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  1. Yes there is delay for elevator imput and thats why you have problems, no deadband adjustment will fix that, its in game since spitv. If you play with Spit only you get used to it and its no problem, but you clearly se it when you fly any other airplane and then come back to spits. Its messing up aim wheny your shooting at enemy who is going up/down fast, as all your reactions to it are delayed.
  2. If its from MP then it can easy be net thing or if its also from recording then that also, best is test in SP abd if something is wrong then they will fix it in no time, but videos from MP or replays i dont think are relaiable.
  3. Destroyed town looks great, cant wait to see finished ma it will be epic!
  4. But dont expect to see them in this game, but its fun hunting B-29s with them in good old Il-2 1946
  5. When your used to play with 109F4s or G2s where when you make mistake you can just helecopter on strait up, slightly worst G6 is poor airplane then they dont even know how good they have it lol
  6. SO DD today then i see in my cristal ball pictures of P-51D-15 cockpit over Nederlands
  7. This is good example of how clod ax server had icons set up, at far its just some grey number, then as you come closer it gets your or enemy color, you could see frendly player name asnd so on, and server had planty of options to adjust what and when he wonts to show stuff same way you had it in il-2 1946. That server in video was something like berloga here but with all airplanes available for both sides so you had to have some icons to know if that spit is your side or not. But same could be on some servers with icons, you have only frendly icons visable from 0-2km and so on... there was planty options available and were usefull. Example how it looked in files, you had option when color shows, when range numbers are displayed, when type of airplane is shown, when name of player and so on... and you could have differant settings for enemy or frendly side, 24 was max distance in km, 0.1 is off. "mp_dotrange FOE COLOR 0.1 DOT 20 RANGE 0.1 TYPE 0.1 ID 0.1 NAME 0.1""mp_dotrange FRIENDLY COLOR 0.1 DOT 20 RANGE 0.1 TYPE 3.0 ID 0.1 NAME 1.5 and also no big sqare (that is more distracting then any help) around airplane like we have here in il-2 GB
  8. That maybe work offline where you have bombers flying in formations and abow 100m online all bombers are on deck or dive to deck as sone their gunner says "whats that" So then after pass on bomber most turn left or right exposing their airplane to side gunners or climb up and get pepered by front or top ones. Lately i encounter high flying bombers not because objectives are made for them but they stop going after objectives and now just go to bomb humans on spawn bases, and thouse ones you can attack normaly like you read in books if by any chance your able to climbe abow them in vvs fighters, but 90% of bombers just fly on deck and bomb on deck and even if we have B-17 or B-29 or Fw-200, they would also be used to bomb from 100m, as objectives are made that way and this is most effective way to bomb most stuff and make it hard for attackers.
  9. pe2 gunner has only ~15s of ammo, so you can always play safe and do few passes to drain his top or bottomgunner and then get him, i did this few times to 111H16s when i catch them far from target, but because of short visability most fighters just stay over tagets and then you dont have time to attack smart but its all in...
  10. How would you convince 1cgs board that any one of thouse 3 is good to make, i just dont see it in todays game market that any of thouse would make profit. CloD has BoB and is still in development by 1cgs supporting it, and others are just to unatractive and unsafe options that you would risk spending 1-2years of 20-30 ppls job on it. I dont know what people think is going on as you can see with BoBp that they had to go for bestes and fasteses and sexyestes airplanes to try to get some boost and there is still players that dont wont to buy it...
  11. i see even online gunners get killed, on axis or allied airplanes
  12. If you were on ts3 when rip lost his virtual life that time (he dosent get disconections offten maybe 3-4 in 500sorties) you would understand how and why it happend and that its only wol thing 😄 10 days of farming lost because of random disconect. He played WT for few days, WarThunder lol , that was the level of desperation..
  13. Servers can set AI of gunners to lovest rank and there would not be big problem. Yesterday i attaked 2 ju88s on WoL where all gunners are set to Ace and i got hit every time, if they were low skill i would not get hit. If they had 20mm or 12mm insted 7mm i would be shoot down, like pe2 with 12mm is shooting down paper 109s, its not op pe2 its all ai gunners when set to ace that hit you in extream situations also. So in short problem of AI that tracks you incredably is on al bombers, but its important to know ion what skill is set. Also who would fly online in bombers when his AI gunners are set to novice and he has no chance to atleast drops bombs on target so he didnt spend 15-30mnin flying ifor nothing and punish his attackers before 2 or 3rd one shoot him down, as there is BIG ratio of fighters to bombers and bomber pllayer has to have some advantage like ace skill gunners. Have anyone of complaining guys ever did a test novice bomber gunners and ace and see how big differance is and that novice gunners behave more like most wont to have in game, but online you need to give bomber guys fighting chance where they dont have luxury of flying in big numbers, and are always at disadvantage.
