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  1. i use 5s fuze delay on vvs bombs and no problem from any alt then
  2. For The British Pacific Fleet TASK FORCE 57 Sakishima Gunto, Okinawa Campaign, 1945 http://www.armouredcarriers.com/task-force-57-british-pacific-fleet/ http://www.armouredcarriers.com/task-force-57-iceberg-oolong-british-pacific-fleet/ nice picture of area they were operating: http://taiwanairpower.org/blog/?p=7782#more-7782 we can then also get in mood by making some oolang tea to smooth out tricky landings of Seafire on moving deck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXKV9cde_y4
  3. info from dev on russian forum, no need to panic it will be fixed : https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8056-обсуждение-версии-3009-у-2вс-крепость-на-волге-бостоны-над-кубанью/?do=findComment&comment=658923 We confirm the problem in a multiplayer game, something is wrong with the network (in a single-player game, everything is OK), we understand, there will be a hot fix ...
  4. what i see from videos and stats it exactly what was before happening online in small cases when data of bullet would be delayed, you would then have this violent damage recived on guy being shoot at. I try to expalain that to guys complaining about that DM is somehow changed, as this is only happening online. Most online players dont play SP so usealy what they see online they think happends also in SP. If people pay atention on how they are trying to fix MP since 3.007, they would see that this could easy be problem of them trying to fix outdated data online bug. Now probably data is not so mutch delayed(they maybe found fix to minimise delay) , but effect of when enemy airplane recive that bullet data is still there ( 100% damage). look at this video from before 3.007, look how 190 just explods (in same way as shown in clips of a20vs190 from 3.009) when it recives bullet data from il-2 who shoot at him in 23s of video: (same as what people see now, just it happends withextra small delay in 3.009) they dont have ability to run big online beta tests so this things are expectable, but if people complain to strongly and then even miss ID whats happening, they could not be so wiling to continue fixing MP in future, and there was some noticable fixes to mp since 3.007.
  5. just wait till morning and they will look at it and fix it, best just avoid MP till then
  6. Same as my tests , nothing like on videos shown online problems, and all is like in 3.008 so MP problems shown in video and expirianced by many in 3.009 look like are not coused by some unanounced DM or gun change
  7. It was happening before, but not as noticable as after 3.007, then in 3008 they added messages so others can see it easy, and now in 3.009 to me it looks like som atempt of fix delay is coasing this, as end resoult of 1 100% damage is what was happening with delayed data, now it just happends that data is recived faster but effect of 100% damage is still there. And i see thouse many videos and all have same thing comon, its online only it involves atleast one player from far from server (high ping) and it looks like thouse videos from before, just with delays smaller but effect of 100% damage still existing. same as in 3.008 or same that they lose wings on first hit?
  8. looked at your replay and its like when lag in bullet data happends as pre patch, you hit him with planty bullets yet only 1 is detected and 100%, its not some change in DM from 3.008 to 3.009 its probably net bug. Try shoot at AI in QM and you will not see anything like this, so it cant be DM change that is coasing this if it happends only online and not all time.
  9. So all videos of strange one shot kills are online , it dosent work that you have one gun or dm for offline and oher for online, to me this problems are probably attempt to fix outdated bullet data gone wrong. And they probably dont have enought beta testers to run tests on scale TAW,KOTA WOL can do in few h. it will probably get fixed when they see it in morning.
  10. and thouse guys are from Usa and brazil, and did you see them move or react on your shotings, and instantly fell apart or few sec later after you hit. also this would be noticable in SP QM if its this drastical DM/gun chage, but in my trys all is ok in SP QM, no dramatic dewingings like shown in videos from MP, so it could be some DM thing or gun bug, but i think as if its hapening online only it has to be net problem as was sean before 3.007 and more offten after 3.007 online or ofline?
  11. did that happend to him online or offline, if online then its net problem or atempt of fix net problems from before gone wrong and not change in DM or gun strenght that they did in 3.009 compard to 3.008. All i see points in that direction.
