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  1. "Big Week" Reichsverteidigung. For me one of the most interesting periods, because so decisive, in ETO. And the protagonists, both pilots and machines, are the finest that WWII aviation has to offer. I can not wait any longer.
  2. It looks so promising. The Winter War is of great interest to me and I even would pay a good price for such an IL-2 extension. I very much hope that this project will soon become a reality. ..and that is also a great initiative. Thanks, in advance for this project, Juri.
  3. That looks very promising. I'm really looking forward to a soon launch.
  4. Lol ! Yes, always the same people who rip to shreds well-meaning criticism. You can count them on the fingers of your hands and their trademark is, they made thousands of posts. My Sim colleagues and I call them the Defense Department. You never hear criticism from them, even if it'd be justified. Is it possible that they are biased?
  5. Yes, please do it. I did it. See my comments above.
  6. I'm not! Coming from IL-2 1946 I became a big supporter of CoD. But living with so many shortcomings and with the slow progress of the sim I found disgusting. I then tried the BoX series. When the cliffs of Dover Blitz came, I updated the game again. 2 weeks ago I updated to V4.57 investing a lot of time with re-mapping my HW. I once again tried it out for a full week (approx. 15h). CoD does not come close to BoX. FM, DM, GUI, game engine, plane set, variety of theatres and graphics are now much more advanced at BoX. Not to speak of VR. For me, CoD is obsolete and 1CGS should not take any consideration on BoB or any other MTO projects and tackle them as soon as possible.
  7. I made the same observation in the Rhineland career. Especially the fighter-bombers (P-47) are indestructible on their return flight to the base.
  8. This error also occurs in the Rhineland campaign. Not all but many ground kills are not counted on all parties. Very annoying!
  9. I find the career mode pretty good in general. But exactly in the example of "fighter bomber II. / Sch. G 1" in BoK the weaknesses of this mode come more clearly to the fore . I can confirm all the points listed here by @Sybreed. The excessive intercept missions of the defenders, the slow cruise and the unrealistic AI behavior are very annoying. Yes @Gambit21, please take a look at the fighter bomber career in BoK and report these obvious mistakes to the developers. And thank you for volunteering to help.
  10. hirondo

    ME 262

    The same thing happened to me already a few times. Despite the many complaints about this ridiculous behavior, the error has still not been corrected. Sorry to respond off topic.
  11. Was this pilot in the P-47 you? If so, then I'm sorry. A lucky shot of course. It’s a rare thing but it can happen. Against the Peshka gunners this is however the norm. Here are some examples: https://gfycat.com/presentactivebrahmanbull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98VHTeboNfs&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2DtaB_iRuM If you start a search on You Tube you will find dozens more. It’s not good for the flight simulator I consider the best.
  12. Why run so much effort? Keep it simple. The Peshka gunners should behave like the gunners of all the other bombers in the sim A-20B, Ju 88, He 111, IL-2 etc. This recurring Peshka discussion would then stop immediately.
  13. ...that has been brought up countless times and it has not been addressed yet. Not even mentioned by the developers. I do not understand that and it seems many other lovers of this simmulation do not understand it either.
  14. Julian, your JG301 Blue 5 is beautiful. A real masterpiece! Muchas Gracias por compartirla con nosotros.
  15. Are you a professional trailer producer who is currently underemployed? Apart from the three bombs after the attact that's really good. How about pictures of a low flying D9 Rotte. A Spitfire element would also be great.
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