  14. By default this Vaal web stats dont stop your streak/virtual life after any disconection, Only Wings of Liberty change it so every disconection stops the streak and virtual life as playerts would disconect when someone is shooting at them and then avoid geting shoot down and now on wings of liberty all disconects end your virtual life. So basicly all players are punished for few roten apples. It would be nice if there is aditionl option that disconect like in your example where is no damage detected in sortie to you, dont end streal/virtual life, and is considered as bailed out by stats. BUT disconect where you see damage detected within few min before disconect, like in this example where player clearly disconects when someone is shooting at him to avoid lovering his ranking points , is ending your virtual life and is considered as capture so its like he got shoot down and cant avoid lovering his ranking points or end of virtual life. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3859307/?tour=42 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3849122/?tour=42 As how its now only on WoL, because players like him, you are getting punished.
  15. http://il2na.com/en/sortie/3896/?tour=5 No problemo 😄 its just fall from 60m directly on canopy why would you be dead
  16. They talk about this and other stuff here with fm guy on russian forum few months ago: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8333-2-случая-с-фм/ I usealy see 190s doing hard pull up to make small stal , then you overshoot and they recover in no time with almost no speed loss, and that 109 in video is also comon thing, thats why 23mm is best cure, you hit them before they start to jump around and doing syfy moves, after 23mm hits them there is no headles chiken move that can save them 😄
  17. yes you should get that medal now, so either discription is wrong or scrip is buged and dosent work corectly for ground attacker. Try to see what happends when you get 10 combat sorties, i see on vvs side its like that first medal is 5combat sorties and 2nd takes 10, here it says both medals are 5 cb sorties, so maybe thats error in discription.
  18. Nice one, thouse .50s look are great on 190s hull it just makes it better
  19. i see on kota combatbox coconout fins ded and so on servers disconect sorties have that same messages but they dont end your virtual life, its just like that sortie never happend, i could only see on wol that disconect ends your virtual life, so i think by default is like its on most of other servers. And quick serch on your server web stats i can see same thing there, you get disconected and its like that mission didnt happend you continue with your virtual life, (same happends on other servers web vaal stats), example: http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/sorties/4/WWCraven/?tour=3 you see how your streak and virtual life continued after that spitv disconect event. also i se your last week disconect you mentined http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/sorties/4/WWCraven/?tour=4&page=1 and you can see your virtual life continued after disconect only to be ended by kia next sortie ( gap in sorties shows end of virtual life, and gap after disconect shows only on wol) it dose not get ended like for example here on wol: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/21077/77.Ripgrunwald/?tour=43&page=3
  20. from what i can see only WoL is changed vaal stats system so when you have any disconections it ends your virtual life, other servers are using vaal system so when you have disconection no mather intentional or not it does nothing to your stats. WoL had it like that before but i gess it got abused alot so they changed it to this strick rule that any disconect is considered intentional and ends your virtual life. So if you play on other popular servers that use vaal system youll be ok.
  21. You probably first need to get Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross ( and thats what you got for first time in that virtual life 30gk in 5cb sorties as GA). Combat sortie is one where you get poiints on end of it. So from what i see from your sorties list, you got enought targets in but in only 4 combat sorties in Oldtrainstation mission so you could not get this medal then. You get it only on next mission Battle of Caucasus when you did 5th succesfule combat sortie as GA, but as also on next sortie you got kia you didnt get this one on picture as medals get updated after mission ends and you cant get both of them in same mission as system dont see you have first one. So as you get new medals on ends of missions you got only one, but if you servived that Battle of coucases and played one sortie atleast as GA next mission, you would get also medal you posted in picture. PS.you did 5 cb sorties with 110 in that virtual life not 12, rest were with fighter so they dont count for that medal, and also that sortie you get captured or kia or no points dosent count also
  22. nice flying, that forward view on mig3 is great (makes me wont yak-3 )
  23. Yes yesterday only on one mission, there was period of shuters both i and tm8 had them at same time, it was one of winter maps. Rest of the missions we played that day was ok.
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