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  1. On your combat speed in G4 your as fast as P-47 on combat speed, and he can use it only 15 min, and you dive as fast as him, climb better (if he dosent use magic flaps) turn better and roll better, but 190 is more effective if you wont to Bnz, thouse later variants you get in bobp for axis are all overkill for what red side has now, you can fight them with bos fighters if you have them on mission, but when you have g4 take that. also for spoting i found its easyer to spot contacts that are below you then abow you, just yesterday i was on 6-7km altitude in lagg3 and i could see guys on 1-2km below me and i could not spot 109 at 9km altitude as i saw him only when he was 1km from me and already diving on me, so for bnz its not so bad as if your highest you have advantage of seaing better guys below you, i guess blured ground and gamma has something with it.
  2. Just giving me info in techchat when i run out of fantasy timer and when its recharged ill be more relaxed in playing with usaf stuff in this flying game. Simple stuff that helps a lot.
  3. I dont see that devs need to do anything here, guys making web stats for servers can make it so when you disconect and have no damage done to you by enemy in that sortie its considered as bailed out only, so only you airplane is lost. But if you disconect when you have damage from enemy (in lets say atleast few minutes time before disconect) in that sortie your considered capture, so then you lose your airplane and virtual life and t effects your ranking points. This way you dont punish guys who lose conections randomly, and you punish guys who disconect intentionaly when someone is shooting at them. Only thing devs could do is make airplane of guy who disconected stay in game like its in clod, then attacker can just easy finish, but i think this can easyer be fixed by just editing web stats, then bathering devs about it. Its best to ask Vaal about it he could probably do this to his stats system (that is used by 94.7% of servers) easy when he have time for it.
  4. You have 109g4 and 190a5 you can easy fight vs spit9 and p47d with that, on red your best option is to get la5fn when no one still didnt gift you bobp So fly axis on late missions until you get bobp, and your not at any disavantage.
  5. no its waist of time that can be used for other stuff, and MP is not stable now i dont need more stuff that will make game net conection more unstable ( thats why im afraid eveon of that marshal stuff as i bet it will make net conection in game wors then now ), use ts3 or discort there is planty of them around and each server has them, if ppl wont to comunicate with others you would see them there, and not many use them, just now 80ppl on wol and only 10-15 of them on wol ts3. ppl like their own ts3 without being bathered with others. If this is in game it would be muted most of time.
  6. Program is same old il-2 compare, what is changed is data it shows, you can download that program from mission 4 today, but you also have it in your il-2 1946 hsfx in manuals folder. ill send you in pm data files i edited with speds from tests in box, so you can use it like i use it.
  7. Nows the time to get thouse la5fns and yak1bs, itz z sale time 50% off, they are practicly giving them away!
  8. No DD but good collectors airplanes sale, time to get that slow spitv
  9. go in your controls then in plane engine controls and scroll all the way down and last 2 are for linking trottle to pitch and trottle to turbo. pressing key you should see message in tech chat, but they get realy linked only when you move them up down and they get to same value, after that they move same like they should when linked
  10. Then you guys will never be satisfied as no airplane in game will be like real one. Im jut saying its not because it was so great airplane that it had so good score in real life, it because of state of air war, if you look at its numbers and performance its nothing special compared to airplanes it fight, allied air supremecy made big differance and you aint gona siulate that in game online.
  11. Only airplane in game now i would like to know what Gs im pulling is Spitfires, that wings brake so sudenly as you can fast pull so mutch G, They can just add it in tech chat or hud and no problems. Also comparing what P-47s did in real ww2 to what they can do online is no point, online your outnumbered all time and at best eaqal, and your fighting ws more K4s and D9s then they did in real life and had big number advantage. Even in game if your fighting outnumbered its big disadvantage, you have to shoot enemy fast, have good sa, and mostly next airplane you see will be enemy, and bined that with short combat and boost time your tosted. Have SP or coop mission with corect ratio of airplanes and historic mods and set and youll have better representation, online DF server no way, comparing that to real is waist of time, its just fantasy scenarious no mather how historical ground setup is or front looks, when numbers of airplanes and players per side are unlimited.
