, I am sorry. So, I thought about setting up this squadron. I myself am not a very very experinced multiplayer pilot, but I played alone. (in multi). Anyone could join, and we would together choose and experinced pilot to be the Gruppenkommandeur, and 3 Staffelkapitäne, if we want to. Anyone who wants to join just reply to this topic or to me in private! Ace or rookie, does not matter, the goal is to have fun together. (Is Staffelkapitäne the plural of Staffelkapitän? Should have listened on those german lessons.... all I know is from Rammstein songs...) WELCOME!
  10. I am interested and I can fly in the given time period. I have no idea how to take a look at my K/D ratio but I estimate it to around 1.25-1.50, judging from a normal match.
  11. i found it, its at account setting if u click on ur proifle at top right corner
  12. another question, how do you set these signatures or that? for example, i see that dburne has his setup. I couldnt find it in profile settings
  13. first 2 kills with the G-14. This thing dominates the sky!!
  14. Yeah, I also think that the A8 will come next - but I like the Mustang more than the Jug, but I will be more than satisfied with the P-47 too. Btw I hope it will be with the bubbletop canopy or whatever thats called
  15. Nice stuff, I really like both planes. The Spit's better, but I know that I will like the G-14 more. ANYONE KNOWS WHAT THE NEXT TWO PLANES TO COME ARE?? I hope for a P-51
  16. Cool, after the update it said something with "unpacked data". Restarting game, nothing, restarting pc, nothing. now i am reinstalling game and i hope that it works for the screenshots of that 109.... just wanna play it!
  17. So I came across another question. Jason sain the the planes will go Beta this weekend, but on the website there is no Beta mentioned anywhere. I have preordered, so I have early access. is that the same as beta or if not how to get beta
  18. oh, thanks! (i guess i will get mine then when Bodenplatte comes out)
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