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  1. i misstype i ment usn airplanes, Burma just dont say pto like masses see it, F4F4, F6F or F4U, and also like you say no japan navy airplanes also. I would like it depending what part of op is selected as area is big.
  2. atleast they could rethink recharg on 47 if 5min limit is by manual, or thats also explained somwhere in manual and its as confusing as its in game now?
  3. Burma, no ships no problems, but not many usa airplanes mostly raf or some other non carrier battle/area. Even in 1946 we would make mods to deactivate unnecesary guns as it would turn in slidshow with big number of capital ships and 60-80ppl, i cant imagine now how in this game even 1 bb or 1 carrier would work online and they would make them in bigger detail then ships were in il-2 1946.
  4. ill recikle my post from some time ago when talk was about med for box. I would go for Battle of Anzio , or call it Battle of Rome if it sounds better to mases, map like this for example: around 340-420km 1:1 scale https://ibb.co/k6nFyS ( they can even extend it 150km to west to include west parts of Corsca and Sardinia and its AFs, or even bigger if extending also by 150km to south to include north parts of Sicily and its AFs) Half is sea and tarain is interesting to fly over with all hills and mountains, and you could do few 43-44 operations on it. And this planset: RE.2002 Serie II ( bombs and torpedo) M.C.205V Serie III (bombs, droptanks) SM.79bis (bombs and torpedo) Do-217K ( bombs, Fritz-X guided bombs, Hs 293 guided rockets) G.55 Serie I (Colectable, torpedo, bombs) Seafire LF Mk.III (droptank, bombs) Hurricane Mk.IV ( rockets, bombs, 40mm gunpods) B-26C-25 (bombs ) P-51C-10 (droptank, bombs ) or Spitfire Mk.VIII (droptank, bombs) Mosquito B Mk.IV (colectable, bombs) Also by going in 1944 your avoiding any intersection with CloD and leve early to 43 med for them, like its with BoBp on england area now. we alrady have 202, and if they do italy they would probably do it one time so beter go for best posible for italian airplanes so i would rather some version of 205 then again 202. He said Re.2005, and thats inline so for diff i sugest 2002
  5. refraction only exists on 190s, no other airplane was affected by it 😄
  6. They did good job on RAF pilot model
  7. My tm8 reacantly wonted to get Spitfire MkV as he liked 9 in bobp, i just show him spec list and explained him all engine menagment and limits and in 10min he reconsedered hes idea of geting it,( we still regret decision of geting P-40 when we were naive and didnt know how big mess its engine menagmant is)
  8. I dont think they used carriers in Sicily landings operations, Malta was probably only carrier they needed, the amount of small ships is big and all that moving in MP missions i dont know how it would work now in game when even small number of ships in missions makes problems, but misssion makers can adapt and just make missions after landings and so on.
  9. Like this option, just G.55 didnt operate in that battle, and could be repalced with either Re.2002 or Fw-190A4 And insted opsolite B.20 i would go for Do-217 model, so you would give 2 reasons for Lufftwafe only lovers to get it. For Allied go for Spitfire VIII insted 9, and later they could easy fit as collectable airplanes some Hurricane MkIIc or early P-38F/H/G models And Map area would have to include Sicily, Malta, east parts of Tunisia and Calabria region in south tip of Italy, so it would be around 400x500km but mostly sea so its posible. So map could be used also for some early operations with airplanes game has. The only big problem i see is number of ships involved. Also i forghot CloD TF 6 or 7 would probably do this if its alive by then.
  10. You could send PM to Airahusky, with info about: You can help us speed up the solution of this problem by sending me a personal message with a description: What happened on the map when the message appeared? Map title and server? How many people were on the server? Best regards, Airahusky
  11. Thats why i was thinking before it even got to game not many wll bather with american airplanes after i saw how P-40 engine was modeled in game, didnt bather to get P-39 (was geting hot for ti watching Krupinskii videos but now its 37mms is bad, and you cant count on 1 hit so even more no point in geting it), who will be bathered with timing all that stuff and then you dont know if your engine will just quit if you forgeth to add few seconds. For short df on berloga its more then fun, im keping wait for Tempest, and i expect it will have same engine limits as Spitfire 9 so thats better then what american metal gets in this game.
  12. Nice shoots and manovers, If only soviets knew what they had in lagg23, they would win war in 1942
  13. thats why im asking, stats say u didnt land on airbase, and thats usealy kill as it count as crash landed if you dont land on your spawn base. So did you land with your gear down on some random base or random field on your side of border ? as its the same sitation in your OP with link you posted.
  14. i shoot at you today and i got kill in game after you dived away leaking fuel, but when i check web stats it says same landed not on airfiled, and no kill in web stats like in your case http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3818025/?tour=42 so from your pov did you do something differant this time crash landing, did you land with gear down, or didnt brake something on landing, or landed close to frendly objective and so on, there has to be something differant this time so it counts as ditch and no kill.