  12. So what happends is you have most missions where you have Spitfire IIa vs 109E4N, and then 2-3 missions show up with BoF scenario and then you sudenly have to fly Hurri vs 109E1/3, and compared to SpitIIa and E4N thouse are crappy airplanes where you have to manualy control all stuff and dont have 20mm and so on... so BoF maps get empty realy fast, In real life you fly what they gave you you didnt try other airplanes you dont know how good bad your one is compared to other ones, in game you can try all airplanes and you can see how crapy hurri with no rotol is compared to spitiia, or e4n with all automatic and good 20mms compared to e1 or e3 with all manual and 7.7s or bad 20mm ammo on e3. When you can try all airplanes in game you can see what airplanes are crapy and what ones are not and you can skip crapy ones ( there will always be few ppl flying them for what not reasons but most will avoid them like you see in any game, how many ppl fly 202 on early maps and not F4 ). Now in real life most pilots didnt fly all airplanes, if they did they would say there is planty crapy airplanes 😄
  13. only when there is small amount of players, AI will spawn in air so ppl have something to do, and then when certen number of humans is on server they stop spawning.
  14. no you dont need stick, it will be better but you can play with mouse and keyboard if you wont and even with gamepads, i play with gamepad (il-2 1946, Wt, CloD DCS and this) and have no problems in any of the games, in the end all this is just game and you can play it with anything. Online youll just not be able to play with mouse on servers that dont alow you. If you play with mouse check in settings, maybe you have to select that option. But if you dont like stick and pedals and hotas and think like me its just to mutch space , try with some good gamepad, logitech F310 is great and accurate enought for any game. And you can just relax in your sofa and play.
  15. yes yes and its pilot that wins the df and not airplane and all that bs im sure, cal that chuky to play flying video game and he will fined crapy airplanes all around them, game play is nothing like real life flying
  16. It would be great to see contrails from more then 9,5km, maybe after they finish bobp, they can take a look on improving visual ranges to atleast 15km for airplanes and contrails
  17. I played many times in online missions in clod that had historical Battle of France missions over france area of map, also few campaigns, dinamic or scripted, also game has all important airplanes for battle of france, and missions that had bof were less popular as airplanes are crapy, i see no need to have bof in this game and i belive it would not be popular like it was not in clod.
  18. check this topic: and there is planty other topics if you serch about spoting, its big problem in this game... no res dont change a thing in this game like it does in previous games. This game dont use dots it just uses smaller and smaller lod of airplane. basicly try turning on sharpnes and off multusampling and adjust your screan and so on, not mutch you can do with game setings to make any noticable improvments beside making gamma low as posible. pos screanshot of your in game setings and ppl will beter know to tell you what you should adjust... or search for topics on forum with answers as this was asked many times
  19. Exept after Kuban leadership changed and Kuban is not popular, and Bodenplatte is preaty famous name. Battle of France, Battle of Britain we already have in CloD, making thouse now in this game would be like trying to make RoF 2 now it would be hard to get ppl to buy both FC shows that with not many ppl, its just to early and games are not that big differant in advances like for example jump from il-2 1946 to clod or this was. If clod continues they can easy cover Alamain, Tunisia, Malta and easrly Italy wars in MED and in england all thouse channel battles and raids from 1940-44 even Normandy as map is already in game.
  20. In game where you have it in unlimited numbers, and you have best conditions of airplane all time, and your not outnumbered, it will show what game changer it would be. So yes you should fear it :) (if players flying them will be able to see any enemys fast enought with poor visibility range )
  21. If visibility is big problem you can always play online on normal servers there is few ppl playing on them online, its good start, as you have icons and all are at same level then with visability and youll learn how to better DF there then on servers with no icons where 90% of kills are when enemy just fly strait.
  22. They need to tell us more about what this is ment to be to get excited about it, it can be just some simple thing that alowes some player to select "all attack 1034 target" and will add nothing new or even mess up MP, and only eat more fps (like new in game stats did when introduced) or its some ultra complex thing that will change a lot in MP. Its not that hard to learn it, in week or two reading turtorials and testing it youll get hand on it, but its not as frendly as older versions of game had it, but even after i spend time to learn it i dont bather any more to make any missions with it, and that was not the case with older games where it was fun to make missions, while here itsa like work you dont wont to do.
  23. Just by name recognision i expect to see at some point Battle of Normandy/Midway/Berlin names are recognisable with wide odiance and plansets are ok, i wuld be suprised if some obscured battles are selected before any of thouse 3.
  24. No i wont 😄 Its easy for veterans with 3-5 years of playing this game to just fly what ever as they understand how game works and to switch to more demanding airplanes like P-40 or P-39 is no effort for them BUT for some rookie who just started to play the game and start with P-40 its worst posible introduction, he should spend flying 109g2 or yak1 for 2-3months and then try to get to other more demanding airplanes like P-40... or he can start with P-40 online and end up leveing game for good as he has 0 chance to enjoy it when hes so overwhelmed, and go play something els.
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