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  1. It would be nice to pin this somwhere in multiplayer or coop section of forum, it will probably get lost here
  2. I understand the OP and at this point i would rather pay for fixes to Dserver, netcode, more range then 9,5km and other MP related bugs then buy any extra airplane, as i dont wont to wait for years for thouse things to get on the list of to do. BUT i undrstand that that will never happend and as MP crowd is smallest part of game it would be crazy to do it that way, as more money they can get with new collectors airplane or new small map for example because SP and MP guys would invest in that in biigger numbers and together, then some small DLC that only cater to small parts of crowd like this tech pack would do, or MP pack or any other pack. So still best way to get what you wont (if you have extra money) is to buy their extra airplanes like ju52 for example and others and hope they will get enought to hire more guys with other expantions coming in this year.
  3. Nice was doing that for career missions, didnt know it works also for Quick Missions!
  4. I placed 3x _t34-76stz and 3x _pziii-l on empty mission and alow cooperative for each of them, and save it as cooperative to see how coop works with tanks we have now. I can load mission in cooperative lobby, and then i can see all 6 tanks available to be selected, but when i or my tm8 try to take free slot it says error 10003 airplane not avialable for your acount... I can play with thouse tanks in DF mode on server i or my tm8 host or on action tanks server or unprofesionals server with no problems, but it seams there is bug in coop mode for them, anyone els have this problem in cooperative mode only?
  5. I hope they will add binoculars for comanders position, and ability to turn your head in comanders position independently on turret, thouse two things i miss now in tanks we have in game.
  6. Yes i converted them to coop like this: -After i download them i placed them in missions folder, then i delite their .msnbin file (if i dont do that they would not be loading in editor probably because new update ) -Then i open them in editor, and in mission Properties i change Mision from Single to Cooperative, -Then i locate players airplane and in Plane Advanced enable cooperative start, and also change AI from Player to Ace -Also i change players airplane name to its callsign, for example Canary 1, and so on, so they are selectable in coop lobby (i noticed if i didnt give them some name, i would not see any airplanes when i try to run mission in coop, just black screan ) -then for that flights wingmans i enabled cooperative start also so players can take them, and rename them to their callsighns for example Canary 2... so they are in same flight in coop lobby. And save mission in coop folder. So new list is created with new coop adress, and i can see that mission in coop lobby then ( i was not seeing the missions before as old list had links to single players mission folder) I didnt enable Japan flights as i see they are triger activated. Thouse skins look good on ju88s
  7. CountZero

    Green Moscow map

    Nice work, looks to me like France on CloD map, any plan to maybe retexture some smaller map like lapino in desert textres in future
  8. Nice thanks i didnt know that, after i read your post i just checked and crated career, and go for first mission, and i see that this mission you curently have to play is located in \1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions folder,and its caled _gen.Mission, and you can open it in Mission Editor and ajust to be played in coop and enable your flight, and save it in your cooperative folder. To convert that carrer mission to coop i did this: -lanch STEditor (located in C:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\editor) -go on File, then Open, then locate this career mission in ...data/missions folder, name of it is always _gen.Mission , and click open -in Mission Properties window i change Mission from Single to Cooperative, -then i locate players airplane and its flight ( in Tools and Object Filter and click only on Plane so i see only airplane icons in editor, or just search for your pilots name ) -right click on airplane icon, and open Advanced Properties, there change for AI from Player to what ever skill you wont (Ace, High...), also in that window i need to click on Cooperative Start box so this airplane is available in coop lobby -and for each airplane in my flight (conected by red lines to my airplane) i also go in Advanced Properties and enable also cooperative start box (so humans can take them in coop lobby if they wont ) -when all that is done i go in File and Save As... and save mission in ...\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative folder. and mission is now available in coop lobby and has same name as when its generated in Carrer options in game Maybe there is faster way but this is what worked for me with geting SP missions to Coop.
  9. Ok take your time, i was able to enable all stuff in ME for them to run thouse two missions in coop mode so i had fun flying them with tm8
  10. Hes talking about AI impact, so it effects SP then when you have some normal or low number (in this game thats caled big number) of AI. I would start to reduce resolution and see on what you can have good expiriance, smaller resolution will help with CPU problems
  11. But pre-3001 this was not the case, look this bug report i also belive its CPU related, all thouse slow downs when more units come in players 10km bubble
  12. i guess thats sounds when you click on options and when mission starts to countdown, i noticed that my tm8 can here countdown sounds when he hosted coop, and i didnt here them when i hosted and he has thouse two options on, me off
  13. I dont here any sound on loop in hangar, check in your settings, sound, and untic thouse 2 boxes named title music and interface sounds, i have them off and i maybe that turns thouse for you.
