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  1. BadBud

    My very first edited video

    Beautiful color! Good show. BadBud
  2. BadBud

    How is the AI?

    Tried for hours in the last couple of days to fold (shoot) the wings off the AI. Never happened. Killed or burned a lot of pilots in the process while trying. BadBud
  3. BadBud

    How is the AI?

    I most often shoot for the pilot. Will try for a wing fold. BadBud
  4. BadBud

    How is the AI?

    The Flying Circus AI planes are really hard to shoot down. They take a lot of hits without going down or damage enough to go down. Seldom do I get a kill unless the pilot is killed or the plane is burning. Have not seen the wings fold and fall off as in Wings of Flight. BadBud
  5. Very generous of you. Hope all appreciate! Happy Flying and New Year, BadBud
  6. BadBud

    U-2VS or Not?

    Sounds like everyone loves this slow bird? No really bad comments so far. Thanks for the replies' BadBud
  7. BadBud

    U-2VS or Not?

    Now that some have flown the U-2: I know that the price seems right, but is it worth buying for such an under-performing AC? I have read here that some like it. But I have the feeling that if I purchase, that it will just become a hanger bird. Comments good and not so good will be appreciated, BadBud
  8. BadBud

    P-47 is a great Berloga machine after all!

    Glad to see someone doing well with this beast. So far, not so well here. Hope to better with more practice. BadBud
  9. BadBud

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Another two weeks?!!!!! BadBud
  10. BadBud

    Dogs Barking

    Had to crash land my Spit in a farm yard and angered a bunch of dogs and heard them barking First time experience..............fun.
  11. BadBud

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    I did not realize that this was a problem for some until I just went in and flew the Dr-1. But then, I do not have my controllers positioned on my desk top that would create real task for me to fly and enjoy........... and I understand why those with desk top positioned controllers hate it. You might want to re-position your controllers as shown in attached image of "my cockpit". Forward stick pressure is natural and I have not though about it.........until after reading all the comments about it. And I might add: I love both planes and can hardly wait until the new additions! And have been a fan of ROF since it's creation. (hope that my cockpit image comes up correctly..............my first try at posting screenshot) BadBud
  12. Camel, Pup or any Fokker. BadBud
  13. BadBud

    Landing the Fokker dr.1

    Landing into the wind is preferable, now someone tell me how to know which way the wind is blowing on selected air field. BadBud