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  1. zebra in op is only one on vvs side i see doing this and not effectivly but i remenber pokemon was doing it in pe2 one month and it was not as effective as it was in ju88 so he went back to ju88s, best he did in pe2 was 6 destroyed on spawn, in ju88 15, so thats why you see this more on axis side then on vvs. ju88 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4167066/?tour=46 pe2 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3350493/?tour=37 this sounds familiar are you sure your posting on correct acount handle, this type of coment was directed to my tm8 yesterday in game, that was not you ? And what if i have 0.33 k/h and spend 2-3h just flying in one sortie, should i go for ace in flight every flight and camp over enemy bases in fast airplanes that can just run away ?
  2. Its not realy dangerous to bomb spawn base, no one is defending spawn bases so you just need to come high and bomb it, this is just few axis spawn bombers from wol who do it... http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4265475/?tour=47 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4206953/?tour=47 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4253324/?tour=47 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4134593/?tour=46 Bases are well protected from low alt attacks, youll do one pass but youll get hit on secound one, but when you bomb from high flak on ace is not effective, and AI fighters get draged away or shoot down by spawn bombers guys escort. I seen it on wol fighter will do recon first over base and report amount of players on it spawning then bomber comes at 7-8km and do 2-3 passes while players are just spawning, and bombers guy escort is just shooting down ai fighters as they are to slow up high (unlike axis ai fighters that shoot you down when you try to do this with pe-2) If spawn base is objective in briefing , then you would have players expecting it to be bombed and defending it, but when you have airfields (that are not spawn airfields) as objectives on missions i see no reason then trolling to bomb humans on spawn points, and on top of that you dont have spawn points scatared all around base, its all at one place in 1 or 2 lines so you know when players sawn where they will always be on airbase.
  3. I hope you get bombed on spawn then and have fun with it when you enjoy it so mutch, to me people like him are trolls and help keep MP in bad state it is, you just keep suporting that behavior
  4. Hope your game crashes wevery time you bomb players on spawn, you have objectives to bomb but players like you chouse to haras other players online like this and bomb others on spawn for no reason then troll
  5. Its holidays bananza next few feew weeks, dont expect any updates for 2-3 weeks, maybe some DD if were lucky you can wolololo all you wont but it aint gona help, better send them some beverages
  6. I suggest to have ability to link escorting fighter player with bomber player online, and then some % of points that linked bomber player colects in that sortie can be added to linked fighters sortie also. Encuriging bomber players escorts online. How it would work is you could have aditional icon option in ingame stats page to click next to player name, who you wont to escort ( like you have frend or ban icon option now), and bomber player could accept it or denay it ( depending on how good escort you provided before for example ). So lets say each bomber player can accept up to 4 escort requests, and each fighter can ask to eascort up to 4 bomber players. As of now you get no points for providing escort of bombers so not many users do it on fast food servers where everything is mostly about points, so then if you can earn points by eascorting, and amount of thouse points depend on that bomber hitting target and returning safe home ( as he gets more points then and you get more points then also as escort) probably more users would make sure that bomber guy gets back from objective as then he can get % of points bomber guy earned (bomber players points dont get reduced ) That would also maybe help in preventing kamikazi bombing as who would escort bomber guy who wont get any points back as hell just crash after destroying targets, and also bomber players can opt to not be escorted by fighter guys who just leve them and so on... If this is not neccesary or to mutch for to be in game i guess this could also be done just by for example vaal stats system, with bombers and escorts doing linking/requests on web stats.
  7. I played acg events in clod when it was free event and i know you guys provide best posible expiriance for users searching for historical behavior in online gameplay, i dont think i putt you guys in DF server basket, i said only events can provide what you have in SP in online enviroment. You guys have mission once a week so thats not df server for me thats event, and only way to have some organised and historical looking behavior in online.
  8. So your teling me that when axis side has number advantage most of the time, allieds will be catching 262s on take of and landings i hope you gona try that in P-47 vs d9s k4s and 262s when its 30vs 50 axis. what you have now is axis bombers bombing allied spawn bases with no resistance, as red players need to be punished for flying uber red airplanes so bombing them on spawn and vulching them is justified, you dont see that behavior from allied bombers only axis. what will happend when 262 gets in game online is thouse guys will switch their ju88s with 262s and be more effective in vulching allied players that just spawn they aint gona go bomb objectives they gona just be more effective vulchers as flak in game even on ace is uneffective, and then more allied players quit after they get bomb in their head when they spawn... catching 262s on take of and landings is historical , in mp when you dont have historical numbers advantages or limitations on axis equipments that will just be fantasy for forum, not reality in MP in this game.
  9. Its still same no mather what server you play, most players that play MP seams to like it like that or they would quit, and thouse ones play MP now and see all is ok, ones who dont like that way of play quit on MP or just show up on events and dont even bather wth df servers. Even if you have some sqads they dont tend to fly how it was flown in ww2 as its not effective, why bomb in formations from high alt when you can be more effective bombing low alt in spred, or why fly fighters in tight formations of 4-8 when your more effective in 4 elements of 2 covering multi tgts and so on...Spend time to taxi and form up on runway just so some guy colides while trying to take off or some spawn bomber gets lucky and bombes all of you... why bather then txiin all just take off strait from spawn... For organaised stuff it takes time to set it up, and to see when it is ok for all interested, and then you need to advartaise it, and most SP guys dont even bather with forums, so i guess they even dont know that some would like to play online the way its more like SP but with other humans (aka coop). But why would SP guy bather with that and spend more time on it when he can enjoy it on its own terms offline. And with all visibility problems in game you realy need to be persistant to not quit on MP in few weeks
  10. 1. ~30000 players played atleast once on WoL are they in MP or SP % who knows how dev calculate % for SP and MP, i play SP sometimes but MP mostly am i in SP part or MP part of devs % numbers, who knows , they said many times its 5% MP, i belive its more but not by mutch maybe 15-20% max. 2. nothing in MP is historical behavior so that not atracts many users, also in MP nothing revolves about you its team work so some users dont like that, and it takes some time to understand how its played as its totaly differant from SP so some users dont have patiance... but i belive historical aspect is by far what dosent atrcat SP users.
  11. "GAZ-MM + 72K Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38 (Collector Vehicles) to come together after tanks done. " "Due to development and gameplay considerations we have decided to create a separate AAA vehicles add-on featuring the GAZ-MM + 72K and Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38. We will prepare them as a separate product to be released later and work to make them a more interesting addition to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles then initially planned."
  12. CountZero

