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  1. All are great! Love the skins. if possible to download skins?..................where? Thanks for posting, Badbud
  2. Thanks for the replies, Badbud
  3. Recently, when trying to view any of my flight records, I get a message on all records saved, that says that an unknown error occurred during loading process and I can not view flights. Any suggestions as to why? Thanks, BadBud
  4. If my PC died tomorrow with IL-2 Great Battles and all associated purchase info, how would I recover and reload IL-2 GB on a new PC? BadBud
  5. Thanks for the help. Still no joy. Toe breaks axis are recognized for me for some reason. Will rely on button press as programmed. BadBud
  6. Yes, I have right and left breaks programmed to buttons and a button programmed for all wheel breaks, but would rather be able to program toe breaks on my rudder pedals. Is this possible? BadBud
  7. Is it possible to set up toe breaks on rudder pedals for the Me262? if so.....................how. So far, no joy here. Thanks, BadBud
  8. BadBud

    IL-2 ROF

    Sorry...........so far, have not been able to send. Will look for author. BadBud
  9. Flew RoF today for the first time in months. Took awhile to to get into again and was great fun once I did. Love the "Practice, Practice, Practice mission that I downloaded years ago. The bandits are very aggressive as I like. Wish that AI was more aggressive in Il-2 FC. Keep hoping that Devs will improve FC AI. Watch your six, BadBud
  10. I think that I qualify here at 87 years young...................so where do I find your server? BadBud
  11. My problem is that it is half cut when in view. Sometimes cut off completely. Thanks for the help, BadBud
  12. Rockets work for me. Thunderbolt didn't have a chance when I got close enough! BadBud
  13. May be a dumb question? After selecting keystroke for FPS, where is it shown while flying? BadBud
  14. thanks.........should have known that. Will now just use the stick to engage the tail wheel lock. BadBud
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