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  1. I think that I qualify here at 87 years young...................so where do I find your server? BadBud
  2. My problem is that it is half cut when in view. Sometimes cut off completely. Thanks for the help, BadBud
  3. Rockets work for me. Thunderbolt didn't have a chance when I got close enough! BadBud
  4. May be a dumb question? After selecting keystroke for FPS, where is it shown while flying? BadBud
  5. thanks.........should have known that. Will now just use the stick to engage the tail wheel lock. BadBud
  6. With the little bit that I have flown with the new Dora and the Fokker D.VIIF, there seems to be some improvement to the damage model on the AI planes. Am I right? BadBud There is a key stroke command to lock the tail wheel, which I have tried. Do not know if it works or not? Does not seem to. BadBud
  7. Got it figured out. Back pressure on the stick does it.............after locking the tail wheel. BadBud
  8. Anyone other than me having a problem getting the Dora off the ground without ground looping. Some suggestions and help needed here. Thanks, BadBud
  9. Sorry to say.............after knocking down two Fokkers, this is me in my crippled and crashed Camel. BadBud
  10. Knocked down two Fokkers and one tree! BadBud
  11. Have an idea, but not sure. What does DD stand for?
  12. BadBud


    Flies fine for me. No lose of wings yet after a couple of hours of air combat with the D.VII. BadBud
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