    ME 262

    Im interested to see if forward frame and that tick glass will have 190s refraction treatment, or law of light refraction will not work on it same like on rest of airplanes i game, pictures they show us didnt still show that part of cockpit.
  13. La5FN no questions, its best red fighter in game. Compared to SpitVb your faster, better roll, better speed at all alts, better climb at low-mid alts p to 5-6km, more emergancy time, more ammo in 20mms, all guns in nouse for easy aim, better rear view... Spitvb has better turn, better max dive speed, better climb at high alts, and thats it compared to la5fn. Compared to 109s you are faster then them on low alts up to 3.5km, and you can outroll them, have same or better turn times depending on 109 type better climb up to 1-2km. For 190s your also faster then them on low alts up to 2.5km, and you can outturn them and roll slightly beter and outclimb them at any alt. Only problem in la5fn is if your bnz type, you need to worry about max speed in dive, as airplane is fast in dive and you reach 750kmh realy fast, and then your dead as you lose both elevators and you cant bail out if you have closed canopy.
  14. Type of improvement: Gameplay Explanation of proposal: Make default chat key "enter" to be for my team only, and for all "lctrl+enter", oposite frm how its now (or alow this to be changed by player in key settings as far i see its not posible to be changed , some one pm me if im wrong thanks) Benefit: Playing online this constantly get confused by new players who dont understand that they are chating in open chat by pressing enter and think its only their team that see messages, and it is confusing even when explained to them how it works to get it right.
  15. No i was wrong, after i read your post i had to check it more as i tought this is how airplane is in game, and strange that you would not notice it imidiatly. And it seams i had noise filter option at 0.5, i dont know when i moved it there, but when i moved it to 0 i see no delay. ( PS that fixed my track ir delay also dont know why that option is tyde to it also) I guess because spits elevators are so sensitive i didnt noticed this problem with wrong setting on other less sensitive airplanes. Yes i see this poor stability also but now when i see where i was wrong, its mutch better response.
  16. CountZero

    ME 262

    You should be able to test it in 11-42 days YOu only need to have trottle up and down maped i guess more info here :
  17. i dont know how you dont see delay in movment, i can see this delay only in spitfires in game with elevator controls, tm8 also noticed it imidiatly when he tryed spitfire 9 for first time, as i at first i tought something is wrong with my setup, but then i could see its the way airplane is modeled, its anoying when your shooting at enemy who is doing negative g +g moves that are usealy donw to get rid of 6
  18. Thats good news, is that smaller area map still in plan ? It dosent have to be perfect, it will be great job just to see map of this size made by players added to game, there was few projects before but it seams theye were to big.
  19. I use novice ai louded with gunpods and 100 fuel if i wont easy target that will not run from me, i start 1-2km abow him. If you wont ai that behaves more like it should use veteran or ace skill and give them 50 fuel. But i mostly use QM for duel option where i start at 4km enemy spawns at 1km and in infinet number, rest i use rearly. For what i need ai is good, only problem is even novice ai can spot you to easy so it dosent give me what i need in full. its ww2 stuff, i dont know how ai behaves for ww1 in this game.
  20. on that first picture you see grey arrow, in right buttom corner (just abow accept key) click on it to open setup
  21. Mostly differant variants of N1K fighters, in il-2 1946 F4U vs N1K was great match up, lot of fun on late PTO maps
  22. In 1946 servers with icons were popular because there was no other game to offer that, now you have WarThunder for players that like icons, so even if devs improve icons in this game i dont think youll see any more numbers of players playing here on servers with icons. I played on servers with icons in 1946, so i understand that the way icons are now in game is realy bad and has a lot room for improvments, but why would they waist time on that when there is so small customer base for it. Most players who like icons from 1946 play warthunder now.
  23. I dont know, maybe shrapnel is to week, or in center of hit nothing happends or pilots are to strong and so on...but only way ppl who think something is wrong will get definitive answer is by doing test in SP and send logs or even replays from test to devs. Videos from online will not to anything to get this fixed if it realy is problem. Its just for sake of complaining and having something to blaim on when get shoot down and so on... And as all this time no one bathered to test AI gunners in detail in sp it seams ppl just like to complain and dont wont to see if problme exist or is it even bug. Devs are clear in saying DM videos from MP mean nothing to them as it can be many diff things involved so its hard to know.
  24. Open quick mission then select type of flight, and then in Your plane click on wrench icon and you have option to select your skins, offical or costum But you aint gona be able to see how that skin looks untill you click on START Then when mission loads you can click on your airplane name setup and your in hangar and there in top right corner next to fuel and ammo icon you can select paintschemes icon and select skins again (its not so obvious as before so maybe you miss this option). I think this got changed in some update recently so maybe you didnt play the game for few months. If thats what your asking for, no problems in selecting anything in QM for me.
  25. 343rd sorry didnt understod you ment usaf only, my bad why?: they had best pilots and were defending homeland at that time heavy outnumbered
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