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  1. Thanks for the update Pat. Keep persisting! Us Great War flyers owe you a bunch!
  2. Great! Did the fixes for the FC Aircraft Speed make it in? This was the issue of the AI immediately turning for home at Mission Start.
  3. Holy crap you guys are fast! Thanks for the hard work!
  4. All of them. I play Entente and I like different colored targets. 😁 So take your time. I'll gladly take whatever you finish! Thanks for the the hard work!
  5. Now it also seems Pfalzs don't wanna fight. They immediately start to go home. The Fokker Dr.Is have no issue. I'll check through the Range settings and see if there's anything funky.
  6. Yep...definitely have some weirdness with the AlbVs. They always start heading home after they "appear". Another issue found (sorry): Any change to weapons or mods doesn't do anything in game. Tried to load up my flight with Cooper bombs, and it didn't work.
  7. Open your campaign. Under Advanced Config---->Mission Limits: Change "Generate Climb WPs" to 0. No more circling around, but you may not have the time/distance to get to your patrol altitude. Also, on the first map screen, you can manually adjust Waypoints/Altitudes/Time of day/Fuel as well. On the "Mission Limits" screen you can also increase the number of Enemy Aircraft generated. You can also do this under the "Simple Config" and set Air Density to "High".
  8. Just a few things I've noticed in PWCG for FC: Flying for 46 Squad in April 1918...Arras North 2. 1) Never more than one other allied flight. I went in and set the minimum to 5 and no other flights ever show up. I checked by setting the "show all flights" option to 1. They show up on the first map (with all the possible flights), but after generating the mission and rechecking the map, there's always only one other flight. And I've never seen any other type besides the Camel. 2) Quite a few EA seem to dive for home soon after they show up. Using external Enemy Aircraft view. I know that some flights start "mid-mission", but it just seemed odd. When they do land, the crash into each other as well. This isn't always the case, and seems to happen the the Albs more often. Just thought I'd post the stuff I've seen...been flying TONS of FC with your generator. The Great War in VR is amazing. I can't stop flying "just one more mission". Thanks again for the hard work.
  9. Is there somewhere to d/l high-res versions of some of this artwork from the game? Or somewhere in the game files? Love to add it to my Wallpaper collection.
  10. “Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine.”
  11. Wow..that's really impressive. Had no idea PWCG did that. Very cool touch! Even if it mean the Mess Hall is now a smoking crater...
  12. Is there some ME logic that automatically damages buildings within a certain distance of the Front? My base at Arras North 2 is always toast. I mean, I get that's it RIGHT THERE next to NML, but it's a bit depressing.
  13. This is probably a limitation of the BOX engine vs ROF, but is there anyway to prevent Central Powers Aircraft from flying over the lines into friendly territory so often? Except for Recon/bombers. etc. It seems that every time I take off, I'm intercepted by Tri-planes on my side of the lines. I've set the Axis Fighter Mission to have no Offensive Missions, but they keep coming over. I don't see an Axis CAP option other than Low-Alt...although Allied have a CAP mission available. Maybe the AI on Patrol Missions (Over the Lines) just sees me from a long distance and engages? Another BOX thing? It seems a bit off (from a WWI perspective) to have all the fighting over the West side of the Front. Again, not complaining...I realize you're trying to shoehorn an essentially WWII engine into a WWI frame. Maybe FC will get some more love (Recon, Arty missions). Thanks for your hard work and attention...you really are the only hope for SP Flying Circus right now. And ironically your were the only hope for Rise of Flight for the longest time as well!
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