  12. as you can see no gunners shoot at him, and when he recived bullet data , he loses all parts and 100% damage, to me from what i saw before in game its more like that then any DM changes that are making this to happend online in 3.009 and again that 100% one hit damage that i see when bullet data is delayed, stats from that clip shown: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=57218&name=Talon_
  13. This what is shown on taw video of 190 losing all parts is what happends when bullet data is delayed, i would not think imidiatly that something is wrong with DM if they say no changes was done since 3.008, for me maybe they did some changes in netcode to try to fix problems from 3.007 and we see this making problems now in 3.009 with this 100% damage hits. Its neccesary to check if same things happend offline in qm attacking AI bombers, its probably MP only problem, and then not DM change.
  14. That exactly happend to me also month ago, but when i saw that i do no damage to him i already knew what will happend to me and i imidiatly moved away and start to climb, as i know from previous expiriance and what i saw on youtube videos that its just about time i will recive his gunners bullet data and explod so i need to be high enought to bail when it happends. that was just after 3.007 and this problems start to get more offten, you dont even see my bullets detected on him, but you can see that 100% hit when i recived data with delay, i bet your sorties is with same. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3758069/?tour=41 its only bullet data thats delayed in that situations, you dont see enemy airplane behaving strange, you just dont see your bullets doing damage to him or you dont see his gunners shooting at you, so thats why i tought same thing happend to PeterZvan when i see 100% dmg from bomber he attacked in his post. After they added messages in 3.008 other people could easy detect this, but before messages was not visable its not easy to know what happend if its first time event.
  15. same like what i saw, Rip did high angle shot on ju88 and got his right wing and tail off, and la5fn that got hit by ju88 was also in turn and just lost wing, so something strange is happening for sure, i just touth its net lag again, as its said no changes to dm.
  16. its maybe net lag, and maybe they removed data delayed messages from 3.008 so you dont know now when it happends, usealy with lag in data when airplane receved bullets with delay it would explode in peaces like bomb hit it, and then in stats you would see this ~100% damage from one hit. I noticed when my tm8 attacked ju88 on wol server with la5, 1 hit 99.5% dmg, he was suprsed as that never happend before to him: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3826553/?tour=42 and same ju88 destroyed other la5fn with also single shot: 98% dmg http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3826539/?tour=42 i could see him shooting at ju88 and no dmg recorded on ju88 from him This mission was lagy since 3.007 on WoL server, and had outdated data messages for players in 3.008, but this time i didnt noticed outdated data messages when we played it today on 3.009 and it was strange to see this amount of damage. EDIT: on same mission we attacked few 109s 190s and 111 and damage looked similar to what was in 3.008, this ju88 even was only strange and out of norm
  17. Do we still have thouse data delayed messages in 3.009?
  18. That would be good option, they do look same from outside Yak9M: Yak9T:
  19. Thanks for quick fix Vaal, i see in last web stats patch ditched airplanes are now consdered as shot down and attacker gets a kill.
  20. We already have two Yak-1 available to us, one more and on top of that earlyer version i dont think would sell as well as new type of yak family, if external diff are not big maybe just add early engine modification to Yak-1 is beter option (like La5 has F mod added later). We dont have any Yak-9s in game available now, and to me only Yak-9T is something thats differant enought from available airplanes, have good performance and could fit existing maps so it can be easy included in career or campaign SP missions, as give competative airplane in MP for some later scenarious also for player to buy. Regarding bomber i can see reasns for making IL-4 as compared to Pe-2 atleast it has bigger bombload.