  14. You dont need mods to turn off radio, i was turning them off by going in 1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Audio folder and just rename radio folder to -radio, and no more audio from AI pilots, youll just here static when they shoul talk, music to my ears just after any update you have to do it again
  15. If your talking only about making contact easyer to track inside of 9,5km bubble by adjusting stuff like contrast and so on... then yes it should have no effect on performance. I was thinking about performace impact when your making that 9.5km bubble bigger, to 14km for example, then you would see more objects rendered in your bubble and that would make negative inpact on performance.
  16. Open PWCGBos.exe and double click on Configuration (on left side) when menu shows up, and when new window opens, click on User Preferances (right side of windoe) and it should show new window with options in middle. Where last line should be Use Coop: 0, change that to 1, and save it by clicking on Accept Config Changes. And then start new campaign, like you did for any single player mission in PWCG before, and missions will automaticly be saved in cooperative folder of game, and visable for you when you go host coop mission in mulltiplayer section of BoX game.
  17. Yes same like they did for Fw-190s, i think hes not understanding that part as picture is only lovering nouse on one side and didnt remove part in gunsight that is also removed then. On edited picture, nouse is lovered like it would be in real when refraction is acounted (only right side of nouse is edited on picture), thats why gunsight is in same place on picture, but game cant do refraction like that, so devs would have to rais the gunsight like they did for 190 to get real view, and tin out bars like in 190 case, and aditionaly for La5 case change top glass transperency and ticknes of that part of glass like on picture. Its premium airplane like 190 so it should get same treatment to keep it fair. looking at his avatar im thinking he will understand this problem quickly when me-262 comes out in a year time and we have tick bars and same problem there. like i say before this is problem for big number of airplanes and not just for 190 or this la5, so if its fixed for that airplane it should be from then on be done like that for others also.
  18. I dont know anything on how to make missions here (just because in lazy to learn it here), and in 1946 was easy to make coop mission from single player mission just by unticking player on players flight, here i tryed to load single player mission in mision builder and remove player and save mission as cooperative and i see mission in coop mode but i cant see mission in selection when i wont to host it, so im not doing something right, but with time i dont think it will be hard to convert them. Regarding quick generator of campaign type missions download PWCG, it has coop option and you set your campaign and it generates coop mission for you in coop folder, so only thing you do then is host it, and your flight is visable to you and frends to take while rest of AI is not so you dont know whats coming, i didnt care mutch about PWCG before but when coop was out i downloaded it imidiatly and tested. Thats good way to generate ramdom coop missions. simple to use. And when logs get fixed you can probably play it like coop campaign, i didnt bather to check how that would track my and frends stats, but all this is new so it will take some time to see whats posible. Also now im sure there is more people who wont to see how mission maker here works and youll see more missions come out, i would also like to see some simple ones, even few for tanks and so on... it will come with time, maybe topic with coop suggestions should be opened also.
  19. See whats happening to stick when guy in video is showing stuff in cockpit at 7:04min: Looking from inside you get oposite effect, and when in real they instaled gunsight in airplane to acount for that effect, if game dosent acount for that by adjusting gunsight higher you get what we have in some airplanes, gunsights dont have clear view like they should. this is also effecting in smaller way P-40 and Spitfire as they also have tick armor glass infront. and in same video at 6:48min its visable how top glas should not be transperent but more like on Wolferl edited picture.
  20. Yes CloD has it working differant way, 14km by default, and your able to adjust it to max 25km if you wont, most servers used it at max distance. And what i liked there is that you were able to adjust distances for icons also, frend and enemy separate, so you could have all kined of options. it would be nice if they can alow atleast 14-15km here insted 9,5km, and if perforance impact is concern they could have 9.5km that is now as default and give players and servers option like in CloD to use higher on their own risk if they wont (server contrled). I have no big problems spotting contacts inside the bubble but its just to small, and fined recognising airplanes is easyer here at bigger distances then in CloD for example, but radious of 9,5km limits way i play for sure compared to CloD.
  21. They should then try it on for airplane cockpits glass, as its probably easyer to do it so it effects all airplanes then adjust every cockpit to its real views.
  22. Maybe its then to heavy for game performance, from what i remenber it was said that its not modeled
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