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  1. BadBud


    Coming soon...................can hardly wait. BadBud
  2. BadBud

    FC Personal Skins

    Any up for download yet? BadBud
  3. BadBud

    Pfalz D.IIIa and Sopwith Camel

    Anything will be more than acceptable. BadBud
  4. No need to badmouth Saitek. I have flown many years with my X52 Pro controllers and they have never given me a problem. And the price is right. BadBud
  5. Camel is the only way to fly! BadBud
  6. Enjoying dogfights with clipped winged Spit. BadBud
  7. Planes just showed up. Why? Don't know.............. Thanks for all the suggestions, BadBud
  8. Is activated. Tried Launch.exe with no joy. And I normally enter the game by clicking "Play" as always on the main menu. BadBud
  9. Quick Mission is the only place that I have looked. Only reason that I pre-ordered was to be able to fly these 3 planes. BadBud
  10. As titled. Activated and expected to be able to select the 3 released planes, but do not show in plane menu to select. What might I have forgotten to do? BadBud
  11. BadBud

    Battle of Bodenplatte Pre-purchase

    Thanks, BadBud
  12. What early released planes come with BoB pre-purchase now? BadBud
  13. BadBud

    AI Constantly Turning

    Ditto everything said here. AI sucks, but all that we have for us SP's now. Hoping like others that devs will make better soon. BadBud
  14. BadBud

    Faces of the flying community!