  21. With BoBp coming and expected move to PTO as next dlc, it would be nice to give some more Soviet fighter as option for players that dont have to big interest in west front or pto. Yak-9U would be my favorit, but no maps in game where it can operate so probably only MP players would buy it, and just early Yak-9 would be almsot same as Yak-1B already available as collectable . I think Yak-9T gives posibility to be included in existing DLC in game and someething interesting compared to Yak-1B and Yak-7b already in game so its good buy for SP and MP guys. http://airwar.ru/enc/fww2/yak9t.html google translate from link: "The Yak-9T (tank) with an M-105PF engine, a VISH-105SV screw with a diameter of 3.0 m and powerful cannon armament was one of the first (along with the Yak-9D) modifications of the serial two-bar Yak-9 and differed from it mainly in armament Armament Yak-9T consisted of a motor-gun OKB-16 11P-37 (later called the NS-37) caliber 37 mm and one synchronous machine gun UBS. The total mass of weapons is 315.5 kg versus 168.3 kg for the two-barred Yak-9, armed with one ShVAK cannon and one UBS machine gun. The development of the 11P-37 gun was begun in 1941 by a group of engineers under the leadership of A. E. Nudelman and A. S. Suranov. Ground tests were very successful and ended in August 1942. The gun also withstood military tests on LaGG-3 aircraft in April-May 1943, after which it was finally put into service. The gun was located in the collapse of the engine for firing through the hollow shaft of the gearbox and the screw hub and was attached at two points: to the engine and the glider. The barrel protruded from the screw of the screw to 160 mm, as a result of which the total length of the Yak-9T was 8.66 m versus 8.50 m at the Yak-9. The machine gun was located, as usual, on the left side of the upper part of the fuselage and was intended for zeroing before opening fire from a cannon. The capacity of the cartridge boxes: with free packing - 30 shells for the gun and 200 rounds for the machine gun, with careful packing - 32 for the gun and 220 for the machine gun. Power guns and machine guns - continuous, using a crumbling ribbon of metal links. Sleeves and links from the machine gun were going to a special compartment of the fuselage, and from the gun - to the sleeve liner located under the weapon. Pneumatic reloading weapons. Fire control guns and machine guns - separate, push-button, from electropneumatic pulses EPS-1, the buttons which are located on the standard control stick aircraft. Aiming when firing at air targets, as usual, was made by aiming the aircraft using a mechanical annular sight BB-1 (air sight), consisting of a ring located inside the cockpit and a front sight on the fuselage in front of an armored visor. For firing at ground targets at the front edge of the wing, marks were placed that ensured the aircraft’s constant entry into the dive and the necessary distance for opening fire. The installation of a large and heavy 37-mm cannon (length - 3400 mm, weight - 150 kg) required a number of significant changes to the Yak-9 design. The power frame of the fuselage was strengthened in the front. For placement on the plane of the breech of the gun and maintaining the centering within the allowable limits, the cockpit was shifted back 400 mm, which somewhat worsened the forward hemisphere view (on landing), but improved the rear view (in flight). Due to the rear cockpit, which led to a shift in centering, the Yak-9T was less inert than other aircraft, which allowed the pilot to perform a combat maneuver, anticipating the enemy. The installation of the 37-mm gun required an improvement in the quality of the aircraft’s production, first of all, the quality of the installation work, since high recoil (about 5,500 kg) resulted in the disruption of pipeline connections, as well as cracks and the destruction of individual parts. According to the resolution of the State Defense Committee of February 18, 1943, all Yak-9 aircraft, including the Yak-9T, were to be produced from March 1 as a long-range fighter with a fuel reserve of 480 kg. Such a refueling in the initial stage of the flight led to a deterioration of the flight characteristics, especially the climb and maneuverability in the vertical plane. Therefore, the Yak-9T continued to be produced with 330 kg of fuel and a flight weight of 3025 kg. With this flight mass, the