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  1. and who is flying k4 without 1.98 mode? no one, devs made it, servers that have bobp airplanes alow it with no limits, so who in right mined on axis side would not take it, your doing 465kmh ias on 58" at 7km in 47, and 1.98 k4 is doing 490kmhias+ on emergancy for 10min, and then matching your speed on combat while hes recharging for next 10min.
  2. i also dont see any aleron rverals, also compresability nouse down is so minimal in all airplanes that you can get out of it with positive trim or stab in most cases, in 3.008 at ~4500ft in dive from 33000ft i was doing 585mph (940kmh) when i started losing alerons, how can we know that airplane would not lose alerons or other control services at that high speeds, did they even tested them that fast in real. for k4 it was losing alerons at around same speed of 940kmh but at around 1km in dive from 10km, it doesent pick up speed in dive as fast as 47.
  3. k4 on combat mod can match 47 on 58" i top speed, so he again have longer time to fly as fast as you up high, after patch made airplanes stronger i need 8 .50s
  4. k4 can do same speed as 47 at 7km and for 5min longer, 50km advantage only vs g6 or g14, but your fighting vs k4s online most of the time. yes no point in playing it high mutch, i just play with it on berloga and have fun df for 5 min at low alt, flaps at 100% , 19% fuel, all on max power and it outturns 109s as spit9s
  5. I see now in 3.008 P-47 will in dive start losing alerons at around 585mph (940kmh), same as 109s for example. befor in 3.007 it was losing them at around 560mph (900kmh). So another improvment for 47 in last update.
  6. Your also not detecting what damage hit did to engine of airplane, as i noticed sometimes when engine is damaged and will be gone in 5-10min after hit, there is no visable sign from outside that enemy airplane have engine damaged. What for me as a attacker looked like a just leaking fuel from one wing, was reported to me by Rip that he has his engine damaged and fuel tank damaged and canopey damaged and airplane wonts to drift and drop to side where i hit him in wing root.
  7. unreasonable, I think its important to check this HE efectivnest with player inside airplane that is geting shoot at. Yesterday i spend 1h on berloga 1v1with tm8 to see if its worth to switch to AP ammo in lagg3 after the update, and what we can see is that if HE hits close to cockpit area it usealy damages engine wonds pilot or some fuel or radiators depending on airplane type, but guy who shoots dont see mutch damage on outside, to him enemy airplane looks like its in top shape after hit, but guy on reciving end could see that hes not gona last long even if enemy stop after that first hits. So in end we saw HE is still better then AP on lagg 23, as even though you see only fuel leak on 109, you deal to him a lot damage internaly depending where you hit, and ap didnt have thouse benefits. Same was when we did k4 vs 47, 30mm hit you, and you get internal damages, but from outside you would think hes still in top shape with some small wholes, but in true he aint gona last long
  8. I ask on their forum and answer from mission maker is that its not on purpose locked its omission when making missions or adding it later to some bases, so if you notice it locked, post here what base and what mission and it would be fixed faster.
  9. On russian forum there was posted video of lagg3 with 37mm hiting 109, it took 3x37mm hits to shoot him down, not many found that wrong or interesting as this 30mm problem
  10. Try to make copy of your mission and reduce some units from it and see if delays go down, also check this:
  11. If they say in last game update that they make changes to durability of all airplanes so they are now more stronger and their wings are also less prone to braking as before, that to me mean that this will effect airplane and ground based guns impacting airplanes, so its logical that airplanes are more harder to get dewinged by aaa also. Hope its clear
  12. just now on wol on this mission EltigenOperation43ksum i can see in chat for 4-5 players they are geting this deayed message data, some even 20s delays. I think this is good thing to have it gives us fedback when some strange things are happening either because mission is to heavy or lag betwen players and server.
  13. this was happening before but you would not see messages, when mission is to heavy or you have lag, or bad ping, your bullets would be recived by delay, but people would not know that and would make videos about it showing airplanes being hit but no damage or exploding later after they are hit and so on. Now you can see when you have lag and server tels you how big it is, so you understand what happend. videos like this after 3.007 made some missions on servers to heavy so now atleast 109 guy would see that message that bullets are delayed and would know why he exploded like he did that late
  14. im more afraid of wonded/damaged human player then AI, humans usealy play vs you until their engine quits and still then they will shoot at you if you show up infront of them by mistake, wing lost no problem if you get infront they will shoot at you, half elevators on 109 no problem it will still outturn you, smooking engine nah who cares go untill it stops, ai atleast bail out at some point. same can be said for allied side , now i expect even more players to use 23mm, as 20 and less is opsolite now, while on 23mm i didnt notice big differance after patch, one pass now flames or killes pilot, insted dewing enemy as before. So its 23mm vs 30mm then it seams
  15. From what i can see that double count in in game chat and in game stats happends only when enemy airplane player bails out. When hes killed in airplane or crash lands or crashes in ground and explods, kill count is not doubled. I reported that here:
  16. just check and it takes 2-3x30mm to get 109, so no problem with p-47 and 30mm amount it takes to get him down when compared to other airplanes in game now. It has to be more resistant then 109, and it is to same gun.
  17. exept this was talked about in this topics and they made fix to 190s that made bars tin and raised gunsight by some cm to acountfor refraction they dont model dd74 where you can see how it looked before fixes, and you can compare it to what you have now in game my only problem is that this was only done to one airplane type insted to all other airplanes that have same problem when refraction cant be modeled by game, like in recent la5fn or P-40 with tick armor glass on high angle like 190 have. But i guess only popular/most complained airplanes get that kined of atention
  18. 3007 1x37mm = 109 fell apart: aint gona see this in 3008 so 3x37mm is what it takes to shoot down plane like 109, but plane like 47 should be gone with 1-2 30mm lol
  19. 109 can now take 3x37mm and not fell apart, ai pilot bails after 3rd hit, so why 47 should fell apart then from few 30mm all airplanes are now flying tanks compared to 3007 same can be said for 37mm vs 109, even harder to score 1 hit with it, but now it takes 3 lol
  20. i noticed same message like this today on vitebs mission on wol (that mission expirianced lags in 3007), it happend to two other guys in chat. I guess this is to tell you that something is wrong either with one of the guys involved netconection(lag) or mission is to heavy. You could see this happening in 3007 on missions that are overloaded and players would recive data from shooting later (more then few seconds lateer) , now in 3008 atleast you can get message in chat telling you what happend if this happend. Im looking forward to play on misions on wol that had lags and overload problems in 3007 to see how things are now in 3008.
  21. This started since 3.007 update, and i see its still happening in 3.008 When you shoot at enemy players airplane and damage him, and if he decides to bail out, you will see in chat double kill message and in game stats will count that as 2 kills. (web stats count this corectly as 1 kill only) But if you shoot at that same enemy player in next fight and he doesent bail out, but for example crashe lands or get killed by hitting ground, there is only one kill message like it should be. Thats the only differance i noticed when this double kill message happends, i didnt pay mutch atention on what happends when enemy player is killed in his airplane, maybe then is also corect one kill message.
  22. yes that would be good and easy for all players but then players could still just use reshade or sweetfx like now
  23. lol in game on some high speeds you cant close it and it even gets stuck at half closed. but when you get slower your able to unjam it and close it, i play with open canopy on lagg3s or la5s only because your not able to bail out in most of cases when you have it closed, as you fast pick up speed when you lose wing in dive or flying high.
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