  15. Manual incress of RPM is big bost up high in climb and speed, but need to be cerfule not to go abow 3300 its engine fail
  16. just saw this new video by MeoW.Scharfi in k4 Df 3xSpit9s+47 on kota, fit for topic and plus is it looks awsome with all thouse spits in parts
  17. 10km=33kft spit9m70 481kmh ias, 109k4 1.8 494kmh ias 11km=36kft spit9m70 344kmh ias, 109k4 1.8 348kmh ias maybe abow 11km spit catches up in speed but didnt bather to see edit: try top speed at 12km=39kft spit9m70 305kmh ias, 109 k4 1.8 284kmh ias, so it beats 109 k4 by big margine there
  18. You have them on forum also, Han updated them recently so all airplanes we have in game now have them on forum also:
  19. i can see a lot of examples of this now when i look for them ( from before 3.007 update also so its not game bug of new kill mehanics), never happend to me that airplane i damaged and let go didnt count in this way so i didnt noticed it before. What is important is from the point of view of player who ditched, did he lost wing or something from airplane, did he land with gear down, maybe if crash landing is hard and damage is 100% then its counting as crash, but if crash landing is soft then web stats dont count it as kill, like game does and like it should be counted as kill. I gues now that airplanes got stronger this will happend more often, as before you would lose wing most of time, now its engine so people more crash land, and untill vaal checks this out and see if its realy some bug in stats i expect more people to be efected by it, probably more on axis side as vvs airplanes are stil tuffer.
  20. M70 Spit9 is slower then K4 at all altitudes in game, K4 can fight it up high with no problem, just because its HF doset imidiatly mean its better then other airplane up high, its just better then LF engine by 10-20kmh IAS up high, but K4 is still faster then HF Spit 9 at any alt. From in game specs: Spit9HF "Merlin 70 engine: Maximum true air speed at sea level, 3000 RPM, boost +18: 532 km/h Maximum true air speed at 4900 m, 3000 RPM, boost +18: 634 km/h Maximum true air speed at 8500 m, 3000 RPM, boost +18: 677 km/h Service ceiling: 13000 m Climb rate at sea level: 18.5 m/s Climb rate at 3000 m: 17.5 m/s Climb rate at 6000 m: 14.1 m/s Maximum performance turn at sea level: 17.8 s, at 270 km/h IAS.Maximum performance turn at 3000 m: 20.7 s, at 260 km/h IAS." 109k4 1.8 DB-605DB engine: Maximum true air speed at sea level, engine mode - Emergency: 599 km/h Maximum true air speed at 7500 m, engine mode - Emergency: 702 km/h Maximum true air speed at sea level, engine mode - Combat: 543 km/h Maximum true air speed at 8000 m, engine mode - Combat: 684 km/h Service ceiling: 12300 m Climb rate at sea level: 20.5 m/s Climb rate at 3000 m: 17.5 m/s Climb rate at 6000 m: 13.4 m/s Maximum performance turn at sea level: 24.0 s, at 270 km/h IAS. Maximum performance turn at 3000 m: 32.2 s, at 270 km/h IAS.
  21. =FB=Vaal there is problem in web stats in situations when damaged airplane status in sortie log is ditched, and in aircraft status is Landed not on Airfield , that player who damaged him is not reworded with kill in web stats, but in in game chat and in game stats he is reworded with kill, like it should be. This situation happends from what i could see when damaged airplane either lands with gear down on airfield that is not active airfiel/spawn, this i could see in my and tm8s case, and what i can not confirm but from what other players say maybe also it happends if damaged airplane lands but dont brake airplane/or lands with gear down on random area on his side. EDIT: maybe % of damage have also something to do with this error in web stats recording kill on ditched airplanes
  22. KOTA is using same web stats Vaal made ( same WoL uses), and in my previous posts i explain when i see this bug when kill is reworded in game but not in web stats (ditched=landed not on airfiels, for type of scenarious you describe in this post also ) , and this is not same as point 11 that works as intendend in game and in web stats ( as from what i can see that problem in this topic happends when enemy lands on inactive base or lands with gear down on field, not like point 11 says about active base ) . That type of scenario you describe should be reworded as kill also in web stats, type in point 11 should not (and it works like hat after 3.007 in game and in stats), and from what i can see this problem OP talk about is only stats problem, and should be fixed by Vaal, game works ok as intended after 3.007, as you did get kill message in game like other players when enemy ditches. Taw has its own web stat system not deendend on Vaal stats. I posted in web stats topic about this problem so maybe vaal can fix it when he have time.
  23. that point 11 works as intended after patch, enemy gets your engine, and you still manage to land back to your spawn/active airbase, and no in game kill message or web stats kill reworded, game now waits to see if youll make it before giiving guy who damaged you kill. Befor 3.007 that didnt work ok as in game if you destroy enemys controls or engine, in game chat would imidiatly give you kill message, but if you bring that same airplane back to your spawn/active base web stats would not give you kill. After 3.007 they are sincked and game also dont give kills for airplanes that made back safe to ther base. example from yesterday on wol, he got his engine destroyed but managed to glide to his home base and land, no kill in game or in stats for guy who damaged him. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3807583/?tour=42 before 3.007 that would be differant, in game chat would imidiatly give kill not even waiting to see if player can land on home base, while web stat would be same as now. Thats why they fix that in 3.007.
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