Yak-9T in its flight-performance characteristics stood at the level of the two-unit Yak-9, somewhat inferior to it in the vertical maneuver and far surpassing the power of fire. On the mass of a second salvo, the Yak-9T outperformed the Me-109G-2 three-point aircraft - 2.24 times, the five-point aircraft - 1.16 times; Me-110 - 1.31 times; FW-109A-8 - 1.09 times. Compared with the Me-109G-2, armed with three cannons and two machine guns, the Yak-9T had the advantage in horizontal speed to an altitude of 4600 m. At an altitude of 4600 m, the speeds were the same, and the higher advantage went to Me-109G-2. The vertical speed of the Yak-9T was slightly inferior to the Me-109G-2 to a height of 2500 ... 3000 m and above 4000 m. In the altitude range of 3000 ... 4000 m, the vertical speeds of the Yak-9T and Me-109G-2 were almost the same. The horizontal maneuverability of the Yak-9T had a clear advantage over the Me-109G-2 to an altitude of 5,000 m due to the smaller turning radius and time. In the vertical maneuver, the advantage for the Yak-9T was maintained up to a height of 3000 m; at altitudes of 3000 ... 4500 m, the figures were the same, and higher - the advantage shifted to Me-109G-2. Me-109G-2 had a heavy control and when dragging the handle fell into a tailspin. On a dive, he was somewhat away from the Yak-9T, but at the exit from the dive he demanded very large efforts from the pilot, and therefore the output was slow, with a trajectory stretched in time and space. These circumstances contributed to the successful attack of the Me-109G-2 by our aircraft due to the anticipation at the exit from the dive and on the hill. The Me-109G-2 had a poor view of the rear hemisphere, and the pilot did not see the plane that had entered his tail. In addition, the Yak-9T could lead an offensive battle, even on turns. The Yak-9T was built by the AS Yakovlev Design Bureau in January 1943, according to the State Defense Order of December 25, 1942, The Yak-9T was built serially at the plant N153 from March 1943 to June 1945. A total of 2,748 aircraft were launched. The Yak-9T began operating in early 1943. From the end of this year it was successfully used to fight the enemy’s ships on the Black Sea. Military trials for combat use were carried out on 34 Yak-9T aircraft from July 5 to August 6, 1943 on the Central Front in 16 Air Army. On the Yak-9T flew 80 pilots of six regiments, which were part of 273.IAD 6.IAK (fighter air corps) and 1 Guards. Stalingrad iad. 78 air battles were conducted (31 of them were effective), in which, in addition to the Yak-9T, the Yak-1, Yak-7B and Yak-9 participated (428 sorties, including 150 on the Yak-9T). 110 enemy aircraft were destroyed, including: FW-190 - 54, Me-109 - 4, Ju-87 - 31, Ju-88 - 14, He-111 - 7. Of these, 49 were shot down on the Yak-9T (44, five%). Their losses - 36 aircraft, including 12 Yak-9T. The average consumption of ammunition for one shot down aircraft: 147 rounds of a caliber of 20 mm (Yak-1, Yak-7B, Yak-9), 31 rounds of 37 mm (Yak-9T), 123 rounds of 12.7 mm (all aircraft) . From August 17 to September 18, 1943, 12 Yak-9T aircraft passed military tests in conjunction with three Yak-9D in 18 GWI IA 1 on the Western Front. On the Yak-9T aircraft, 172 combat sorties were made with a total time of 151 hours 54 minutes, 47 battles were fought, 9 were shot down and 2 enemy aircraft were shot down, including FW-190 - 4, He-111 - 4, Ju-87 - 2 , FW-189 - 1. Lost three Yak-9T. The appearance on the front of the Yak-9T made a great moral impact on the enemy and greatly facilitated the conduct of air battles by our other types of fighters interacting with the Yak-9T. Prior to this, the FW-190 aircraft, with fairly strong weapons, willingly went on the attack on a collision course in aerial combat with the Yak-1. After the appearance of the Yak-9T, they began to avoid frontal attacks of the Yak aircraft. The presence of 37 mm cannon allowed to significantly increase the firing range. Without reducing the likelihood of hitting an enemy aircraft, this at the same time reduced the possibility of hitting the pilot of the Yak-9T with a bomber gunner. The most favorable distances for opening fire from 37-mm cannons: 400 ... 100 m for fighters, 600 ... 500 m for bombers. However, for the breakdown of enemy bombers, it was possible to fire from a distance of 1000 ... 