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  1. Just another verification...happened to me as well. Stukas in the mission...about half-way through I got blurry textures. Oddly enough, the external Stuka textures were fine...every other aircraft was blurry (including the cockpit of my LaGG). Also hung on exit.
  2. It's been awhile since I'd seen it so I thought maybe it was fixed. Oh well...it was an easy 7 kills, anyway! ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Bombers acting like Fighters issue with 9.1.0. VVS, Kuban 4/43. Flying Yaks with 273rd. Intercept Mission. Saw 8 or 9 Ju-88s at around 8000m. They dove to attack my flight and acted like fighters...diving, turning, trying to get on my Wingmen's 6 o'clock. Easy pickings, but a bit...unusual. Gunners did not fire at me. They did have bombs. VVS 1943-04-01.zip
  4. Quick question...what about WWI? They weren't tied to ground battles as such (usually). Lotsa patrolling and Recon, etc. Will this cause much of a change in FC? Just curious...still sounds awesome.
  5. Just curious if you're back to option 1. I just decimated a flight of Halbs (FC) due to no return fire. However, on another flight, they fired back. I'm assuming this was an "attack" flight, and the ones that didn't shoot back were a "bombing" flight.
  6. Wow...so far, so good. All the EA flights I saw stayed on their mission. Good stuff and THANK YOU!!
  7. Here's the mission that has the AI that won't start their engines. Hope it helps. test 1942-06-01.zip
  8. I was having issues with Cold Start on the Kuban and Moscow maps. Both times trying a MiG-3...no one would start their engines. The AI would turn on their lights, but then nothing. Sorry if this has been posted before. I can attach a mission if you'd like.
  9. Thanks for the update Pat. Keep persisting! Us Great War flyers owe you a bunch!
  10. Great! Did the fixes for the FC Aircraft Speed make it in? This was the issue of the AI immediately turning for home at Mission Start.
  11. Holy crap you guys are fast! Thanks for the hard work!
  12. All of them. I play Entente and I like different colored targets. ๐Ÿ˜ So take your time. I'll gladly take whatever you finish! Thanks for the the hard work!
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