1200 m fragmentation projectiles with self-liquidators. The experience of the combat use of the Yak-9T showed that the scheme of its armament with the NS-37 and UBS tactically very advantageous. A single projectile hit the enemy's plane resulted in its complete destruction. And the NS-37 armor-piercing shells easily pierced the armor of German tanks 30 mm thick at a distance of 500 m at an angle of up to 45╟. The high effectiveness of the 37-mm projectile and limited ammunition required the pilot to conduct only aimed fire with short bursts of one or two, maximum three shells. Shooting long bursts led to unproductive waste of ammunition, because after 2 ... 3 shots, due to the strong recoil of the gun, the plane fell off the aiming line, dropping its nose, which caused undershots when shooting at ground targets and a decrease in the route - when shooting at air targets . To continue the shooting it was necessary to restore aiming. The flight stability when shooting from a cannon depended, naturally, on the flight speed and the queue length: the higher the flight speed and the shorter the queue length, the less impact the gun recoil force had on the direction of flight. The Yak-9T was successfully used to combat enemy aircraft of both fighter and bomber types. Among the flight personnel of the Yak-9T enjoyed great popularity and was highly appreciated due to the installation of powerful weapons and good flight data. In the conclusion of the military tests noted that: 1) the Yak-9T is a fighter aircraft required for the KA Air Force; 2) when forming parts of fighter aviation, it is advisable to make the regiments mixed, including 30 ... 50% of Yak aircraft with conventional armament and 70 ... 50% of aircraft with a 37 mm cannon; 3) Yak-9T aircraft, it is advisable to arm the part of the flight crew, good command of air firing. The pilot, flying on the Yak-9T, must be a kind of air sniper and be able to hit the enemy for sure - from the first shot. The creation of the Yak-9T at the height of the war with a powerful 37-mm caliber quick-fire cannon and its rapid development in production and operation played a large role in the conquest of air superiority by our aircraft. " " Modification Yak-9T Wingspan, m 9.74 Length m 8.66 Height, m 3.00 Wing area, m2 17.15 Weight, kg empty aircraft 2298 normal takeoff 3025 engine's type 1 PD VK-105PF Power, hp 1 x 1180 Maximum speed, km / h on the ground 533 on high 597 Practical range, km 735 Rate of climb, m / min 910 Practical ceiling, m 10,000 Crew one Armament: one 37 mm NS-37 motor-gun (30 rounds ammunition) and one 12.7 mm UBS synchronous machine gun (200 rounds)" http://www.airpages.ru/eng/ru/yak9t.shtml page 307: https://books.google.ru/books?id=VRPPAAAAQBAJ&pg=PT319&dq=история+эксплуатации+як-9т&hl=hr&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiMouCClqzfAhUHAhAIHfIcBAMQ6AEIJjAA#v=onepage&q&f=false http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft20042.htm post any more info about units that used it and where it operated, posibly on maps we have in game and so on to make it more posible to make for this game as collectable http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/fww2/yak9t/ https://books.google.com/books?id=GUI3DwAAQBAJ&lpg=PA208&ots=MnqaBeYQEw&dq=Yak-9T&hl=hr&pg=PA202#v=onepage&q&f=false A “Golden Oldie” from 1944, Yakovlev Yak-9 Tempory Technical Manual Compiled by: V.G. Ferrein and M.V. Yaasnogmiyadov. Dated 27 March 1944. Credit: Irfan S. Hokan ( have info on 9t and other variants, in russian ) :
  22. This is nice site for RN airplanes Sefires and carriers http://www.armouredcarriers.com/seafire-operational-history/
  23. 490Th Bomb Squadron in China-Burma-India book mentions when they were in burma in 44 they got bombed by G4M1, so i included them as option as its better bomber then Ki-21, but they probably operated from far east bases, i expect japanese used them all over asia because of big range I didnt notice any mentions of use of thouse airplanes, i selected 10 that i could fit, Burma is big depending on area or year airplanes list is totaly differant, and then PTO was so close then
  24. So for example airplanes they could make for Operation U-Go in 1944 Burma Ki-43-II-Kai Ki-44-II-Ko Ki-61-I-Otsu Ki-45-Hei/Otsu Ki-21-II or G4M1 vs A-36A Hurricane Mk.IV Spitfire Mk.VIII Beaufighter Mk.VI B-25C/G/H and P-38J, P-47D and Spits V we already get with BoBp
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